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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Food: The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

Note: Sorry for the long gap in between posts. We couldn't do our usual Friday-night-update because blogger was having problems, as I'm sure some of you would know. Anyway we're back now, and I hope you enjoy our new post, as always. =))

Amongst the myriad of eateries that adorn Changkat Bukit Bintang, some posh, others quaint, some very good fish & chips can be found. 

The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar can be located down the road from Social and somewhere opposite from El Cerdo, and is usually packed to the brim. It's not a very big location - mostly al fresco dining, several tables sharing the indoor space with a bar, and apparently, a lounge upstairs.

We sat inside next to the bar.

Adam & I have been here several times before for the fish & chips and we keep coming back whenever our pockets permit. The prices are on the steep side, but rest assured, you're getting quality for the price you pay.

Menu full of Brit pub grub. I loved the colourful chalk & quirky handwriting. Don't see many of these around anymore.

There's only a handheld drinks menu; the rest of their menu is gaily written on the many chalkboards on the wall. I think it further adds to the ol' English pub feel, but a little mafan if you're sitting outside. Many diners had to stand around inside staring at the boards to order before making their way back to their tables outside.

Choices are a-plenty, but I was craving fish & chips and so was Adam, so we ordered one plate each. We both went for the butterfish, which is the cheapest but the one that we like better and one that they always run out of! Last night they also had the butterfish, barramundi, plaice, parrot fish & silver cod ranging from RM 28 to RM 46. We've tried the barramundi before which had a stronger fishy taste that I didn't like... should probably give the cod a go one day when I'm feeling particularly rich :p Sounds yummy.

You know a bar/pub is serious about food when the majority of the bottles you see aren't beer, but sauces.

The food arrived in 5-10 minutes! I was pleasantly surprised, but that was probably helped by the fact that the place was only half-full when we arrived at about 8:30 p.m. People started streaming in after 9, and the place was full when we left at 10 p.m.

Our main meal for the night.

Simply (dare I say it...) magnificent!

We were both served with a large slice of battered butterfish golden-fried to perfection. The fish was  accompanied with lovely thick chips and a generous serving of tartar sauce. The golden batter was nice and crispy and did not overpower the lovely fresh taste of the fish. I also love how it's served wrapped in a piece of paper; it makes me feel nostalgic thinking of all the times I frequented fish & chipperies in Melbourne / Sydney, especially by the beach.

I also love love love their chips. The chips are generously sliced, and soft & slightly crispy at the edges. Being very Malaysian, I love my chilli sauce with chips, and the hot chips were surprisingly good with the sweet Lingham's chilli sauce with a dollop of tartar cream. Adam is more a shoestring fries kind of guy, so these thick chips weren't up his alley.

Adam insisted plonking his slice of lemon on his fish, just to show how big the slice of fish was in relative to the lemon.

I think my favourite part of the fish & chips is that it's a nice hearty slice for you to sink your teeth in. Many a time the fish is sliced too thinly and all you get is batter & chips - fish that tastes like batter more than anything else. 

Worth the RM 28 you would be playing - these days, even places like Delicious charge more than RM 20 for their fish & chips that comes in a smaller portion and which is definitely not as tasty as this.

Grilled Calamari to share.

To even out the heaps of fried stuff, we ordered some grilled calamari to share. The serving was rather small for RM 26 - 7 to 8 pieces of calamari with some well-welcomed greens. However, the calamari came as a nice change to complement the fry-up. The grilled hint and the springy freshness of the calamari mingled perfectly with the butter sauce with a dash of lemon.

Apple Crumble served with Custard

For dessert, we had some warm apple crumble served with custard, and not ice cream like we're usually used to. That meant that the apple crumble stayed warm throughout. The crumble topping was lovely - buttery & crispy enough, and tasted awesome with the custard and warm apples. My only gripe was that the apples they used were the powdery type, I prefer using the crisper apples even for apple crumbles.

All in all, a great dinner out at The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar. Definitely a place I recommend people for fish & chips, for the quality and for the portion size. The ambience is nice, for both couples and friends, and outside, there's flickering candles for the al fresco diners. I really would like to return to try some of their other food, especially the pub fare (because familiarity always catches up with me, and I tamely retreat to the fish & chips) which is also supposed to be rather superior than other places.

What do you guys think? Give it a go and let us know what you think! Is there any other places you'd recommend for fish & chips?

The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar
28, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang 
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2142-7021

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