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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Food: Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall

This blog probably wouldn't be complete if we didn't write about our most frequented Japanese restaurant at least once. So, let's make way for a whole post devoted to... Sushi Tei. :)

Back when Tropicana City Mall was new (you'd be able to walk right up to the GSC counters and get good seats immediately on a weekend afternoon!), Adam and I innocently stumbled upon Sushi Tei one night - this was probably when we first started dating, I reckon? Anyway, the place was peaceful, the setting spacious, the service was rapid and most of all, the food was goooood. Good Japanese food without bending your credit card over too much is hard to come by these days.

That was then.

Now, Tropicana City Mall is a-buzzing even during weeknights with PJ residents, and Sushi Tei is no exception. I must commend them, however, despite the increase in crowd - we even have to queue sometimes - they still manage to serve up quickly, and serve up with quality, which is why we keep on going back.

(Although, with the latest branch opening in the Gardens Mall, they've revamped their menu and now most of the dishes cost RM 0.50 - RM 1.00 more >:( )

We tend to over-order quite a lot whenever we're at Sushi Tei because between the both of us, there are a lot of must-haves and just as many favourites we have off their menu.

My must-have everytime we hit a Jap restaurant.

First up, my absolute I-cannot-do-without - Salmon Sashimi. Five pieces of fresh salmon in acceptable thickness, served cold with a slice of lemon at RM 10.80. Over New Years' Eve, I was at the Sushi Tei branch at Pavillion KL and their sashimi was sliced with the grain instead of against the grain -- all wrong! :( The Tropicana City branch, however, never gets it wrong. Each bite, dunked in shoyu & wasabi, is like heaven in your mouth.

Tan Tan Ramen - our newfound love.

For some warm noodle soup, we usually go for the Nabeyaki Udon, but that night decided to go for something different. I randomly selected this Tan Tan Ramen (RM 15.00) and I daresay it overtakes the Nabeyaki Udon. The ramen noodles were cooked just nice, slightly springy to the bite. The soup was miso based and a tad sweet which I liked, and had bits of mince chicken to top it all off. Maybe just slightly overpriced for the amount of mince chicken that they provide, but there's also a Seafood version you can opt for which costs a little bit more.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab - Adam's vice.

I never had a taste of soft shell crab until Adam came along, and I'm now a soft shell crab convert. At RM 15.80, you get two crabs, deep fried to perfection - crispy on the outside, but the crab meat is still juicy on the inside. Much better than what you get at places like Pasta Zanmai. Adam doesn't take much of the sauce that accompanies it, but I love the taste of the fresh crab against the tangy soy sauce & lime concoction they make.

Tender beef steak cooked with teriyaki sauce.

Another one of our usuals, the Teriyaki Steak (RM 16.80) is always tender and succulent, and tastes well-marinated in advance with teriyaki sauce. That, and the fact that it is always served with a generous dousing of sauce makes it a perfect meat dish to go with Garlic Fried Rice, or even just plain rice. It was done medium on the night we were there, so if you're the type who only fancies your fish raw and not your beef, you might want to specify your tolerance level to the waiter.

Thick slices of unagi sitting prettily atop a sushi roll.

You can barely see any rice.

I've never seen places so generous with such thick pieces of unagi on their rolls. The Special Unagi Roll (RM 23.80) boasts of a huge piece of unagi, and beneath that, sushi rolled with cucumber & omelette in it. The unagi that night was a bit too bony for my liking, but the other time I've had it, the unagi was fresh and sweet, and glazed with a layer of sauce. Nothing like sinking your teeth through a thick piece of unagi. Adam doesn't eat much unagi, only a piece or two, so it's definitely a bit too much for me on my own. Order it to share.

Big piece of salmon topped with mentai

The Salmon Mentaiyaki (RM 16.80) is another must-try at Sushi Tei (or rather, anything to do with Mentai). Salmon Mentaiyaki is cooked salmon, topped with a generous layer of cod roe, and what tastes like mayo as well. The cod roe is super creamy and goes well against the salmon. You can't have too much of it though, it tends to get a little jelak after awhile. Eat while hot as it's not as good when it cools down. This dish is sinful maximum! Sushi Tei also does this cod roe topping on salmon sushi & the inari sushi as well. Definitely worth a try if you've never tasted it before.

The many colours of the Dai Dai Roll
Our favourite roll at Sushi Tei

I know I've used the word favourite a lot, and I don't profess to using it loosely, but the Dai Dai Roll (RM 13.80) is really something else. Fresh mango, wrapped in sushi rice & seaweed and then rolled once again in thin slices of salmon sashimi; it's topped off with dripping mayonnaise & wasabi mayonnaise and a dash of roe to complete. It's a gastronomic explosion of flavours - first you taste the fruity sweetness tangled with the rice, then the texture of the salmon and next the wasabi mayo kicks in. Ooh. You'll be going back for your seconds. I obviously like this because I take wasabi with my sushi, but Adam who doesn't, also likes this, so that might be a helpful tip.

All in all, every meal here is usually a satisfying one. Along the way we've of course had some hits and misses, but definitely more hits than not (Let me quickly say to steer clear of some chicky roll and baked tuna roll thingy, or something along those lines -- boy, we never had those again). Definitely way better than your run of the mill Sakae Sushis or Sushi Grooves, I daresay even Sushi Zanmai. Crowd is usually okay on weeknights, but I wouldn't be too sure about weekends. Reservations are possible, and there are even private rooms that you can book.

Stamp of approval! :)


Sushi Tei
Tropicana City Mall
Lot G-16, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS20/27,
Petaling Jaya 47400 Malaysia
Tel: +603 7728 9299
Fax: +603 7728 4299

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