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Friday, June 24, 2011

Food: Modesto's @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Whenever we're in Mutiara Damansara i.e. The Curve, e@Curve, Ikano Power Centre (now just known as IPC which I think sounds awful wtf), there's no question on what to have for lunch/dinner because we always make a beeline for Ikea... all for the meatballs!

However, this time, we decided to go for something different and instead headed to Modesto's for some dinner before our movie started.

A huge sign at the entrance greeted us, saying that Public Bank credit cardholders would enjoy a 25% discount. Perfect, since Adam had one.

Some light garlic & butter dough crackers to start us off while we browsed the menu. This came with a small bowl of spicy salsa which Adam proclaimed tasted like sambal. It actually kinda did... strangely. :S

We browsed the menu, but however, it quickly became clear that the Public Bank discount wasn't for everything. Adam called over the waiter to enquire on the availability of the discount and he confirmed that yes, it didn't apply for the whole menu. Obviously, for the more expensive dishes, no discount was available.

Anyway, we continued to order, and not long after, the food arrived.

We ordered a pizza since pizzas seem to be the must-haves at Modesto's. Instead of the usual ham / pepperoni toppings, we decided to try the Felice instead, which was topped with a mixture of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, cream and salmon.

The picture above doesn't do it any wonders, but I really loved this! The dough was thin and chewy with just the right tinge of smokiness and the topping was purely sin - the creamy and cheesy mix atop the tomato base, tangled with the lingering saltiness of the salmon, was to die for. 

We also ordered the Stinco D'Agnello Al Forno, which apparently in layman, is lamb shank braised in red wine & fresh herbs which sounded really delicious to me. Unfortunately, this fell far from expectations and we were not impressed at all. The meat was tough and lacked flavour save for lots of sauce, and I struggled to remove it from the bone. The mashed potatoes had a good texture, but tasted suspiciously of Maggi chicken stock. Secret Recipe's lamb is far more superior than this!

To add salt to our wound, we were then informed that the discount was not available for our bill because it was not available on the eve of public holidays. I guess we missed the small print, but the waiter whom we asked earlier about the discount had every chance to tell us that it wasn't valid. The waitress who took our bill was not apologetic when we brought it up, and soon after, another staff went around sneakily collecting the Public Bank discount promotional signs off each table. Yes, it's partially our fault we didnt't read the small print, but something about the way it was handled really left a bad taste in our mouths (after the lamb shank!).

Probably not returning, thanks to the iffy communication from the service staff and subpar lamb shank.

Modesto's | Site
Lot G68, Ground Floor,
The Curve, Western Courtyard,
No 6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya.
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