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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Food: Yokoso Ichiban @ SSTwo Mall

By now Wendy and I are quite familiar with SSTwo Mall. Not that there's much to be familiar with; most of the shops are still empty shells. Even so, it's taken us awhile to visit Yokoso Ichiban. Partly because it always looks so empty, and partly because it looks expensive. =P

That was the exact scenario when we visited one fine weekday. Looking through the glass from outside, it appeared as if there were no customers in there. But we were pleasantly surprised to see a few groups of people hidden away in private booths that can't be seen from the outside.

This being our first time there, we weren't sure what to order from the menu. The place does pretty standard Japanese fare; a few special makis and rolls, but nothing too out of the ordinary (which is good for the non-adventurous diners like us..=p).

For a quick starter snack, we had Ika Geso Karaage (RM 15) - deep fried squid tentacles. Normally our favourite fried dish is the Chicken Karaage (Japanese fried chicken), but today we decided to have something a bit different. This was nice and crispy, served with a mustard-like sauce. The sauce had a mustard taste to it but wasn't spicy at all; in fact it was mostly sweet. It went very well with the squid though, which on its own tasted quite unremarkable.

Just because we didn't have any fried chicken doesn't mean we had no chicken at all! This is the Teppenyaki Chicken (RM25) served with vegetables. As with most teppenyaki, the vegetable took up half the sizzling plate. It was really good veggie though - the fried garlic went very well with it, and it had evidently been stir-fried with lots of butter, making even me keep going back for more. The chicken was a bit too salty and sweet for my liking, but the pieces of chicken were very tender and juicy. It goes very well with rice though!

...Which is also what we had. Garlic Fried Rice (RM10), quite a common sight at Japanese restaurants, and one of the more common things I order when having Jap. This one was okay; nothing bad about it, but nothing great either. The rice, despite containing lots of garlic, was especially wet and mushy though, and that didn't go down well with Wendy at all. I don't like mushy rice either, although I tolerate it a bit better. It did help to balance the saltiness of the chicken though, as I mentioned earlier.

We usually order a special roll or maki too, so here we thought Spider Maki (RM 25) looked the most interesting (how can it not, with a name like that? =P). Consisting partly of deep fried soft shell crab, fish roe, and mayonnaise, this maki was a great example of how sushi goes very well with mayo. The soft shell crab was crispy, hot and fresh and went well with the sushi rice and the liberal dousing of mayo. It was messy, due to the size of the maki, but definitely good.

Finally, because we have been a lover of Sushi Tei's Spicy Tan Tan Ramen ever since we discovered it, we wanted to try something that looked similar at Yokoso. They didn't have any soup with sesame base, so we went for miso instead. This was called Miso Ramen (RM20); noodles with vegetables, pork meat, and Japanese soya bean paste soup.

This was indeed a bit like the Sushi Tei ramen, but lacked that extra spicy 'oomph' that Sushi Tei delivers. The soup was quite watery and mild, which lost points for me. But it did have more meat than our usual Tan Tan Ramen though, which normally looks like a bowl of noodles and soup, with a tiiiiiiny sprinkling of minced beef. This was okay overall, but we agreed that in future this wasn't worth coming back to eat.

And that sums up our first time at Yokoso Ichiban. Overall it was an okay meal that had a few bright spots, like the Spider Maki and the fried squid tentacles. Unfortunately the higher-than-average cost of eating here means we can't make this a regular after work joint. Perhaps we'll start alternating our Jap sessions between Sushi Tei and here.. =)

Yokoso Ichiban | Site
LG 56, SSTwo Mall, 
40, Jalan SS2/72, 
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 
Tel: 03-7960 7748
Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm

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