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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dessert: The Cream & Fudge Factory @ KLCC

Recently (meaning this year) we watched the opening of IScream at Tropicana City Mall. Positioning itself as an ice-cream parlour that serves ice-cream "on the rocks", we thought it was quite a unique offering. We've been quite critical of the shop layout and design though, thinking the place can do much better than what it is now. But we were wrong to think IScream was the only one who knew how to do "on the rocks" ice cream, because just down the road from my workplace is Cream and Fudge, located in KLCC

Before I go any further, perhaps it would be wise to explain a little on what "on the rocks" ice cream really is. Basically it's just a few scoops of ice cream mashed together with some toppings of your choice. The process is done on a slab of smooth stone that is usually cooled to low temperatures too. The "chef" takes about 2 scoops of ice cream and mashes it on the stone until its quite flat, and then puts on the toppings selected by the customer. He then proceeds to mix it all together with 2 mini spatulas, looking like as if he's doing some Chinese stir-fry with a wok. When it's done, the mash up is put inside a waffle biscuit, ready to serve. =))

At Cream and Fudge, there are a wide variety of flavours to choose from...

...And there's also many different kinds of toppings! This leaves no shortage of mixing ideas, since there's no "correct" mix, it all depends on what the customer feels like having that day. Recognizing that it might be difficult for beginners to choose with such a wide variety of choices, Cream and Fudge have some helpful ideas on their menu.

This helped us a lot, since we are the kind that like to try things based on recommendations. We ended up going for the Cookie Dream, which was French Vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookie, caramel & chocolate fudge. Yea you can tell we like our chocolate chips don't you =P 

Ta-Da! The finished product. Overall the taste was very nice, since the ice-cream used is good quality premium ice-cream. One slight gripe we had was the cookie wasn't mashed up nicely into the ice-cream - there were still big chunks of cookie poking out, and once those are eaten there's no more cookie left.. =(

But I digress. The ice-cream on the rocks idea is still pretty new in KL, and although prices are slightly steep and may look like just another gimmick to some, we do think it's worth giving a try to see if it is your cup of tea. Hopefully Wendy will have another day off so she can come find me for lunch break and we can go hunting for another Cream and Fudge concoction together. =)

The Cream & Fudge Factory | Site
Lot K23B, 2nd Floor, Ramlee Mall,
Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur

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