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Monday, August 29, 2011

Food: Vintry @ Bukit Damansara

It was that yearly dilemma all over again. The girlfriend's birthday. Every year boyfriends are faced with the difficult task of outdoing last year's celebration, which is quite hard considering the previous year is usually deemed "perfect". Just like a football player, in the first match no one knows what to expect, in the second people wonder if he can replicate his performance in the first, and by the third people start to expect the same level of performance as in the first and second!

This being the 3rd year we celebrated Wendy's birthday as a couple (time does fly doesn't it?), the expectation was high to plan a wonderful evening. Girls will always say it doesn't matter but Guys, we know better don't we! =P 

Truth be told I really had no idea where to take her. Initially I was thinking of Japanese, but I was still recovering from food poisoning so wasn't too keen on raw food. Then I remembered Vintry, and the dilemma was solved! I made reservations while waiting in the car (which turned out to be not really necessary) for her to get ready, and not long after we were off to Bukit Damansara for a nice quiet evening.

When we reached the area we got a bit confused. We walked in the first restaurant thinking it was the right one, but later found out it was Ribs by Vintry and they didn't have my reservation. Instead we were sent to Vintry a few doors down. A tad confusing for first-timers, but staff are friendly and ready to help. =)

Wendy: That vision in red is Adam photo-bombing my shot -_-

Vintry is known as a wine bar, and it lives up to its reputation by having a wide range of wine from different continents to satisfy any picky customer. We're not wine connoisseurs, so we won't try and act like experts. Food is our main passion, and luckily food from Ribs by Vintry can also be ordered from Vintry, thus ensuring we get the best of both menus. 

For starters we tried this Caramelized Roast Pork (RM 18), which was roast pork wok-fried with soy sauce and sugar, the non-spicy version. It was either this or a simple portion of Roast Pork, which were both chef recommendations on the menu. This looked more interesting so we picked this.

Upon first bite, we were immediately struck by how crunchy the pork was - it really had been fried to a crackly crisp! It was a great feeling, but afterward the saltiness kicks in, and suddenly everything isn't as it seems. The first few pieces were nice, but take a few more and it gets a bit too much. In the end Wendy still could say she enjoyed it, but I felt this would have been nice at a Chinese restaurant with rice. The table next to us had 2 guys, and they didn't even finish the same plate of pork, so go figure. This is tasty but not too much; it might not be for everyone.

For mains, we had the Pan Fried Pork Belly Steak (RM 45) served with mash potatoes, some greens and apple puree. The apple puree is on top of the pork; while the creamy blob you see in the bottom of the picture is mash potato. 

We found this to be a bit too tough for our liking. Since it was a slice of pork belly, we really were expecting the meat to be more tender than how it came out. From the picture it's also clear that the meat was a bit dry. For a piece of pork belly, it certainly deviated quite a bit from our expectations. The apple puree gave a different twist to the overall flavour - it was sweet and creamy and Wendy felt it went well with the meat but I preferred the meat sans any accompaniment. Overall it was nice, but not to-die-for. The other main course was better....

....Which was the BBQ Pork Ribs (RM 52 for a large portion)! It was a simple-sounding item amongst the other more fancy choices in the menu, but sometimes simple can be best! I can't say whether other things in the menu are just as nice, but these ribs were just delightful. There were about 5 ribs in total, and each rib was quite meaty. It was also very tender, more so compared to the pork belly mentioned previously. But it was the barbecue sauce that really completed the whole package! If we found the pork belly to be slightly on the dry side, the same could not be said about the ribs. The sauce blended in perfectly and made everything just nice. =)

So although the belly wasn't a real winner, the ribs knocked the meal out of the ballpark. It's definitely something we will go back for. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go now! Haha.

Me very happy with finished ribs =p
But of course we couldn't just finish our meal without some dessert! Stuffed as we were, we had to make space for a bit more...

So to round up the night, we had the Chocolate Brownie (RM 14). I'll admit we had some high expectations for this, partly because of where we were and partly because of the price. Unfortunately we thought it was just very average, unable to surpass our number 1 favourite chocolate cake and ice-cream at Delicious. But still, it was a nice end to a romantic evening. =)

It being a special occasion, we even opted to have some wine! The waitress recommended white wine to go with pork, but being beginners we took one red and one white to try out the difference. Those were our 2 glasses of house pouring wine for the night.

And that concludes the 23rd birthday celebration dinner for Wendy! Now I get to sit back and relax for another 11 months until the same date rolls around again next year.. =D

Vintry | Site
No. 120, Jalan Kasah,
Taman Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2096 1645
Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm till late

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