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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dessert: Snowflake @ Pavillion, KL

Has the craze hit you yet?

I've been hearing so much about this dessert venture for months now. The first time was New Year's Eve earlier this year; the queue was insane. The second time, I heard one of my best friend's boyfriend Ming raving about it - it's rare that Ming raves about dessert! I thought to myself, it's gotta be that good. My friends all talk about how they crave it at times. Another best friend Jo Weng, drove all the way to Kota Damansara from SS2, just to pack a serving home.

Okay. Have. Got. To. Try. Snowflake.

I'm awfully late to the Snowflake craze, but in my defense, it's not as widely dispersed as something like, Chatime for example. There's a branch in SS15 which despite being so near work, is not someplace I hang out often. Kota Damansara, usually not near enough and Pavilion, Adam can't stand (parking costs too much, it's too big, it's too far, it's too near work, etc). Kuchai Lama & Sungei Wang, don't usually cross my mind either.

But, I digress.

One fine Sunday (also the day we tried Snö!), I finally wrangled my way to Pavillion with Adam ("please lahh we only go Pavilion once a year okay" /sadface) and so, I had my heart set on trying Snowflake.

Snowflake doesn't have a wide range, but I suppose what it does, it does pretty damn well. There's an assortment of hot and cold desserts, the hot being like tong sui, and the cold in the form of shaved ice. Key ingredients are grass jelly, soya ice, taroballs and tau fu fa; they even do bubble tea!

The queue was consistently long throughout the 20 minutes we spent there. Pretty insane, if you ask me. We went our separate ways in segregation of duties - I queued up while Adam scoured the madness for empty tables.

Non-stop dessert-making, assembly-line action

I thought this was really cute. A cashier takes your order, and gives you a "Beeping UFO" that acts as your alert that something is ready. Gotta hand it to them, it sure beats taking a number and standing around waiting for your digits to be called. 

When your UFO beeps and lights up, you know it's time to make your way over to the counter to grab your desserts.

I went for their Snowflake Bestseller (RM 6.90) which was a combination of Grass Jelly, Grass Jelly Ice, Taroballs and Creamer.

First thoughts: Really yummy! The grass jelly was soft yet had a bounce to it, and the shaved ice underneath it was coated with a lovely sweet glass jelly sugar syrup.

Now on to the taroballs... Albeit being a bit too dense and chewy, these coloured glutinous balls were indeed greatly flavoured. I could taste the familiar musky yam flavour in the taro grey ones and the sweetness of sweet potato in the orange ones (or at least I think it's sweet potato, cause it's only named taroballs. Hmm). What I liked even more was the texture - it wasn't complete smooth like tong yuen (glutinous rice balls) - you could tell that some sweet potato / yam paste had been mixed in.

A spoonful of a bit of everything was certainly blissful - the sweet shaved ice with a sliver of grass jelly, topped with a textured taroball.

I enjoyed my first Snowflake experience (poor Adam didn't however, as he's not much of a Chinese dessert person), but am I complete sold? Nah. It was certainly yummy, but I'm not about to drive kilometres away to get my fix.

However, if anyone offers to go with me, or if one opens up in say, SSTwo Mall, I'm not going to say no!

Snowflake | Site
P4.01.00 & E4.01.00
Pavilion KL,
No. 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
(located outside Padini Concept Store)
Operating Hours: Daily, 10am-10pm

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