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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Food: Duduk Cafe @ Solaris Dutamas

Duduk Cafe

Adam and I seem to be addicted to buying group discount vouchers - one of our latest being the Groupon Malaysia for Duduk Cafe, a little comfy bistro nestled in the abyss that is Solaris Dutamas in Mont Kiara. The deal gave us two customized burgers and a milkshake each for only RM 35 instead of RM 75.90 :D

Mont Kiara isn't really a place we go to often because it's pretty out of the way from where we usually are. However, a few Thursdays ago, I had to be in the area because my CPA exams were held there and we pounced on the opportunity to visit Duduk Cafe and Solaris Dutamas for the first time.

The Toffee Nut milkshake. This was really yummy; there the was nice fragrant flavour of butterscotch and sticky caramel perfectly drizzled all around the glass. One thing that puzzled me however, was the lack of chocolate as the Toffee Nut description on the menu said it was "chocolate butterscotch craze". Didn't matter though, I think I kind of preferred it the way it was; without any chocolate.

Adam's Pink Panther, which was a concoction of strawberries and banana. I don't really fancy strawberry, but according to him, it was a good mixture. 

There was too much ice for my liking, making it seem more like an ice-blended drink from Coffee Bean instead of the smooth milky texture of a milkshake, but in the afternoon heat, I have to say, this ice-blended seemed like a godsend.

There seemed to be a lot more interesting shakes available on their menu. Kinder Bueno? Snickers? Yes, please! :D

Being Malaysian to the tee, we ordered all the toppings available (beef bacon, sauteed mushrooms, egg, cheese & chicken toast strip) for our burgers after the waiter told us we could have as many as we wanted. You can also add on sauces to your heart's desire (BBQ, mustard, black pepper, Tabasco, chilli and tomato).

The burgers came tall, and topped with the sauteed mushrooms we both ordered. A little surprising because the Chinese mushrooms were used, but no complaints there because they were juicy and aromatic, sauteed with a generous amount of garlic for maximum taste. One thing I have to commend Duduk for is their generosity with toppings & sauce... notice that the burgers have been piled on so much that both burgers arrived identical; the patties were totally hidden from view! :D

The chicken patty was pretty basic as chicken patties go. According to Adam, it was rather bland on it's own, but I thought it was all right mopped up with all the various flavours that came together with it.

The beef (see what I mean about generosity?) burger which I had. It was slightly more flavourful than the chicken, but still not top on my list of beef patties. It didn't taste as meaty as I would have liked, but it was made better with some runny yolk from the egg, the salty flavour from the bacon and the garlic-y mushrooms all together. In fact, I think the fun from eating these burgers come from the customization of it all, really. It's also a little reminiscient of a Ramly burger, thanks to the egg. I didn't really care much for the burger bun however; I found it to be too dry.

The one thing that really bugged me was the amount of flies there was. I'm not sure if it was because of where we were sitting or because of what we were eating, but the flies - both kitchen flies and smaller food flies - would stop bugging us. It's a shame, because we would really liked to have tried some of their dessert but the flies made sure we had an early end to our lunch.

After exam me.

Half day leave Adam.

The bar where the milkshake magic happens.

Simple & cozy decor
Duduk has got some tatami style seats as well as an outdoor section. I wouldn't recommend sitting outside in the day time because the construction work going on in the opposite building can get rather noisy (and well, this heat has been crazy anyway! :S) 

From flipping through the menu, Duduk Cafe has got quite an interesting selection of food. From their customizable burgers, to local treats, to even a range of Japanese and a pageful of yummy-looking desserts, I might come back again to give it another go if I'm ever in the area.

A tip for people intending to find Duduk Cafe - the Solaris Dutamas underground parking is a maze! Because the area is so big, look for the signs in the basement that point you toward Block D3. It's probably the best bet to park as near to the sign as possible, else you might have to end up traipsing around Solaris Dutamas cause the area looks really big. Unless of course, you're familiar with the area.

Once parked, take the elevator up to floor G3, and look for Duduk Cafe!


Duduk Cafe | Site
D3-G3-01 Solaris Dutamas,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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