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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Food: Ben's @ KLCC

Adam: "It's not often that Wendy comes down to KL to have lunch with me. It usually happens about 3 times a year - when Selangor has a holiday and FT doesn't! To compensate for the unfairness of it all, she'll come over and meet me during lunch break on those days. =D"

Yes, because I'm such a doting girlfriend. No, but really, I do quite enjoy the times where I get to have lunch with Adam because I get to prowl KLCC after that :p

Anyway, on the most recent public holiday for Selangor-not-for-KL, I made my way to meet Adam for lunch, When this happens, we'll usually try to go to a place that isn't found in our usual spots. So, Ben's it was.

As we soon learnt, Ben's is actually a pretty popular place for the working crowd to have lunch. We spotted at least three departmental lunches (or so I'm assuming because there were 10 or more people at the table) and many casual lunches between smartly dressed colleagues.

(I was beginning to feel out of place in my cardi and shorts; thankfully there was also another table of girls in secondary school uniforms there. Which brings me ask, how come they can afford Ben's! I'm a young working adult who still feels the pain in the wallet when I eat at Ben's! Lucky kids :S But, before I go off-tangent...)

I was impressed at how large it actually was inside and really liked the high windows that allowed natural sunlight in. These people at BIG (management of Plan b, Ben's General Food Store, Canoodling, etc) certainly know how to make full use of their space without having it seem very cramped. Still cramped, but not extremely, over-the-top cramped.

Despite the crowd, I have to appreciate their efficiency. We were quickly ushered to our seats and given a menu each to peruse. They do quite a wide selection of pastas, and a slightly smaller mains menu, but good enough to satisfy the majority of cravings.

Fun table cards to get the conversation flowing.

Being the nacho lovers we are, we ordered the Nacho Libre (RM 14.90) - a messy, sticky but oh-so-satisfying concoction of sour cream, avocado mash, jalapenos and  melting cheese over a bed of nachos. This was one of the best nachos I've tasted of late; most open a bag of Chachos and sprinkle a tiny bit of cheese on top and call it done. Ben's version was anything but! I especially liked the avocado which had a bit of lime juice in it to even out the rich, earthy avocado taste.

I went for the Crispy Duck Confit Spaghettini (RM 22.90). I don't usually go for pastas that have little sauce but that day, I decided try something new. And I was promptly rewarded! /pats self on back

The pasta was lightly tossed in olive oil and served with strips of tender and tasty duck, crispy in all the right places. I loved the rocket and the whole sundried tomatoes in this dish too, it gave it that extra dimension of fresh green flavour, and sweet tangy taste respectively.

Adam had the Beef Lasagne (RM 18.90), hearty minced beef bolognaise sandwiched in between layers of pasta and cheese.

It looked huge when it arrived and I think even Adam had a bit of trouble with it, slowing down towards the end. There was lots of well-flavoured minced beef mixed with some chopped carrots and onions, making it satisfying, and lots of cheese on top and within, making it a plate of sin (for the thighs, that is).

After we left, the lunch crowd had also somewhat thinned, and I managed to take a better look around. Ben's also houses several lounge-like areas like this, looks like a nice spot to have a cakes and coffee. None for us as we were far too stuffed! :)

Ben's was a great and satisfying lunch of good quality and efficient service. It's a bit hefty on the wallet for an everyday meal for me, but it will appeal to the same target crowd that adores Delicious so much. Hope they open one nearer to us soon!

Ben's | Site (opposite Harrods)
Lot 140, 1st Floor,
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: +6 03 2163 1655
Opening Hours: 10am-11pm

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