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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Food: Ben's General Food Store @ Bangsar Village

Ever since our good experiences at Plan b (despite what a lot of other reviews say otherwise), I've been excited to try Ben's General Food Store ever since it opened since they're both under the same management. However, we usually end up somewhere else. (it's either, "aiya, forgot about it!", "eh they only got pizza", "craving for McDonalds", "sigh so broke this month" and a host of other reasons.

One Monday, Adam was on leave and I managed to leave work at 6pm on the dot, so we decided to finally patronize Ben's General Food Store.

The facade.

Ben's General Food Store is usually crowded and seats you school-canteen-style. Odds will have you sitting in close proximity with strangers on both your left and right, making it difficult NOT to eavesdrop.

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