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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Food: Profiteroles @ Solaris Dutamas

While walking back to our car in the maze that is Solaris Dutamas one afternoon and craving some desserts, we saw this one shop on the first floor aptly named Profiteroles.

Adam: "What is a profiterole?"
Me: (cannot not have an answer :p) "Not sure, but I know it's a type of pastry."
A while later...
Adam: "Tastes like cream puff only what."
Me: "Errr.." /fail 
(whips out iPhone) 
Google: "You idiots. A profiterole or cream puff is a choux pastry ball filled with whipped cream, pastry cream, or ice cream. The term profiterole is traditionally used for the small versions. So, there's really no difference! The European or French fill it with a bavarian cream and the Americans commonly fill the 'cream puff' with whipped cream. Fill it with whatever you want-lah!"

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

At Profiteroles, surprisingly, it wasn't all about the desserts. The venue is small and uncluttered but extremely bare. Only a small display counter upfront houses its namesake, the profiteroles, and some other stuff including larger-than-usual macarons which I didn't try because I was feeling broke.

What interested me was that it was actually a fusion (well, Adam called it "confused") of sorts going on in there. They serve Japanese food (bentos, sushi is available) and French desserts (profiteroles, .....), and to add to it, a totally random playlist of music (Cantopop song by Raymond Lam, something in French, oldies, etc).

Being only interested in the desserts, we made a beeline for the counter. One of the items we ordered was the Chocolate Eclair. The eclair is glazed with chocolate on the top, and contains chocolate custard within. Unfortunately, the pastry was hard, making it not as enjoyable as it could have been.

The Profiteroles on the other hand, satiated us a lot more. Four were served in a pyramid, two with plain custard filling, and two with chocolate filling. (Tip: Flip it over if you want to know which has what type of filling, or just pop one in your mouth and be pleasantly surprised!)

Although not as firm as the eclair we had, the profiteroles we had had pastry that was slightly firmer than your average cream puff, slightly similar to the crusty ones available from Beard Papa's in Mid Valley. However, the cold and silky custard fillings were a dream. Sweet, thick and creamy, the explosion of custard went well with the slight saltiness of the choux pastry.

So there we have it, one miss and one hit for Profiteroles. It's hard to see this place doing well (its location and its inconspicuous signboard also isn't doing it any favours), although it might be popular with the office lunch crowd looking for a quiet gathering/meeting. Maybe we'll go back for the Japanese and other French pastries one day :)

Profiteroles | Facebook
A3-01-07, Solaris Dutamas,
No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +6 03 6205 5503
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm
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