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Monday, January 17, 2011

Food: SanBanTo @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

In the previous post about Darabif Burgers, I talked about how Wendy and I are always lost for places to go for a late lunch on Sunday afternoons. This post will be about a place that solves a similar dilemma - Where to have dinner on weekdays after work??

To summarize briefly, Wendy stays in PJ and i stay in KL, so if I have to pick her up after work then dinner is usually somewhere in PJ or along the way back to my place. We try not to go too far away since the jam after work at about 7-8 is obviously a killer. But then that kinda limits the places we can go to as well since we're obviously looking for not-too-expensive places to have dinner!

Of course, once in awhile we must treat ourselves also laa! So when that feeling comes around every blue moon, we expand our list of permitted restaurants on a weekday night, which includes SanBanTo in SS2!

P.S - If there so happens to be any Muslim readers who drop by, please skip this post as it's going to be all about pork. No hard feelings yea? =)

All the tables in the restaurant. Yes, it's not very big.
Note the huge mirror on the right side. Not my thing at all. I'm not that vain!

Everyone can see what's happening in the kitchen!

SanBanTo opened in late 2009, but that doesn't mean they are new to the pork business. The company actually began more than a decade ago supplying pork to various restaurants, and now they have finally ventured into the service business too! Oh and to answer a burning question that I'm sure is at the tip of your tongue right now - SanBanTo actually means 3 Block Heads when directly translated from Mandarin. Don't ask me why they called themselves that, but that's what the chinese words mean. =D

The deli section where you can buy all sorts of parts of a pig!
Note some of the examples on the blackboard above.

We have actually been to SanBanTo a couple of times before these pictures were taken, but unfortunately we didn't take any photos back then. But rest assured this place is worth coming back to, because We obviously do! On our most recent trip there, we tried out something new, and also went for something familiar.

Awesum Mash Potato with lots of Mushroom and Onions!

Beginning with one of our staples at SanBanTo, which is the Mashed Potatoes! For the average diner, it's quite rare to order SEPARATE servings of mash potato because there will usually be a little bit of mash or fries on the side of main courses. It's not to say that SanBanTo's mains don't have sides. It's because their mash is SO GOOD, that the first time we ever sunk our teeth into their mash potato, we just knew we had to have more of it. And since then we have always ordered an extra bowl of mash potato only. It only happens at SanBanTo. Trust me when I say it is THAT good.

Spaghetti Carbonara, SanBanTo style!

Next up we have the spaghetti carbonara. There are not that many choices of pasta at SanBanTo, but I personally *adore* anything to do with creamy sauce or cheese, so carbonara suits me just fine. The really unique thing about this particular carbonara that got us hooked is the distinct porky flavour of the cream sauce. Whilst normal carbonaras will have more cheese and cream taste, this one actually has the flavour of pork and bacon cooked into the sauce itself, giving it a much more distinct taste. It definitely lives up to the reputation of SanBanTo, which is meant to be a true pork-lover's dream!

Last but not least, we come to the last dish of the night, name the BBQ Pork Ribs! Actually I think the proper name is Rib..since there is only one. If you frequent pork restaurants often, you'll notice that there are always 2 common things on the menu - Pork Ribs, and Pork Knuckles. The first time we were in SanBanTo, we gave the knuckle a try and it was really good. Since then we had never found the chance to try the rib, but finally this time we did.

From the picture you can see one nice and plump pork rib, together with another helping of their amazing mash potato, some veggies, and some sauce on the side. As I'm sure you've noticed already, the sauce is drawn in the shape of a pig! I don't think they will bother drawing one every time someone orders to pork rib - the chef probably does it when he has a bit more free time, like in the case of that night when we were there. Doing a quick comparison with the picture provided on their website, even the sample pic there doesn't have the sauce drawn in a little piggy shape. So I guess we were quite fortunate. Certainly it earned 10/10 for presentation. =P

As for the meat itself, we thought it was generally a bit on the fatty side. From the pic it's possible to see a shiny layer resting closest to the mash, and all that is fat. So yes, if you are the type of person who doesn't like any fat on his meat, then this may not be for you. On the other hand, the meat was cooked till it was so tender that it just  fell off the bone! My style of eating ribs is to first cut off the meat from the bone, then tackle the meaty parts before moving to finish off the bone. It's also a good first test for me to see whether the meat has been under/over-cooked. In this case, I am happy to report that the meat just jumped apart from the bone like it had been pre-cut - that's how tender it was. =D

The meat that has been separated from the bone!

As for the taste, our opinion is it was a bit on the sweetish side. Put that together with above-average fatty pork, and you're in for a slightly rough ride if you don't like it from the get-go. Wendy gave up towards the end because of the sweetness and fat, so I was left to mop up the last bits. I still say it's worth a try though, just maybe don't attempt it alone. Always suggest to share the food here, so you can get a little taste of everything. =)

So that's just a small glimpse of SanBanTo. Remember to Like this post if you have been and like the food too ok? =D

Rating : Regular Joint - Definitely Back Again!

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