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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Food: Opera Bakery & Coffee House @ Empire Shopping Gallery

Update 23/4/12: Unfortunately when we passed by today, Opera Bakery & Coffee House had already ceased operations at Empire Shopping Gallery.

Adam and I must be one of last people on earth to ever step foot into Empire Shopping Gallery, but we finally did that weekend (Few posts ago, Adam also talked about his LeX Firefly Flight Simulator experience at Empire Shopping Gallery) instead of (thank goodness) PIKOM Fair. The shopping gods must have been looking over me :p

Anyway, Empire Shopping Gallery, as Adam already mentioned, seems to be quite a hub for Subang residents. There's plenty of eateries and shops in the mall (Or should I be saying gallery? Hmm); an eclectic mix of quaint & cosy, to places that you don't get in your average shopping mall, and of course, the usual suspects like FOS, Charles & Keith, Pasta Zanmai.

Whisk was a popular place that I've heard loads about, but we arrived smack in the middle of tea time and it was packed to the brim! We decided to go next door instead, to a place called Opera Bakery & Coffee House, who had an array of cakes tempting us. What sealed the deal was that they had one of the widest selections of mille crepe cakes I'd ever seen at one time, including flavours like Oreo, Mango and Caramel.

(Note: Mille crepe is basically a French cake made out of layers of crepe; and "mille" means a million, signifying the large number of thin crepes it takes to make a cake.)

A sweet tooth's heaven.

We (well, I, because Adam's quite easygoing with his desserts) decided on two slices with a pot of tea. The place was pretty quiet when we were there, which made for a nice relaxing late afternoon. 

Red Rose
This impressive looking slice is called Red Rose, but don't let the name fool you, it's actually Red Velvet. I had to ask before ordering because I was afraid I would end up with some funky sirup-bandung-tasting cake. This one goes for RM 11.50 per slice. Whole cakes are available too; if you look at the display picture above, it's the huge cake on the bottom right corner.

Oreo Mille Crepe
I decided to bypass the conventional flavours like Vanilla and Chocolate and go straight for a slice of the Oreo Mille Crepe for RM 10.50. Just looking at it was already enough to make my mouth water, because as a rule of thumb, I love anything cookie & creme themed. Last I checked though, this is slightly pricier than other places that serve mille crepe, like Food Foundry.

The Red Rose was by far the most disappointing red velvet cake I've ever tasted. The velvet cake layers were hard, dry and clumpy, not rich and moist. The upper and bottommost layers were the worst, which led us to suspect that it was a refrigerating setting gone wrong. It also didn't taste very fresh. I didn't like the cream cheese topping either; I could still crunch through the grains of castor sugar that was in it! Not my best RM 11.50 spent.

Thankfully, for one miss, there's a hit here. The Oreo mille crepe really saved the day - it was delightful! The many layers of thin crepe, with fresh cream in between, lovingly sandwiching bits of soft Oreo was a great combination. The light, slightly sweetened fresh cream mixed with the dark cocoa of the Oreos, coupled with the texture of the crepes, was just perfect. It was not too sweet and not too filling, which made for the perfect tea-time serving along with a cup of hot tea.

I would like to try the other flavours of their mille crepe, but probably will eye the other non mille crepe cakes with a bit of suspicion next time. Maybe take-away though, as their drinks aren't very easy on the wallet either.

Opera Bakery & Coffee House (next to Whisk and opposite Serai)
LG05, Lower Ground,
Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
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