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Friday, June 17, 2011

Food: Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood @ Jaya One

*Update 08/11/12: This outlet is unfortunately now closed down.

Jaya One has grown into quite the bustling food scene over the last couple of years. No matter what kind of cuisine you're looking for, whether its Western, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, or plain old local delights, chances are Jaya One has it! For Chinese fare at Jaya One, Duck King as been around for awhile, Overseas too, and most recently Gao Ren Guan and now Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood!

When we went, it was a Friday night at about 9:30pm. Relatively late for dinner but this place was still open and taking orders. We were originally planning on Wendy's for a quick bite, but I saw Tak Fok next to it all brightly lit. The first few times it was closed when we saw it, so this time, we thought we might as well give it a go instead of fast food.

Our decision was made easier because Tak Fok currently runs this daily promotion - sort of a dish of the day, if you will. Each dish of the day comes at only half price! Friday's promotion was Chicken with Marmite Sauce.

Although smaller than the other Chinese restaurants we named above, the interior decor has a nice modern feel to it. The majority of tables here are round that can fit 5-6 people. Since the average table at a standard restaurant fits 4 people (because that's apparently the most common type of family in society), it does look like Tak Fok is looking to target the larger families, or those who bring their extended relatives.

The theme colour of the interior is very obviously white. I'm not sure why this seems to be the trend these days, even in Chinese restaurants. First time I remember starting to see white furniture was in Secret Recipe, and it seems like the trend hasn't stopped since. Seating does feel slightly packed inside, because of all the bigger tables. In fact they had so many big tables that the two of us were seated at one meant for six, because there just weren't anymore smaller ones left!

For veggies, it was a toss up between Salt and Pepper Green Beans (RM 10) and fried tofu (Wendy thinks I'm ridiculous when I say this - I consider tofu veggies :p). The waitress recommended this, so we went along with her suggestion. The beans were fresh and juicy with a light crunch, nicely coated in light batter. However, we still ultimately felt the salt and pepper style of cooking goes best with meat, or brinjals, and not green beans.

Obviously, we had to order the dish that was on promotion, which was Chicken with Marmite Sauce (RM 7 on Friday nights, originally RM 14). My favourite for marmite chicken is currently Mini Wok in Avenue K Food Court. When Pok was working around the area we had this countless times for lunch!

Here the portion turned out surprisingly big; I was expecting it to be much smaller since there was only 2 of us and it was at half price. Taste-wise though it was just so-so - the chicken was stickily sweet (as it should be with Marmite chicken) but not marinated as well as it should have been. I could taste a bit of a funny lingering aftertaste as well. Guess I still have to get my marmite chicken fix at Mini Wok.

To round off the meal, I wanted to try another of my favourite dishes which caught my eye the moment I opened the menu: Tong Po Pork (RM 28). Wendy isn't a fan of belly pork because of all the fat, but I've always liked this since my childhood days of Esquire Kitchen food. 

The first impression was that it looked good! They obviously take the time to cut the 'boon fei sou' (half fat meat) part of the pig, since that is the favourite of most diners. There was a lot of sauce and a rather small bowl, which we ended up having a hard time negotiating. The meat looked cut up nicely from the top, but when we tried to use the spoon to scoop it out we realized it hadn't been cut all the way down to the bottom and cut against the grain of the meat. Unfortunately, we were left massacring it and leaving the dish in tatters.

Despite that, the pork was just the right mix of fat & lean meat while the thick gravy with a hint of herb went fantastic with the white rice. For the price charged, I suppose it was reasonable, but more work is definitely needed on the presentation and slicing. 

The whole meal was satisfying and tummy-warming, but would have been a bit pricey for a simple dinner if not for the half-price promotion on the Chicken with Marmite Sauce. There are other interesting things on the menu though, and we actually spotted a lot of tables around us digging into crab dishes. Word has it that they've got quite a good reputation for crabs. Hopefully we'll visit again and try it out.. :)

Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood
No. 33-G, Block J, Jaya One,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7968 3446
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