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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Food: Outback Steakhouse @ Bangsar Village

*Update (5/10/11): Unfortunately this particular Outback Steakhouse branch at Bangsar Village was spotted closed. Unsure what happened :(

It was Father's Day a few Sundays ago, and although my family doesn't make a big deal of it, that didn't stop Dad from using it as an excuse to make me pay for a slap-up meal! -__-"

To make matter's worse, he refused to choose where to go, so it was left to Wendy and I to think of somewhere to go. After ding-donging back and forth and driving aimlessly for a little bit, we finally settled on Outback Steakhouse because Dad wanted to make sure it was an expensive meal was feeling like steak, and we hadn't been back to this place in Bangsar even though it has outlived many other establishments over the last decade or so.

As usual when it's a dinner with parents there's a lot of food so I'm just going to get into it. For starters we had Buffalo Style Chicken Wings. We went for the full platter (RM 17.95), served with medium spiciness (you get to pick from mild, medium or hot). Plain and simple yet utterly delightful; it was a perfect way to start the meal. The obligatory ranch dressing was provided, but not needed because the chicken on its own had enough flavour. 

But one starter isn't enough! I've chronicled Wendy's love for onion rings enough times, so it's no surprise we had to give this Typhoon Bloom (RM 15.95) a try. 

This was deep fried till perfectly crispy. The mandatory sauce went very well with the onion rings, which was very big. Even with 4 people we struggled to finish it, and couldn't in the end. Everyone knows the famous Onion Loaf at Tony Romas, but if you're looking for an alternative that's crispier, this is worth giving a go. Wendy thought the onions at Tony Romas were bigger and juicier, though.

Just like some other places like Manhattan Fish Market, you can add a soup and drink to your main course for RM 6.95. Above is the soup you will get at Outback; a very thick and creamy potato soup. I can't see this appeasing the taste buds of all and sundry because the texture was just so thick and gooey, but both parents agreed it tasted good. (It's not easy for parents to agree something is good!)

Before I start showing pictures and pictures of meat, I think I should show proof that we had some veggies too.. =P A simple salad lined with some croutons, this dish won't be winning any awards, but it's certainly capable of satisfying one's urge for some fresh vegetables.

Mum went for the Teriyaki Beef Skewers (RM 34.95), 2 skewers of beef chunks, with green peppers and onions alternating in between the beef. With about 8 pieces of fairly-decent sized meat in total, the skewers should leave one feeling satisfied, especially with the rice pilaf. The beef did feel a bit tough here though, quite like it was made well done.

Staying true to form, Wendy opted for the No Rules Burger (RM 22.95). As the name suggests, there are no rules in the number of toppings you would like - select from a long list of beef bacon, swiss cheese, BBQ sauce, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, American cheese and sauteed onions. For a meat place like Outback, we expected good burgers, and needless to say Outback delivered. The patty was thick, juicy and succulent, and combining it with the all the toppings just capped it all off perfectly. It did start getting a bit too much for Wendy towards the end though, so coming with an empty stomach is definitely necessary!

Since I had to pay for dinner I wasn't going to order the most expensive thing on the menu (Dad did that for me)! Instead I decided to have something different for a change and went for the Sizzling Sirloin (RM 34.95). When it arrived at our table it was sizzling nicely, but within a short while (probably less than a minute) the sizzling had completely stopped. Not a good impression since I'm more used to seeing sizzling dishes come out steaming from the kitchen and still give the customer a face-full of steam when its served. I believe the lack of sauce was the culprit in this case, and even though there was sauce provided separately, there was no more sizzling effect when I poured it over. Sad.

The meat was okay, albeit slightly tasteless, which made the sauce even more important. I asked for the meat to be done medium, but was disappointed to see only a little patch of bright pink in the centre and total grey on the sides, indicating it was more towards well done. Lying under the strips of steak were sauteed onions. I love sauteed onions with steak ever since I was introduced to the combination as a kid, but here the onions were too tasteless and soft, possibly because they had been boiled instead of fried. The dish wasn't bad, but it left me feeling like there was more to be improved.

And of course Dad ordered the star of the night, the Victoria Fillet (RM 62.95), 7 oz of pure tender meat with no fat (told to us by the waiter); this is perfect for those who are strictly looking for meat. 

Not a very big piece of meat sizewise, but one that was quite thick. Looking closely at it, there really was no fat lining the sides the nicely seared tenderloin, unlike the more common ribeye cuts of meat. 

We just had to take a picture of a slice just before popping it into our mouths! Here is proof that the meat was cooked perfectly to the tune of 'medium well'. It may look a bit too red but that's to be expected due to the thickness of the meat. It wasn't difficult to chew, especially because of the absence of any fat. I wish I could have knocked off one of these myself too! 

For dessert, we saw this monstrous tower of calories and decided to try one for ourselves - the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (RM 21.95). Guess the name should've been enough to warn us away! One thing we could have done without was the top scoop of whipped cream; it was just. too. much. But once we removed that, it was smooth sailing. The brownie was hot and rich, with chopped pecans in every bite; it went perfectly with the vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Don't attempt this alone, though!

Overall, we had a great time in Outback Steakhouse. The quality of the meat and the standard of the appetizers showed us why this place has managed to stick around in the heart of Bangsar all these years even as more illustrious places sprout up like mushrooms. No regrets coming here, and we would revisit again soon...  =)

Outback Steakhouse | Site
GL-6, Bangsar Village,
No. 1, Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
T: (603) 2287 7850
F: (603) 2287 7120
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