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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Food: House of Fishball @ PJ Old Town

One of the most recent bummers for me was that just before the long three-day Merdeka-Raya public holidays, I fell sick and fell down. Nursing a strained ankle, fever and tonsillitis wasn't much fun at all and there was very limited things that I could eat.

One of my few meals in that week was at the House of Fishball in PJ Old Town with Adam and his mum, one of their usual joints in PJ Old Town before church.

Naturally I didn't feel like eating at all, but Adam persuaded me to a snack just to fill my stomach up and I think he chose just the right dish.

The fishballs at House of Fishball (well, I suppose with a name like that, you'd have to serve freaking awesome fishballs :p) were exceptional; soft and bouncy, and served with clear, warm soothing broth for the stomach and throat.

Adam and his mum had a bowl of noodles each from the selection of House of Fishball - there was quite an array of noodles containing various forms of fishballs, even fish noodles and celery noodles! I didn't try any noodles, but I did try a little of the fish cake which was equally as good as the fishballs. The thick flesh was firmer than the fishballs, but still very springy despite its thinly fried exterior.

Tempted to try some Ice Floss!

The small area where the Ice Floss comes to life.
House of Fishball also serves that -25C Ice Floss that I see in a couple of places now, including the food court at The Gardens Mall. Thinking it might be a good thing to soothe the throat with something cold, we ordered one as well.

We ordered the Peach Miracle, and quickly dug it soon after it arrived. The flavoured ice is shaved so finely that it really does look like floss, and it melts almost as soon as it reaches your mouth. I loved the small white pearl-like balls on the side because they exploded with some syrup as soon as you bite into them! Quite a refreshing treat that melts quickly, so eat it fast!

The surroundings on a peaceful Tuesday night.
The place was rather quiet, and service fast - seems to be a good place for a quick, simple and affordable meal, especially if you're into clear soup noodles and more importantly, fishballs!

House of Fishball
No. 35, Jln 1/2,
46000 PJ Old Town,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening Hours: Daily, 8am-11:30pm

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