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Monday, December 20, 2010

Food: Darabif @ Damansara Uptown

*Update (05/10/11): Unfortunately, this branch at Uptown has been closed for awhile. Rumor has it that they'll soon be opening at SSTwo Mall (we've seen signs in the mall) & Tropicana City Mall (really unsure where it's gonna be) as well?

Welcome readers, to the FIRST food review done by Drops of Contentment! We hope our post helps you during those moments of no inspiration on places to eat, or if you are just looking for an honest review from your Average Joes.. :))

Every Sunday afternoon, we are routinely lost for places to have lunch. Usually we're hunting for food around 2-3pm, and there's not many places that are suitable for eating at a time like that, because (1) it must be kinda cheap and (2) it has to be light enough so it doesn't spoil our appetite for dinner! So it's easy to see what a dilemma we're always faced with.

This time we were lucky enough to remember this burger place in Uptown we had come across before called Darabif, a single shop tucked away along the same row as Public Bank. All we knew before going in was that it was a burger place. That was enough to get us excited.. :D

Meal for Two :)
After 5 minutes of deciding on the menu, we decided on what you see in the pic, except for the nuggets that got left out. Darabif is not your average burger joint - besides the normal chicken and beef patty burgers, they also have a Malaysian burger, which is a meat patty wrapped in egg, and also lamb burgers! The latter is what you see wrapped up in the picture.

We also ordered some nachos, which are resting on top of the Mexico Mayo dip on the left. Besides that dip we also got a Curry Mayo dip. I liked the curry better, but Wendy liked the Mexican, so you're just going to have to try both for yourself to figure out which one is better! The onion rings too, were superb!

Onion rings!

6 Beef Nuggets

Now I'm the kind of guy who loves his meat. Ask me my favourite foods and without hesitation I will reply sausages, nuggets, and anything else fried and meaty. I thought I had seen them all, but that was till I crossed paths with these beef nuggets!! Tender and succulent, it feels just like a chicken nugget, except something about the taste is distinctly beefy. No complaints bout the taste though - it's really good! Definitely worth having a go at if you're a nugget fan like me!

1 Beef Nugget Poking His Head Out =p

Finally, the highlight of the post - the Burger! As I mentioned earlier, I decided to try out the lamb burger. There was the option of single patty or double patty; or in the language of Darabif, a Glam Combo or Double Glam. Being the 'wai sek' person I am, I always must have more! So I went for Double Glam...=p

To sidetrack a little, Darabif also allows customers to add on any patty they want into their burger for an extra RM3! This is the answer that meat lovers like myself have been waiting for!! Oh the number of times I have stood at McDonalds wishing I could add on another 1, 2 or even 3 patties to my QuarterPounder or McChicken! Now I will never be faced with dilemmas like that again at Darabif. =D

I look good, don't I?

And there it is, unwrapped in all its glory. 2 amazingly juicy lamb patties in between 2 pieces of bread, lettuce, and onion. Usually I don't really go for lamb because I find the meat more on the tough side, so I prefer the softer meats like chicken or beef. But this baby here is just a joy to sink your fangs teeth into! It's so soft that the texture is just like any other beef or chicken burger. And as lamb has a stronger taste compared to other meat, in a burger you can definitely taste the lamb without fear of it being overpowered by the vege or bread. As you can probably tell already, I've got no complaints with this burger; there was ample sauce, the bread wasn't too thick, and the portion was just nice. Well done Darabif!

So to wrap up, I'll say I had a very good experience at Darabif. If you are ever in the area, don't forget to give it a try! They also do delivery but only to certain areas, so do check out their website. The link is on the sidebar.

I hope you're salivating now! =D


Darabif Burgers | Link
Damansara Uptown
No. 43-G, Ground Floor, 
Jalan SS21/60, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
(Next to The Salad Bar & same row as Public Bank)

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