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Monday, June 13, 2011

Food: Rosemary Bites @ Aman Suria

Along a row of shops in Aman Suria, is this place called Rosemary Bites.

For those of you familiar with the area, it is just a few doors down from Betty's Midwest Kitchen, which we will review as well in due time. Unfortunately the two places will always be compared with each other, not only because they are so near each other, but also because they both decorate the place with American decorations and promote their American-inspired recipes. Kalamazoo, another American joint, is also along that row as well. A friend of ours proclaimed Rosemary Bites better than Betty's once, so here we are, seeing for ourselves.

To be fair, Rosemary has been around longer than Betty's, although we had never been to Rosemary before Betty's came about. We were there on a Monday night for dinner, and first impression of the place was it was quite quiet for dinner, and the lighting was kind of dim. The only lights being used were those along the wall, although we noticed there were more energy-saver bulbs dotting the middle of the ceiling. It might have been done to create a more homely ambiance or to save electricity, but either way I wish the place had been lit a bit better.

I noticed there was a board with Daily Specials on it that weren't in the menu, so we decided to go for some of that.

The first thing on the board that caught my eye were Escargots! Very few people besides my family know this, but I'm a big, big fan of escargots! Escargots are basically snails baked in garlic and cheese. If the thought of eating snails disgusts you, don't be. These look nothing like the common garden snail wriggling around your backyard. The only thing that looks the same is the shell. Besides, the snail itself is actually quite tasteless. The more important part of the dish is the cheese and cream sauce, which can also be mopped with some bread after all the snails are gone. 

For RM16 for half a dozen Baked Cheese Escargots, the price is a little bit steep. But I hadn't had any in awhile and I thought it would be a good dish to try,so I went for it. As you can see from the picture, the whole dish is covered in melted cheese and garlic, sprinkled with a little bit of rosemary I think. Overall this dish was satisfying. The herbs gave a little twist to the usual flavour I'm accustomed to, but that was okay. Would have been nice to have had some bread to mop up the remaining sauce though..:)

The recommended drinks, the Rosemary Lime & Pink Lemonade (both at RM 3) - The Rosemary Lime deserves a word of warning, however. The lime, with a sprig of rosemary, was laced with strong intense rosemary herb flavours. Definitely not one for that everyone will enjoy. I certainly didn't and immediately traded with Wendy.

Back to the food... If I'm a big fan of escargots, then Wendy is a huge fan of onion rings! No matter where we are, it could be Tony Roma's or A&Ws, if there are onion rings you can be rest assured we'll most probably have some. Seeing it was our first time at Rosemary we didn't pass up the chance at some onion rings either. 

Unfortunately we found this a little disappointing. For the price we paid (RM 6.90), we certainly expected more. Basically, the portion wasn't very big, and there was more batter than onion inside each ring. Personally, I was having a hard time making out any taste of onion at some points. You can also make out a small tub of their signature sauce (read: served with nearly everything) in the picture. It did complement the rings reasonably well, although overall I would not be ordering this again.

Another dish Wendy is regularly has is chicken, so she had the Chicken Schnitzel with Apple Coleslaw (RM 16.90). The portion was small, but I suppose, befitting of the price. Again, it was covered in the same sauce that came with the onion rings - sweetish and tangy, a little like mayo. The chicken schnitzel was okay and nicely fried in breadcrumbs (supposedly a herb breadmix, but none of that was seen); I'm not a fan of the apple coleslaw though, the green apples were too sour.

We've been trying to get into the habit of checking Foursquare before we order at a new place to see if there are any common recommendations. At Rosemary Bites, majority of people suggested the Rosemary Roast Chicken (RM 16.90), so I decided to give it a try. It's not a great dish, but it's not bad either. It was marinated with their own blend of herbs and spices, so the chicken skin had a unique taste to it. It wasn't very fatty so that was good. On the downside though, once I passed the skin the meat was a little tasteless. Plus, there really wasn't enough sauce to go round.

Grandma's Apple Crumble & Ice Cream (RM 6.90) was another dish that we got off their daily specials chalkboard. The dish was small, but loaded with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream (Looks like Grandma is not a fan of big servings). Served piping hot, the apples were too sour, but the crumble topping was buttery and crunchy.

Rosemary Bites seems to a place where you can go to for a simple homemade meal. The prices are lower and the environment far more quiet and cosy. However, I'm sure it's facing tough competition from its neighbours - Betty's which is more popular and Kalamazoo which is newer. It will be interesting to see if Rosemary will reinvent.

Rosemary Bites | Site
A-G-28, PJU 1/43,
Aman Suria Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7805-2088
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