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Monday, May 16, 2011

Food: Banana Toffee Sundae @ McDonalds, SS2

Finally, McDonald's has something new!

Everyone who never knows what to eat at McDonald's because theres nothing new to try, Hands Up! *hands up*

Yup, the menu of McDonald's burgers hasn't changed much since years ago I'm sure. Same goes for the ice-cream flavours...after so many years it's still the same Chocolate and Strawberry flavours (I've tried to erase the awful Mango & Orange ones out of my mind). Boring much?

But now there is a new one called Banana Toffee! Not sure when this was launched, but we saw this at the SS2 McDonald's on Thursday night. And because I am the type of guy who never knows what to eat at good ol' McD, I was definitely giving this a go!

First impressions? The sauce looks a bit more brownish than yellow. First mouthful instantly triggers all the sweet sensations on the tongue, with a distinct banana after-taste. My understanding of toffee is that it's usually sticky and very sweet. In this case, it is definitely sweeter than the other chocolate and strawberry varieties, but not too sticky. Actually the more I ate, the more I thought it tasted like caramel instead of toffee. 

Of course, sundaes must accompany McValue meals at McDonald's! Unfortunately I felt that the taste of banana toffee didn't really jive with the taste of savoury fries or nuggets. Normally I can eat a chocolate or strawberry sundae together with fries with no problem, in fact it even goes quite well together. But with the Banana Toffee, it just didn't feel right. Kind of gave the feeling like I needed to drink some water and rinse my mouth out before going back to savoury stuff..know what I mean? (On a side note, are you one of those who dip your fries into icecream? Or do you find that totally gross? That's a totally different topic right there...=D)

On another side note, McDonald's is now having a new range of collectibles! This time it's a range of Coke glasses in different colours. There's a new colour every week, and this is already the second or third week. So get yours today before the promotion ends. Order any large McValue meal and a sundae and you'll get this cup free. So head on over to your nearest McDonald's today! gosh such blatant advertising..I'm not even getting paid for this lol..

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