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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Travel: Macau Day #1 - City of Dreams Resort, McDonald's @ City of Dreams

In the previous post, I wrote about our first lunch in Macau and trip to the Ruins of St. Paul. When we were done, we retraced our steps and took the same Bus 33 back to Best Western Taipa. We all took some much needed time to rest for awhile and refresh ourselves before heading to City of Dreams (新濠天地) to catch our 8pm House of Dancing Water show!

The best part about the Best Western hotel is the free shuttle bus! It runs quite frequently throughout the day, and the route covers 3 important places - the Macau Ferry Terminal, the Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal (where passengers take the CotaiJet to Hong Kong) and the Venetian Resort! City of Dreams is just opposite the Venetian, so the shuttle bus worked out just fine. =) 

Some obligatory photos just after getting off the shuttle bus.

City of Dreams is actually one property that consists of 4 towers - the Hard Rock Hotel, Crown Towers Hotel, and 2 towers for the Grand Hyatt Macau. The area includes casino gaming tables (naturally), shopping facilities, and 2 theaters. Our destination that night was one of them called the Dancing Water Theater.. =)

There are shops at City of Dreams, but not everything is for the common man (and woman) like us! Walking round the ground floor yielded nothing but the best branded stores. Nothing we could afford unless 5 of us pooled all our money together..haha.

Welcome to Hard Rock Macau. =D

Looking for the ticket counter to collect our tickets was a bit difficult since directions were a bit unclear. But we finally got them and were all set for a good show! 

But of course before the show there had to be dinner. Unfortunately with so many high-end branded shops, it's only natural to have high-end food too. Thank goodness there were these golden arches to save us!

The interior design of the McDonalds in City of Dreams is really nice - nicer than even some of the best back here at home I think. Along the walls there are pictures and essays on the history of McDonalds. All very interesting stuff.

I make it a point to try some fast food whenever I'm in a foreign land, because even though most things are the same like Bic Macs and Filet-O-Fishes, there can be some local varieties too. 

Take these McWings for example. Many years ago we had KFC Hot Wings available in Malaysia, but that got phased out. McD's in Macau has something similar, and just as tasty! The portion might be small - just 2 small wings - but I think this would be received well by the small-eaters who don't want something heavy like a burger. Because these wings are smaller, the meat is more tender and juicier beneath its firm, crispy (and spicy!) outsides. Do try it if you ever get the chance!

In terms of burgers, there wasn't anything different except for this Shogun Burger With Egg. Since it was the only unique burger on the menu we all had one except Wendy who had the wings. =P

It's basically a McChicken burger, except the patty is pork instead of chicken! (Like I said before, seeing pork so widely available can be a bit of a culture shock to us Malaysians.) There's also an option to have your Shogun Burger with or without egg (just like the sausage mcmuffin in the breakfast menu). The patty was juicy and mingled well with the strong egg flavour. But although everything else looked the same, we agreed that the mayonnaise did seem to have a hint of wasabi flavour in it (despite the box confirming that it's actually lemon mayo). That to me was what really made this burger special! I would love to have this with double pork patties; if only...hehehe!

Instead of the seasonal BBQ McShaker Fries we get over here, they have their Seaweed Shake Shake Fries. This was all right, although it did get salty after awhile, very reminiscent of those 20sen rectangular seaweed pieces we used to buy from school canteens back then.

Keeping in the vein of try-anything-Malaysia-doesn't-have, Wendy decided that she would have the last item on the menu which we don't have back home - the Sweet Potato Pie (MOP 10)! This was quite pleasant, with a custard-like texture and rich sweet potato tastes, but after a few bites, it became a bit too much. Far more filling than the apple pie.

It was a fairly quick dinner, as we only had about an hour to eat before the show started at 8pm. We quickly packed up and went back to the other side of City of Dreams to catch our date with House of Dancing Water. That's coming up next post. =)

McDonald's (near Food Paradise & Pacific Coffee Company)
Level 2, The Boulevard,
City of Dreams 新濠天地,
Estrada do Istmo, Cotai,

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