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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Food: Molten Lava @ 1Utama

Sundays are the only days where Adam and I have the whole afternoon to wander around aimlessly. We usually meet up at about 1 in the afternoon and start lazing around because we can't decide what to do / where to go. Before we know it, he'll fall asleep and I'll have to whack his stomach (hehehe) to wake him up so that we don't waste our Sunday away it'll be a bit too late for lunch so we'll usually settle on having something light.

One Sunday, we found ourselves in 1Utama, not quite deciding what to have. Finally, we stumbled upon this shop that I've passed many times, but never quite realizing what it had -- churros!

Immediately, I was reminded of the time where I always bought these yummy churros from a small store in Flinders Street Station in Melbourne during uni days. Hot dough coated in sugar for those cold winter days were the best. :D /nostalgic

For those who haven't heard of churros, or more oftenly known as a Spanish doughnut (I've had some friends call it the Western yau char kway / youtiao too), it is a snack made out of fried dough. It's usually dusted with icing or cinnamon sugar and also oft-dipped into hot melted chocolate.

Obviously, I had to have a plate of Churros (RM 5.80). The texture was lovely; crispy on the outside and hot, soft and moist on the inside. The insides were were little softer and wetter than I remember from the ones I've had before in Melbourne, but it was still good.

Our four churros came with a small pot of Molten Chocolate Dip. I would have preferred the chocolate to be a little thicker, while Adam's gripe was that there was too little :p (Obviously, we don't seem like we do anything in moderation. :S) 

This other item, the funnel cake, also caught my eye. I asked the cashier what a funnel cake was, and he told me it was a bit like roti jala!

Rest assured, it tasted nothing like roti jala... in fact, it tasted even better! :D Molten Lava uses batter that is drizzled from a funnel (presumably) into hot oil to form this disc-shaped cake. We ordered the Choc & Caramel Drizzle Funnel Cake (RM 7.80) and it looked great when it came. Generously drizzled with lots of chocolate and caramel sauce, this was once again crunchy on the outside but soft and airy on the inside, tasting as good as it looked. We finished this in a jiffy and surprisingly liked it even more than the churros. Like waffles, they do many various toppings like bananas or ice cream, so this could be a good lighter alternative. 

Molten Lava is also conveniently next to Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, so Adam popped by next door to fulfill his XXL Crispy Chicken craving and returned with a piping hot piece to accompany our churros and fried cake.

A good Sunday afternoon companion, this Molten Lava. Will most definitely return for those funnel cakes! :D

Molten Lava (opposite Daiso)
Lot LG-312B
Lower Ground Floor Oval
1 Utama Shopping Centre New Wing,
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am-10pm
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