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Monday, August 1, 2011

Food: The Lounge @ GTower, Kuala Lumpur

As we mentioned here and here, we were invited a few weekends ago to sample some of the yummy treats that GTower, Malaysia's first green building that is BCA Gold Greenmark certified, has to offer.

We were first treated to some food innovation at Social KL and after, whisked away to Sisters Kitchen for some local delights. Unfortunately, we had to leave halfway through Sisters Kitchen. Our last stop would have been The Lounge, the laidback comfortable cafe/lounge situated in the middle of GTower's lobby. 

Comfy plush seats amidst lush greenery.

However, as fate would have it, Adam and I had actually purchased a deal to sample The Lounge's three-tiered assortment of pastries and sandwiches. In hindsight, it was probably not quite a bad thing that we had to leave as what they had planned for us to sample was exactly the same as what we would have gotten with the Dealmates voucher. (No calorie overload, phew!)

We went late on a Sunday afternoon, which was a good choice because the place was peaceful and serene. The Lounge boasts of a high ceiling with "mood" lighting, that change according to the weather outside. 

We were supposed to have a piece of cheesecake alongside the three-tiered assortment (original price RM 45), but because we didn't make reservations, chocolate cake was all they had for us.

Well, despite that, we quite enjoyed this slice of cake. Bittersweet yet rich, and moist enough, all that chocolate was extremely filling and we couldn't muster up the strength between either of us to finish this big slice.

Soon after, our three tiers of treats arrived! I was pretty excited to sample a bit of each immediately :D

As I'm not too fond of having my dessert before my savoury stuff, I started on the top tier first. There was quite an array of these adorable looking mini sandwiches - chicken ham slices, tuna and beef.

It's difficult to go wrong with sandwiches, and I think The Lounge did okay here. The mini sandwiches were simple and a good way to kick off our afternoon tea session. I particularly found the mini croissant tasty. However, I didn't quite fancy chilli sauce drizzled over every sandwich.

(Those who know me are probably thinking "what?!" because I've quite a reputation for being a chilli sauce guzzler, but it's a bit strange on sandwiches lah okay!) 

In true systematic form, we went next for the middle tier which was filled with nicely peaked muffins and flaky looking pastries. 

Unfortunately, the three muffins were dry and far from what I was expecting. However, I did like the pastries here. The soft and tasty blueberry and apple pastries were snapped up quickly between the both of us. Adam thought the apple slices were a bit too hard, but it was just the way I like it, having retained a bit of its original apple crunch.

We then turned our attention to the lower tier - mini cakes for the sweet-inclined. Nothing out of the ordinary here; the chocolate tasted similar to our chocolate cake slice above, and the layered cakes on the side were nice and light - coffee cream in between soft sponge layers.

My personal favourite was this one. Mango mousse with a combination of moist chocolate mousse and cake; I never thought a combination of this tropical fruit with chocolate would taste good. :)

It was a good, chill-out afternoon at The Lounge in GTower - believe me when I say that the surroundings are pleasantly relaxing. Some of the items served need tweaking, but I suppose it's only a matter of time before they step it up because it would be a real shame if they didn't. Nonetheless, it is a picturesque hotel lounge and great for a tea time drink or two; plus there's also wi-fi connection available for all the tech junkies out there.

The Lounge | Site
Ground Floor,
No. 199, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2168 1919
Opening Hours: Daily, 8am - 8pm
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