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Monday, July 18, 2011

Food: The Mill @ The Grand Millenium KL

Couple of Sundays ago during the usual where-to-eat discussion, Dad remembered Citibank was offering a promotion for card holders - Buy 1 Free 1 for buffet at The Mill in Grand Millenium Hotel.

The main entrance is where you can turn left to go to The Mill, or Zing, Grand Millenium's Chinese restaurant.

We haven't covered a buffet in this blog before, so this marks a first for us! Hopefully we can get all the salient points down.. =P

The layout and seating at The Mill is basic but comfortable. When we got there it was already about 8.30pm, and the crowd had thinned out somewhat, but it was obvious that it had been a busy night. I can imagine that when the place is full it can get a little bit crowded at the dining area.

Since we arrived quite late, we wanted to get cracking at the food, so I hastily snapped a few pictures of the buffet spread before attacking the food! (a real failure, I know.) Here we have the cold meat and salad section. We didn't have any of the salad, but the ham was quite cool and fresh. No pork here though, of course.

Next to the starters was the seafood in the corner. I do believe the most attractive part of the buffet had to be the variety of seafood. Even though it was 8.30-9 p.m. and the crowd was winding down, all the most-popular buffet items were still available in large quantities.

You can see the oysters at the top left, scallops on the left and right, and crabs and mussels in the middle. I can't tell you how long they had been left out there, but the oysters were fresh and were quite big in size, so no complaints there! The crabs, on the other hand, didn't look very meaty so we gave those a miss. Better to pay for crabs by the kilo at other places. =P

Wendy and I are true-blue sushi and sashimi fans, so just try to imagine the big smiles we had on our faces when we saw that tray of sashimi! Our experiences with Japanese buffet have so far been limited to the usual places like Tenji and Jogoya, which, although have a good spread of salmon too, is nothing compared to this one at The Mill. At Tenji, sashimi is sliced into smaller pieces than in restaurants, and quite indiscriminately too. But here, there really was no such complaints. My only concern was there might have been too much on that tray, causing it to be less chilled that I would have liked. I was partially right, but it was still fresh, so that tray of sashimi you see in the picture had a gaping hole in its midst when I was done with it..(!)

The rest of the choices are pretty standard fare. It's spread out over a decent space, but it's all in one row. I'm sure the lines can get a bit crowded with some pushing and shoving going on when dinner is in full force!

There's satay for everyone, with a choice of beef and chicken. Lots of peanut sauce to go with the satay. The beef satay was quite tough though, maybe because it had been left out for awhile. The chicken was easier to eat than the beef, and very meaty (read: no pieces of fat in between pieces of meat).

There were 3 different types of pizza on display, but it was down to the last few slices so we didn't bother. Only Wendy tried one, and the verdict was so-so. However, it was thin crust, so it didn't take up too much space in the tummy. I would recommend picking up a slice or two for some variety if it's freshly out of the oven.

Indian food was also not left out, represented by quite a respectable amount of curries. Unfortunately I didn't take a good shot of the variety, so you'll have to use your imagination. :D

It wasn't just rice the whole night; there was noodles too! We didn't make any though; it would have been nice if the ingredients had been replenished like the other dishes.

For finger food, there was quite a lot of choice, and a lot of it were quite unique creations. For example, on the right is cooked salmon wrapped in turkey ham! Slightly salty and oily, but the salmon was really thick (which some people might like a lot). I find cooked salmon to be very filling, so I didn't have too much of it. The ham would also have benefited more if it was pork bacon instead of turkey, but of course, no sign of any pork in this buffet.

A very tasty dish that I must remember to mention was the steamed cod! Even though I didn't get a picture of it, it was definitely one of the most memorable dishes for the night. The cod was steamed simply in a sweet soy concoction and was extremely fresh and juicy. We all loved it, but as with all good things, the cod was all gone before we could get second helpings, and the kitchen didn't bother refilling it anymore. :(

There was also a slab of roast beef on its own at the end of the buffet line. By the time we got to it there wasn't much left, and it was looking quite cold. The pieces that were sliced were for eating, but it was a bit overcooked leaving it tough to chew. On the other hand the pinkish part looked too raw, and that was a really big piece that hadn't been cut anyway. I'm not even sure if it's actually meant to be eaten? Haha.

So that's a brief summary of what we had at The Mill. I won't say it's everything because obviously we didn't take pictures of it all. There were some steamed buns and siew mai for dim sum (which wasn't too bad), there was also rice and some Chinese dishes. Unfortunately because we were late there wasn't much left and it didn't look very appetizing, so we zoomed in on those we thought were worth the limited space in our tummies. 

One important picture we're missing though - DESSERT! I'm to blame for this one - I really thought I had taken a picture in the beginning, but it seems like I skipped that and took the salads first. (Oh well...=P)  Dessert was standard fare anyway, with bread and butter pudding (wholemeal bread was used), average cakes and a few flavours of ice-cream. However, there was a chocolate fountain, which we enjoyed having marshmallows with. Nothing fancy, but what you would expect from a respectable buffet spread.

So would we come back to The Mill again? If there was a Buy 1 Free 1 offer like this, then it's possible. But normal price might be a bit steep for the food served here. But that's just my own personal opinion. =)

The Mill | Site
Grand Millenium Hotel,
No. 160, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
T: +60 3 2117 4888
F: +60 3 2142 1441
Opening Hours: 6am-11pm daily

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