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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Food: @ Seputeh

All my life in Malaysia I have lived at Taman SeputehTaman Seputeh 2 to be exact. You would think that after 15 years of living in this area I would know all the latest food places nearby, but No, I somehow managed to miss out FattyCrabs that recently opened down the road. Thanks to Sean at EatDrinkKL who blogged about it, I found the exact location and promptly decided to make that the dinner venue for Sunday family dinner!

What is now (I have to use the .com name because they use the same name for their signboard) used to be another restaurant called E San Kitchen. Although the restaurant is relatively new, the business has actually been operating as a crab delivery business since about October 2010. Since the delivery business has stabilized somewhat, the owner has now newly opened (only on May 27 this year) a brick and mortar restaurant a few doors away from the main kitchen. This is good news for Taman Seputeh folk, because there aren't many Chinese restaurants nearby to choose from. 

Being a crab restaurant, of course we had some crabs for dinner. But for my family, we can never just eat crabs alone without some noodles or rice to accompany it. Otherwise, it's as though there's no carbs to the meal. So we ordered a plate of Fried Glass Noodles for 2 pax (RM 21).

The first thing that grabbed our attention was the prices. The prices here are higher than average, especially for the crabs, and I'll get to do that later. The noodles we ordered had seafood in it, like baby prawns and sliced crabstick, but was also dry and clumpy. In fact in the beginning I found it to be quite tasteless, and I had to pour some soya sauce on it to make it wetter and a little bit saltier. I usually never do something like that, so it kind of goes to show.

To have some variety and because we are gluttons that way, we also ordered a plate of Salted Fish Fried Rice, again for 2 pax (RM 21). Again this dish was just so-so, really nothing special if not for the crunchy bits of salted fish. I can confidently say I have had much better fried rice compared to this at a cheaper price than RM21 for 2 persons. There was a lot of meat inside, which some might say justifies the higher price. I wouldn't complete agree with that, however; so you will have to try it yourself to see if you think it's worth the money.

The rice did go well with the Ooh La La Spicy Nyonya Fish Otak Otak (RM 15.80) though...

...and I'm pleased to say that I'm quite happy with the Otak Otak. There are 2 varieties of otak on the menu, one has fish and the other has prawns. For us, it's hard to imagine otak-otak with anything other than fish, so we went for that. Unfortunately, there were no big chunks of fish visible inside, unlike otak from other places like Nyonya Colors (which I still think is one of the best I've had btw). But flavour-wise this Otak Otak was very nice; juicy and springy, not too spicy and with a consistent flavour all round. Something I wouldn't mind having again.

For a healthy dose of veggies, we ordered the Belacan Three Maidens (RM 15.80) consisting of eggplant, okra and long beans, fried with belacan. This was quite a nice dish; nothing to complain about. Similar to the "Four Heavenly Kings" dish found at many a Chinese restaurant (except that this one has lacks the four-angled bean, hence "Three Maidens"), save for the fact that this was fried with some crunchy fish satay.

We also ordered a plate of Nama-Shoyu Choy Sum (RM 15.80). Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of it (because we're noobs that way), but just imagine a normal plate of stir-fried vegetables. The sauce was supposed to be the unique element, because it's Japanese and is less salty than the normal sauces. We found it a bit tasteless and I tasted a hint of bitterness from the vegetables, but after mixing the garlic in from the crab (which is coming up soon), the was improved greatly and tasted much better!

And finally, the most anticipated moment of this post, the crabs! FYI, orders at don't go by the kilogram. Instead there is a fixed price for every crab ranging from RM40-50. Each crab is approximately 550 grams, meaning that 1 kilogram of crab costs about RM80-100. If you are a regular crab eater then you will know that is not an average price, higher than what you're probably used to. If you do visit, do note this and make sure you order the more unique flavours so at least you're trying something different.

On top is a picture of Green Chilli Sweet & Sour Crab (RM 40.80). This was something interesting as I've never heard this being offered at other crab restaurants. It is also the recommended crab for first-timers to try on their website. I must say the flavour was good with ample sauce, and the sauce went very well together with fried mantou-s (That are provided in unlimited quantity for customers! You can take as many as you want and mop up the whole plate! =D). Other places usually do the usual run-of-the-mill sweet & sour crabs, but the addition of the green chilli here gives it that extra tang and that extra oomph. 

Next we tried the Bei Foong Thong Garlic Crab (RM 43.80). The lady taking our orders mentioned that it's rather similar to the Salt & Pepper style, but with loads of garlic. She certainly was right! The dish came fragrant with garlic, but obviously dry, so there's no sauce to dip the crab meat into. The garlic was good with a lot of flavour, although Mum thought it was a bit strong. Like I said earlier, we found a great way to put the extra garlic to good use, which was to eat it with the vegetables! I daresay we found a surefire way to complement the veg and make it better :p

And finally, my all-time favourite flavour of the night, the Milky Melt Crabs (also more commonly known as Nai Yao Hai in Cantonese)! I've made it clear enough times in this blog that I'm a total sucker for all things creamy and buttery. This was no different, and it was just perfect for my tastebuds! At first taste, the buttery flavour simply explodes on your tongue. Mum thought this was going to be the dry version of Butter Crab, so be warned that this is the kind with sauce, not the one with butter flakes that melt in your mouth. She didn't like this at all because she's not a fan of butter, but I'm the total opposite and absolutely loved mopping up all the sauce with lots of mantou-s! =D If you're like me, make sure you specifically ask for this dish as it's not on their menu. cooks their crabs in bold, strong flavours; all that we tried were rich in flavour, paired perfectly with the fresh sweet flesh of their Indonesian crabs. Unfortunately, the crabs were just average sized. Food other than crabs were just okay, but too hefty compared to other Chinese restaurants nearby. The unlimited supply of fried man tou's is a nice touch, but I have to mention that everything in the restaurant is self-service; you have to take your own plates, forks, spoons, sauce...even plain water is self-service from a water dispenser! I wouldn't mind all that, but not when there is a 10% service charge! Basically I'm paying 10% just to have crabs cooked and brought to my table. At least if the first round of table settings were brought to me, and I had to get extras for myself, I would be more accommodating.

And that concludes our visit to Personally, I would still prefer other crab places like Hai Peng just 5 minutes down the road along Old Klang Road at nearly half the price. However, there's no denying's strength in their fun, interesting crab flavours that are worth a try. Don't forget there is the delivery service that can deliver steaming hot crabs on your doorstep! So next time instead of pizza or McDonalds, why not have crabs at home instead? =) | Site
No. 62-2, Jalan Bukit Raja,
off Jalan Seputeh, Taman Seputeh,
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2273 3100
Delivery Hotline: 1-300-22-2100
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