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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food: Departure Lounge @ Damansara Uptown

(note: Sorry we missed out on our usual Wednesday post. We'll put up next one on Saturday! =D)

A few Sundays ago, we had a wedding dinner to attend for one of Adam's church friends. As it is with the unfortunate connotation with Chinese wedding dinners (read: sure start at 9pm wan!), we decided to search for some late lunch/early tea to steel our stomachs in preparation for the dinner. :p

I recalled Departure Lounge in Mont Kiara, but as it was much too far from where we were, we went a-hunting for their other branch in Damansara Uptown. (Okay, so I do know my way around Uptown, but it's still a little confusing at times, and all the double parking always stresses me out -_-)

Departure Lounge in Damansara Uptown.

The counter where the coffee magic happens.

Besides serving specialty coffee, wholesome sandwiches and all-day long breakfast food in a cozy and relaxing setting, Departure Lounge also boasts of the largest non-profit, free-for-your-reading-pleasure collection of travel books around. Absolutely perfect if you want to enjoy a cuppa or a fresh sandwich over planning for that next holiday of yours. :) 

One of Adam's favourite things here is the All-Day Breakfast Platter...

To order, grab a Breakfast Order Chit and a marker pen from the counter to start piecing your platter together. The beauty is in the mix-and-match and of course, the fact that you can have a hearty American breakfast any time of the day you crave!

In the end, he picked 5 items (RM 11.90).- the chicken sausages, turkey ham, beef bacon, fish fingers and fried eggs; the slices of toasted bread come with every breakfast platter. You can also opt for 3 items for from RM 8.90 or if you're feeling particularly ravenous, 7 items from RM 13.90 (I'm pretty curious if they would accomodate you if you ever happen to want more than 7 items? :p)

(Adam: On our first trip to Departure at Solaris, I took 7 items, adding hash brown and turkey bacon (I think) to the same spread above. I felt the hash brown wasn't worth the money to have again because McDonald's does the same hash brown every morning. Neither was the turkey bacon particularly enjoyable. In fact, not everything is really worth the money; At RM11.90, each item works out to be about RM2.50. Is it really worth paying RM2.50 for 2 little breakfast sausages? Or a tiny strip of beef bacon? You be the judge. =)

The only gripe here might be the underwhelming non-caffeine drinks, which we suppose aren't their focus. The Cookies & Cream Ice-Blended (RM 10.50) was rather bland and more ice than cream while the Peach Passion T-Cooler (RM 8), despite being refreshing on a hot day, didn't impress.

I decided to their sandwiches a try, so I picked the Mushrooms on Toasts (RM 13.90) which consisted of freshly sauteed mushrooms with cream, garlic and parsley served in between two slabs of toasted farmer bread.

I loved this! The sauteed mushrooms were really yummy; lots of flavour and nicely seasoned but still extremely juicy. It also went very well with the fresh toasted bread. However, the Mushrooms on Toasts is a "wetter" sandwich from all the cream and juice from the mushroom, so if you'd like your mushrooms a little drier, Departure Lounge has got that figured out for you - there's an alternative called the Mushroom Meltie (RM 11.90) which is sauteed mushroom (without the cream) topped with melted cheese.

Departure Lounge is a great place to relax in the late, lazy afternoons and a great place to catch up with friends. In fact, I'm considering lugging my laptop over here soon (wi-fi available here!) and flipping through some of those travel books as research for our upcoming Hong Kong/Macau trip. :)

Departure Lounge | Site
No. 10, Jalan SS 21/39,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +6 03 7725 1682
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 8am-7pm, Sun & PH, 8am-5pm, closed on Tuesdays & major holidays

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