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Friday, September 30, 2011

Food: Crystal Jade Restaurant @ The Gardens Mall

*Update 9 Oct 2012: Unfortunately, Crystal Jade Restaurant at the Gardens has now been closed down.

We interrupt our Macau posts with something closer to home. We think it's only fair we don't leave out the local fare for too long while sharing our holiday experience. =)

There are precious few Chinese restaurants in Mid Valley / Gardens. There used to be Spring Valley, but that's already been closed down. Now there is the Han Room, but dining there can be an expensive affair for the whole family. Crystal Jade is also in the similar league, but it's been around longer. We make this place our Sunday dinner venue with family sometimes, and it so happened that on a recent Sunday night there was a promotion - 50% off the 6 Course Super Value Promotion (original price RM 598, serves 4) - which we promptly settled for. =P

The meal started off with the Braised Shark's Fin with Bamboo Shoot & Shredded Chicken. A simple bowl of sharks fin soup you might say, until we take a look at what's inside the soup! The soup itself is of top quality, obviously being boiled for many hours judging by the raw flavour of the soup. But it is the combs of sharks' fin that really seal the deal on this soup. Take a closer look at the bottom 2 pictures and behold what a real comb of sharks fin should look like; if up till now you have just been seeing those fat strands of "sharks fin" in your soup, rest assured that those are most likely just jelly. This is the kind of sharks fin that we had, and each of us did have our fair share of it, so it wasn't just one piece in an entire big bowl.

Next we each had a Baked Stuffed Crab Shell with Cheese. Again this is a simple-sounding dish, but it was prepared well with lots of cheese packed inside it. Not as cheesy as the ones I'm used to at dim sum restaurants, but certainly more generous with the meat.

For mains, there was the Deep-Fried Spare Rib with Champagne. 4 plates with 2 pieces each, 1 plate for each diner. I was nursing a flu that day, so my taste buds weren't very acute. I felt this was nice, although the small portion didn't win any points. Neither did I feel there was anything special about it; I couldn't taste any champagne. 

Next up was the Steamed Garoupa with Scallion & Ginger. For a restaurant like Crystal Jade, customers should be excused for expecting top quality all the time. Here's another example of the chefs rising to the challenge, with a wonderful fish that tantalized each of our taste buds. The meat was soft and smooth, and the sauce was just right, without being too bland or salty. The fish wasn't huge, but it did feed the 4 of us perfectly, with plenty of leftovers after everyone took the first helping. This and the sharks fin were definitely the main highlights of the night's dinner.

For vegetables, we had Baked Assorted Vegetable with Garlic. Presented while still wrapped in tin foil as proof of its authenticity, it is then cut open by the helpful waiters. Nothing much to say about this dish, except that the veggies were definitely fresh and juicy and to top things off, healthy instead of the usual way of being fried with oil.

Lastly there was the Fried Rice with Abalone Sauce wrapped in Lotus Leaf. This was actually served in the lotus leaf before being cut and served, but we missed taking a picture of it :S

It was nicely wrapped up, like money bags; however, albeit the great presentation, the taste was disappointing. The rice could have been fluffier, and was rather bland.

For dessert, there was a pot of Herbal Jelly for each of us, known by the Chinese name of Gui Ling Gao. The rule of thumb is the more bitter the taste, the healthier it is! and apparently this one was really bitter! I say apparently, because my nose was so clogged that I couldn't taste the bitterness of the jelly, so I had no problems downing it in a few gulps unlike my usual self =P

(Wendy: It was soooo bitter! And although Adam was sick, he still hogged all the honey so there wasn't much left for us to mask the bitterness with :p)

Once again, a failproof Sunday night dinner with my parents and as always, a satisfying one at Crystal Jade where there are far more hits than misses. This offer that we had should be over by now, but there are always new offers and promotions for credit card holders, so check now and then to see what the latest are! =)

Crystal Jade Restaurant | Site
Lot T 210, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2283 3129
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