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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Food: Coffee Ritual @ Section 14, PJ

*Update (10/11/11): Coffee Ritual has moved from their Section 14 premises and apparently will be setting up again in Damansara Uptown soon :)
Somewhere in the bustling, rampantly double-parked streets of Section 14, lies this lovely gem of a cafe -- Coffee Ritual.

I had first heard about this place from my friend Amanda, and had always passed by on my way to more famous establishments in Section 14 (read: Digital Mall, TGIF before it closed down, Pizza Hut, etc.) but never really got around to trying it out. 

It finally took one of those aimless nights after work to try it out; we wanted something nearby, we wanted something new, and we wanted some comfort food. I finally remembered to suggest Coffee Ritual (at that time, I didn't even know what it was called, just "there, that corner place in Section 14 lah".

You can't really look in if you drive by, but once you get inside, you'll quickly see that the interior of Coffee Ritual is warm and inviting. Tables are nicely spaced out for quiet dating nights, and easily joined together for groups of family and friends. 

Since the first time we stumbled upon Coffee Ritual, we've been back many more times over the course of a year or so, and we always wander back to our favourites on the menu, their set dinners. For about RM 20-30, you get a selection of a main course, an appetizer, dessert and a drink to boot.

We kicked off with their Cream of Mushroom Soup, served with a hot roll. I enjoy having chunks of mushroom in my mushroom soup for that extra bit of kick, and I'm glad to announce that the first time I tasted Coffee Ritual's soup, I was instantly hooked. The soup broth is full of flavour and seasoning, and the plentiful mushroom bits make the soup even better, making it one of my favourite go-to comfort food after a long day at work. Soups at Coffee Ritual are also served with a soft, piping hot wholemeal roll, which is perfect fodder for the soup or just taken plain with the accompanying creamy SCS butter.

The other soup of the day is usually Szechuan, which is something that didn't sound appealing for us, so for as long as we've been going to Coffee Ritual, we've been having a Cream of Mushroom each. This time, however, the other soup of the day was Minestrone, which we promptly decided to try. Adam preferred the mushroom, but this was another win for me - the tangy combination, with a little bit of herb and spiciness for that extra kick, was heartily full with pieces of vegetables and chicken bits. 

The fresh bread roll and our two drinks
For beverages, the set dinner allows you to choose from a sizable list of drinks; iced honey (which was what we had), soft drinks, tea and obviously, as coffee connoisseurs, the mandatory coffee drinks like cafe latte, cappuccino  etc. I don't know anything about coffee at all, but I reckon Coffee Ritual prides themselves on high grade coffee that's worth a try (there's lots of canggih looking siphons in the shop, behind the counter, and on display too!) Definitely give Coffee Ritual a go, if you're one that appreciates good coffee.

This time, I tried their Beef Bolognaise with Spaghetti (set price RM 21.20). A simple home-cooked dish where looks were deceiving. The sauce looked flat and the beef minced too finely, but to my surprise, it had a strong meaty flavour to it. However, the beef bolognaise is not as tangy as others out there, so if you like your pasta sauce with a dominant tomato base, this will probably not be your thing.

Adam went for one of our favourites off the Coffee Ritual menu; the Grilled Cajun Chicken (set price of RM 23.20) The usual option on the menu is a choice between butter rice or baked potato, both served with a side of vegetables, but Adam, being Adam, made a special request for the sides you see in the picture.

The Grilled Cajun Chicken has not disappointed us thus far. Finely marinated and grilled perfectly, the juicy chicken meat goes perfectly with their special cajun sauce. This is one dish that we'll always polish off, down to the last bit of sauce!

To top off the perfect comfort meal, the set dinner allows you to choose from a plain crepe or one scoop of Berkeley Farms vanilla ice cream. The best advice we can give you is to combine them both, if you're having two set dinners, because the combination is lovely. The thin crepe is served hot, smells wonderful, and tastes just as wonderful. To make things perfect, top it off with a sliver of the cold, creamy vanilla ice cream. Adam and I are usually left in silence enjoying the crepe (and left contemplating if we should order another serving, before our common sense takes over again). :)

If sweet crepes are not your thing, Coffee Ritual also makes them savoury - a few interesting looking ones include the black pepper chicken crepe, otak otak crepe and even a tom yum crepe!

Coffee Ritual is and will probably always remain one of our favourite go-to places for a night of content and comfort food. And it's not difficult to see why. Good food, great desserts, a warm and usually quiet ambience, a selection of reading materials on the shelves, and I'm sure, lots of great coffee concoctions just waiting to be discovered by you.

Coffee Ritual | Site | Facebook
(opposite Digital Mall, the last shop down the road)
No. 35, Jalan 14/20,
Section 14,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +603 7956 1080
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-11pm; Sun & PH, 9am-10pm

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