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Monday, August 15, 2011

Food: Stuff Your Face @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

A couple years ago, when I still had all the time in the world to go wandering around, I was brought to Stuff Your Face by a friend. I found it so good that I made sure Wendy was taken there, and we frequented the place quite often until work started taking over more of our lives. Finally we got the chance to visit again after something like a year after..!

Stuff Your Face is located at the top floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre (not to be confused with Bangsar Village!), right next to the roller skating rink. The interior hasn't changed at all since we were last there - it's a cozy little place that is meant to keep adults happy while the kids have the time of their lives at the skating rink or the jungle gym. 

Wendy straightened her hair =P

But we all know adults are harder to please than children! That's why Stuff Your Face doesn't just serve simple coffee and cake, but actually has a decent menu (albeit a little steep) with some unique dishes that can't be found anywhere else. 

This one here is my favourite at Stuff Your Face; the Oriental Style Chicken Chop (RM 18). A piece of deep fried chicken doused in homemade gravy surrounded by tomatoes, peas, and boiled onions, the feeling of home-cooking doesn't get better than this. 

While the chicken may be average according to normal standards, its the combination of the gravy that makes this dish really stand out. I remember Hainanese Chicken Chops are also always smothered in sauce, so I think it's safe to say that this follows the same style. The chicken is juicy and tender, whilst the potatoes and tomatoes are boiled so they are very soft and contribute good flavor to the sauce. Definitely something to try if you happen to visit Stuff Your Face. =)

Digging in!

I think I've mentioned enough times that Wendy likes burgers, and here we are again with Stuff Your Face's interpretation of a hamburger, the Almost Bite Size Burgers (RM 17)! It's a little different here though - they don't serve one conventional big burger, but 3 mini ones! And while the usual burger will try and pile all kinds of toppings on top, These 3 mini burgers are kept simple by just having 2 pieces of bread with a mini beef patty "sandwiched" in between. Obviously, it's a very simple burger. However, probably due to its size, the beef patty loses out in terms of juiciness. But still, the soft tiny burger buns are buttered and toasted so perfectly, that it goes quite well together in the end (if you don't mind slightly dry food lah). Wendy just added on some chilli sauce and she was all set. =D

Oh and the round green blob that looks like green tea ice cream is actually mashed peas. Everyone knows mashed potatoes, but it's not often we get to see mashed peas! The taste is of course reminiscent of peas, but the texture is just like mashed potato. We can't imagine the work that goes into mashing peas so finely!

But while the main courses are attractive, what really got us hooked on this place are the desserts! Or to be more specific, A Dessert. The Fried Mars Bars. =D

At RM 15, you get 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with some chocolate sauce and peanuts, joined together with 3 absolutely scrumptious Mars Bars deep fried in a golden batter. It's sinful stuff, but the taste is just heavenly!

Here you can see more clearly the glorious filling inside the batter. Just like a chocolate brownie with ice cream, the mars bars come out hot from the fryer too, so the combination with cold ice cream makes it a delightful experience on one's taste buds! There are other places in KL that claim to do Fried Mars Bars, but so far we have yet to come across one that rivals this. If you have been following our blog and trust our reviews, then you need to trust us on this one. =P

Finally, because we are gluttons dedicated to food, we decided to also a new dessert for once - the Elvis Presley's Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich (RM 10). Buttered toast with banana and nearly overflowing with peanut butter; this is not one recipe for the diabetic! I found this nice, but a bit too much on the sweet side. Wendy thought it was just too much and gave up after half a slice. Only for the peanut butter lovers! Normally I would say this is worth a try, but when competing against Fried Mars Bars, we'll say save your money, stomach space and calories and just have more mars bars. It's worth it. =D

So Stuff Your Face is definitely a place we'll come back to. We have some nice memories here, and I hope you can make some here too. =)

Stuff Your Face | Facebook
Lot 4-09, Bangsar Shopping Centre
No. 285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandar Raya,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +6 03 2287 3070
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun; 10am-7pm

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