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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Food: Sanbanto @ Bangsar

*Update 08/11/12: This outlet is unfortunately now closed down.

We've frequented the Sanbanto in SS2 many, many times, but when we heard of their latest (okay, so it's probably not so new anymore because we procrastinate :p) branch in Bangsar, offering a different menu, we put it on our to-eat to-do list.

Finally, after one of the days where I was in training and hence was able to leave work a little earlier than usual, we made our way there. Sanbanto in Bangsar is actually located in the area behind TMC Supermarket, or if you're more familiar with Bangsar, its actually Lucky Garden, the same area that contains Pizza Hut and multiple other eateries.

But before I continue to confuse you with my haphazard directions, here's a picture of the location. (Adam insisted that I snap a picture so that we wouldn't have to explain, but if you're like me, I prefer directions over reading maps so this wouldn't help me very much (fine, go ahead and insert some 'women can't read map' jokes here -_-)

We started off with some drinks - the Lychee Flavoured Tea (RM 8.90) for me and the Vanilla Shake (RM 8.90) for Adam. Nothing exceptional here, but if I'm not wrong, the beverage selection here is slightly bigger than what's available in the SS2 branch.

To kick our meal off, we had the Pork Kanom Pang (RM 12), which was ground pork peppered with herbs, atop toasted baguette with sweet Thai chilli dipping sauce. The flavour of the pork was very similar to "tod man pla" (the fried Thai fish cakes with curry and lime, that you usually see as appetizers in Thai restaurants) and I thought it went well with the sweet Thai chilli sauce. My only small gripe was that I wish that the bread would have been more toasted, but other than that, I quite liked this.

After scrutinizing their menu for several minutes, Adam finally decided on the Burger Steak (RM 29) - all 200g of juicy pork burger patty topped with fresh tomato puree and served with a variety of grilled vegetables. The burger steak was well-marinated and juicy, and even though Adam thought the puree was just too much and had to push it all aside like in the second picture above, I thought the tangy tomato actually brought out different flavours in the pork patty. 

However, this dish wasn't enough for Adam's appetite that night, and he felt a little unsatisfied, so probably don't order this if you are a big eater. :p

As for me, this one dish caught my eye; the House Specialty - The Ultimate Burger (RM 28). This towering burger consists of a juicy pork patty, a thick slab of deep-fried mozzarella cheese that you can see oozing out in the picture, and pork bacon amidst all the other regular vegetable slices. 

Although this burger looked to be dry, it wasn't, thanks to the juicy pork patty which I really enjoyed. The fried mozzarella in a burger was also something new to me! I know you're probably thinking that we're such boring people, both ordering patties, but I'll say that the two didn't taste alike. Mine retained more of its original pork flavour, whilst Adam's had a different edge when eaten with the fresh tomato puree.

As I was saying, what actually attracted us to go all the way to Bangsar for Sanbanto (when there's one in practically my backyard) was the different menu. Once again, Sanbanto impresses with their range of pork dishes, this time fusion-infused. Their Bangsar branch is also more comfortable and spacious, and service fast and efficient too.

However, I did read on their Facebook page, that the three different menus from their three branches (SS2, Puchong & Bangsar) will soon be merged. Hopefully no items are removed to make the menu smaller?

Sanbanto | Site
No. 38, Persiaran Ara Kiri,
Lucky Garden, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2201 1301

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