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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Food: Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie @ Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur

From one tea-time review to another, I'm pleased to announce that this one was far more satisfying than Pastis Cafe & Dining was. We've heard a lot about this place named Levain, or more accurately, Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie. I copied that off their website, because I can never remember how to spell that; so for the purposes of this post, let's just stick with Levain. :)

We got a little lost getting there, but with trusty Google Maps on our iPhones and one SMART tunnel journey later, we turned into Jalan Delima. (I would give some directions, but I don't want to lead you in circles so I'd best leave that to Adam! You can leave a comment if you'd like him to guide you.)

The place that has got a lot of people excited.

In the heart of KL amidst all the skyscrapers, you'd find old style bungalows occupy either side of the road, all of which have been commercialized for showrooms or eateries at Jalan Delima. For a late Sunday afternoon, Levain was insanely packed. Cars filled the limited parking spaces within their bungalow lot and continued to line the roads outside. Adam nabbed a plot of road and made his own illegal parking out of it, and we were good to go. :p

Half-empty racks greeted us at about 2:30ish.

Levain boasts of using stone ovens and natural yeast which results in that soft dough for all their bread, buns & pastries. According to their website, they make batches every hour to guarantee freshness; and true enough as we were leaving about an hour later, the racks were replenished.

The Levain bakery where everything looks good enough to pile on your tray.

Walking into Levain, just a whiff of freshly baked bread was good enough to set me off. There looked to be a satisfying array to settle our rumbling tummies - from fruit-topped danish pastries, to sugared donuts, to pizzas, to even some localized creations, like beef rendang buns & durian buns. 

Bustling with people at every corner.

The crowd was pretty insane -- there were people everywhere! We fought people at the bakery racks, fought for tables, had a long queue to pay and for drinks. A note of advice: if you intend to order ala carte dishes from their kitchen, be sure that you have a table beforehand as you need to provide the cashier with your table number. For drinks, you need to join another queue after you pay, just as long as the first queue, to collect your drinks. So... there's power in numbers! Go in a big group of friends and split up to queue ;) (Plus you can try more food!)

We settled on three items from the bakery - a croissant, the Turkey Ham & Egg & the Custard Cream Donut.

Plain croissant

The croissant was as croissants come - flaky on the outside, soft & supple on the inside. One of the better ones we've tasted, but our only gripe was that if only it had been warmer. That would've been perfect.

Turkey Ham & Egg

After we sat down, we saw that a lot of the tips left on Foursquare said to try the Turkey Ham & Egg but luckily we saw a fresh tray full of it just out of the oven which everyone started grabbing, and we kiasuly got there in time to grab the last one had the foresight to take one ourselves before reading that, cause it looked good. It was divine! Soft dough topped with tasty turkey ham and topped with a generous dollop of delicious egg mayo, we understand why this has become a favourite. /hunger pangs

Custard Cream Donut

I like donuts in general - from the good old heydays of 50sen coarse sugar-coated donuts from the SS2 pasar pagi, to when I first sank my teeth into a Krispy Kreme in Melbourne; it is a simple treat for everyone. They ran out of the basic donuts while we were choosing our load at the bakery, so we went for this strange looking one instead, which turned out to be my favourite! Again, it was soft melt-in-your-mouth dough coated with crispy cornflakes rolled in castor sugar. The best bit was that it was absolutely packed inside with delicious custard. The various flavours & textures of the dough, sugar, cornflakes & custard mixing together was. the. bomb.

Yummy custard oozing out. Pure sin.

Beef Aglio Olio

We also chose the Beef Aglio Olio from their hot kitchen which was surprisingly good! The pasta was peppered with slices of onions & bell peppers which undoubtedly led to it being very fragrant and very tasty; plus, the they were being very generous with the beef which was nice and tender. However, as tasty as it was, I would say that this would be a dish for sharing... I got a bit jelak of it after awhile while Adam mopped the rest of it up :p The amount of oil left on the plate after we were done was rather frightening.

Beryl's Chocolate Truffle Cake

My sweet tooth took over and I bought a slice of chocolate truffle cake. I've never quite liked Beryl's chocolate (I didn't even know it was Beryl's that was used when I paid, but never mind), but this cake changed my mind, for that day at least. The slice of cake was layered with heavenly chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache. Nicely bittersweet, and that's coming from a girl who goes for white > dark chocolate. :D

And of course, I couldn't resist these pretty things either. They had a tiny sign denoting all the various flavours they had, but only 6 were available. Pah. I settled for Matcha (Green Tea), Jasmine & Arancia (Orange). Nice & crumbly halves sandwiching dark chocolate creme or butter creme, these macarons are really only for the sweet toothed. I think Adam only had about a quarter of each. Heh. My personal favourite was surprisingly the Jasmine. Who knew Jasmine tea & chocolate could be such a good combo? The Matcha was okay, and the Arancia too sweet for my liking.

Levain is a place perfect for a leisurely, lazy tea; but it's a shame that the place is packed to the brim with people, which make it a lot less leisurely. The place had considerably quietened down at about 3:30 pm when we left, so maybe that's a time you might want to try. But if not, then at least give the upstairs tables a go; it's a lot quieter there. :)

I'd definitely return... in fact, doing up this post is making me crave for a Custard Cream Donut. Why lahhh. :( 


Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie | Link
No. 7, Jalan Delima,
Kuala Lumpur, 55100 Malaysia.
Tel: +603 2142 6611
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