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Friday, April 15, 2011

Movie Review: Love & Other Drugs (2011)

*ahem*..when we first started this blog, I was meant to be the main writer while Wendy handles more of the layout and design. While this was true in the beginning, it appears that now there are more posts under She Says than He Says, meaning that she has put out more posts than me! Cannot cannot...I must pull my weight around this blog also!

Soooo, it's a good time for me to write another movie review of my own, and what better movie to do it than with Love and Other Drugs?? FYI, this movie is only going to be opening in Malaysia on April 14, but it has actually been out in the US since last year, as you can see from the November 24 date in the poster. Why has it taken so long for it to come out here? Because there is so much nudity in this movie that it takes the Malaysian Censorship Board 5 months to make sure they cut out every nipple and pubic hair that appears I'm guessing there were a few more checks it had to go through before approval, but hey at least its finally here!

Unlike our experience with Sucker Punch, I don't think we saw any trailers for this movie playing in the cinemas a few months before. But with the world wide web connecting us around the globe, I had read up a few interesting facts and reviews on the movie, all generally very positive and interesting. So if you can't wait for the end of the review - YES, this movie is worth watching. If you have a choice, watch this over Sucker Punch. Especially if you are with your girlfriend / wife! Read on the review to find out why:

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Jamie, the type of guy guys hate & girls love.

Jamie (portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal) is your regular salesman at a local electronics store who happens to have a God-given gift with women. He takes life easy and makes full use of his talents to have a lot of fun with women. But don't let appearances fool you; Jamie is also blessed with a very smart brain and has IQ that is above the average male. While he is looking for a new job after leaving the previous one (because he was discovered while screwing his manager's girlfriend, who also works at the store. Nais.), he's told to give pharmaceutical sales a try.While hesitant at first, he decides to give it a go and is soon knee-deep in product training and sales training. As a junior salesman he is assigned to follow a senior named Bruce (Oliver Pratt), who can see the potential in the young up-start, and so believes that Jamie is going to be his big ticket to Chicago, where all the top sales people go.

The beautiful Anne Hathaway as Parkinson patient, Maggie Murdock.

 One fine day, while trying to convince a local doctor to carry his products, he follows the doctor into a consultation with a patient, and thats were he meets Maggie (Anne Hathaway). The relationship begins as a no-strings-attached one, but slowly they discover their real feelings for each other. This isn't good for either of them however, as Maggie battles Parkinsons Disease and Jamie is forced to cope with the reality that the love of his life will one day turn into a vegetable.

The two slowly fall in love, from a no-strings-attached relationship.

Jamie goes to great lengths to find a cure for Maggie, but this causes a lot of tension in their relationship.

Meanwhile, just as Jamie is struggling through another month of tough sales, Bruce tells him about a new drug that can give men a helping hand in bed. (Im sure you know the name of it; it starts with a V and ends with A). Jamie instantly demands to be given the chance to sell it, and Bruce hesitantly agrees. All his fears are cast aside however, when Jamie instantly begins doing phenomenal sales, all thanks to that new drug.

Jamie & his boss are obviously psyched about Viagra.

But although his career takes off, he also has to deal with Maggie who is slowly degenerating. And soon enough he has to make the ultimate choice - a stellar career or a "dying" love?

If you have watched this old movie called Sweet November (starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron), then you will notice the similarity in the plot - where man meets woman and falls in love, but woman has degenerating disease and so man must choose whether to take her or leave her. However I'm happy to report that the similarities just about end there. In this show, the woman isn't trying to mold the stubborn man into a better person. Instead it is the easy-going life of both persons that suddenly transforms into much more that will get viewers hooked. While the movie is a rom-com, it moves at a quick enough pace so it doesn't feel too draggy, and yet manages to emphasize each scene to make it feel important, thus leaving you wondering what will happen next.

The stellar chemistry between Gyllenhaal & Hathaway makes the movie.

Watch out for lots of adorable scenes between the two.

I talk a lot about the romantic arc of this story, but the rise of Jamie's career is something fun to watch on its own. There's plenty of eye candy for guys (obviously, since he's selling a sex drug!), and the sales tactics that he uses are very funny and absurd, yet totally believable as something that happens in the world today. I even enjoyed watching the sales training he went through in the beginning, because having been in sales for a short period, I can certainly relate to things like "sales pitches" and "product specs".

And if all that isn't enough to watch, there is also the case of Jamie's younger brother; a nerdy plump man who still acts like a kid, but is insanely wealthy because he started up his own company and sold it off for millions. As if it wasn't bad enough that Jamie has to deal with work stress and girlfriend stress, he also has to put up with a needy younger brother (well-played by Josh Gad). This adds another dimension to the movie, as it shows the more caring side of Jamie instead of always portraying him as a party animal. As in all comedies, nerdy-younger-brother plus uber-cool-older-brother always makes for some funny scenes. So yes, another plus point for you to watch this movie. =)

It's not easy to get it on when your brother's in your way all the time :p

In summary, the hype of this movie all started last year because it was reported Anne Hathaway was going to take her clothes off. I'll admit that got me interested in it too, but in the end the movie isn't anywhere near as shallow as that! I guarantee this movie will make you laugh, and will also give you a few tear-jerking moments.

If you're looking for a movie this weekend with your other half that you can both agree on, go for this one. It's a show that will leave you feeling, no matter guy or girl, all warm and fuzzy inside. That's if the notoriously freezing GSC cineplexes havn't frozen your soul by the end!

Adam's Rating :- 4 stars out of 5

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