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Friday, September 23, 2011

Food: EAT Food Village @ Solaris Dutamas

It was the Monday after Wendy and I returned from the Macau/HK trip, and we were both still on leave for one more precious day. We had no idea how to spend it, or where to go for lunch. Finally we decided on Solaris Dutamas, because we had read about The Fish & Chippery, and how the place did very good fish & chips.

Unfortunately when we arrived we found it was closed for renovation! Oh the horror! We thought we could salvage the afternoon by heading next door to Pink Sage Diner instead, but that seems to have closed down (according to the guy at reception counter)!

Solaris Dutamas isn't an easy place to walk around, so by the time we had found the place and realized it wasn't open, our faces looked something like this  -   =(((((

Feeling dejected  and lost, we stumbled around and finally decided on lunch at Eat Food Village, another place that we had read about on other blogs.

Eat Food Village is essentially a food court (non-halal) that doesn't have many stalls yet, but does well to satisfy the hungry daily lunch crowd. The interior is spacious with plenty of tables and chairs, and most importantly the ventilation is good, so diners don't walk out with hair and clothes smelling of the food they just ate.

After taking a quick walk pass all the stalls, I settled for some curry laksa from Lorong Seratus Tahun, or more aptly named as LST Curry Laksa. Lorong Seratus Tahun originates from Penang, and they have a few other branches around town (like SS2). We've never tried any of those places yet, but we hoped this stall would give us the right experience of real Penang curry laksa.

For around RM8, there were 2 prawns, a few pieces of squid tentacles, and quite a lot of tau fu pok! Based on what I read on other blogs, this price is about 50% more than the one at SS2. I'm not too surprised though, since I guess the cost to break even is higher at a place like Solaris

The curry soup is quite spicy, but a fairly large dose of sambal is placed on the spoon for added effect. Although I found the soup spicy enough, the sambal must be added for the right flavour. I suppose the sambal is what makes their curry laksa so special, and anyone who enjoys spicy food and curry laksa should really give theirs a try. I did feel the soup was watery though, something that could be improved on. Perhaps it's better at the other outlets, which we must go and try one day.. =)

Besides famous curry laksa, Eat Food Village also boasts a famous chilli pan mee! Dedicated foodies and lovers of chilli pan mee would no doubt have heard of the famous Kin Kin along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. But then not everyone is willing to go the distance and brave the KL jam for a bowl of pan mee. At least now there is another alternative besides Jalan TAR, which is in this food court!

We have never been to the Jalan TAR one either, so unfortunately we can't give a comparison. Our opinion is based solely on what we thought of this as a simple bowl of pan mee. =)

First impression is good - the noodles has plenty of meat and anchovies sprinkled on top, and the egg is fried perfectly with a runny yolk just waiting to burst! There's also a sizable helping of chilli flakes, but of course more can be obtained from the stall if it's not enough.

Overall, we felt there was good flavour, and there was certainly a lot of minced meat packed into the noodles. But we found the pan mee to be quite dry and hard, which was a bit of a disappointment. Perhaps it was just a continuation of bad luck that we had been facing that day! As with the LST Curry Laksa, this is another dish that we'll have to try at the original place to give a good comparision. =)

Finally because we had spent so many fruitless hours at Solaris Dutamas, I ordered this Mayonnaise Pork Ribs from the stall next to Lorong Seratus Tahun. It cost RM18 and is advertised to feed 2-3 persons. The stall owner also gives out those cute little "UFO" things that flash and vibrate when food is ready.. =P 

We thought this had more of a buttery taste than mayo, which is ironic since there is also a Butter Pork Ribs for RM18. This portion could definitely feed 2, but 3 would require a few more dishes or some small eaters. It would have gone well with rice, but for RM18 the price might be a bit steep for a food court setting.

A drinks stall is also available. Here we had Sugarcane and 'Michael Jackson', a.k.a. Soya Cincau. Standard stuff, going at RM2.50 each. 

So that concluded our trip to Eat Food Village. There is also a ChaTime open there now (take note bubble tea lovers!), and they are having a buy 1 free 1 promotion as well as free up-size promotion this month for their opening! We're not sure when we'll be back at Eat Food Village, but I'm sure the next time we do there will be more stalls open too. =)

EAT Food Village
Level UG1, Publika Shopping Gallery
Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 10am-8pm

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