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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Travel: Macau/HK Day #2: Margaret's Café e Nata 瑪嘉烈蛋撻店 @ Macau Peninsula

After the previous night's excitement of watching The House of Dancing Water, the next day we had to make our way over to Hong Kong for the next part of our trip. But before that, we had to have breakfast. =P

One of our main objectives to accomplish in Macau was to try awesome Portuguese Egg Tarts! After our failure to cross anything of our list  yesterday, we were determined to find something in Day 2. =D

Wendy did all our research on food and reported that there were two famous Portuguese egg tart connoisseurs in Macau - you would either be Team Margaret's or Team Lord Stow'sMargaret's was on the agenda for that morning ;)

Margaret's Café (Café e Nata Margaret's in full) is a quaint little place tucked down one of the many alleyways in Macau. But don't let appearances fool you - customers queue up outside in the morning long before the shop opens, and during the day the flow of people in and out is virtually non-stop!

Finding the place can be a slight pain though because of it's hidden location. My best advice is head to Sintra Hotel (doesn't matter whether by bus or taxi). With the hotel on your left, cross the road and head towards the LukFook jewelry store at the corner. Further down there will be a signboard (amongst many others!) pointing to Margaret's Café, and just turn left there.

There aren't many places to sit at Margaret's; there is only outdoor seating here. Inside is the bakery where all the magic happens, and customers queue to order and collect food. We were lucky to get a table for all 5 of us, but if you're not so lucky then just consider buying take-away. =)

Like I said, inside is where all the magic happens! From the minute the doors open, Portuguese egg tarts come rolling off the production line batch by batch. It's clear the managers have been doing this for awhile now and are very experienced with large orders and big crowds, so no worries about running out of stock here! 

Normally each egg tart is priced at MOP 8. Convert that into Ringgit and you'll soon realize it's a lot more than what we are used to paying for egg tarts back home in Malaysia. Buying in bulk does get you a slight discount. like how we bought 12 for MOP 90.

But if you think the price is a bit steep and probably not worth the money, let me assure you that it is worth every single penny! The crust is crispy, flaky and buttery, and the egg filling is sweet, soft and silky smooth. Amazing eaten fresh and piping hot!

But egg tarts aren't the only thing Margaret sells. There's also a sandwich bar inside Margaret's that I dare say is the Chinese version of a Subway restaurant - Choose your bread, your meat, and any other veggie before making your way over to the counter to pay! I had the pork and my bread of choice was the french loaf and boy, did they stuff it full with pork and vegetables! Eating this was particularly difficult (and very, very filling) due to the sheet size of the sandwich, but it was worth the effort because the pork was very tasty. Definitely beats those carefully-crafted portions at Subway any day! =D

There's about 5-6 different types of bread to choose from. Our friend Bryan took the pork with pita bread and added pork bacon as well -- he kept on calling it the best sandwich he ever had.. =P  Once again we found it so strange to be served large amounts of pork everywhere, but for sure no one was complaining!

Word of caution though: Service can be a bit off as the shop is tiny and you don't really know what to do other than feel you're in the way. The lady boss is friendly but won't fail to reprimand you if you're disrupting her "logistics" system. Hehe.

Satisfied and super pleased with Margaret's, we walked back to the bus stop (just a stone's throw away) and took some time to be in awe of all the glitzy casinos and hotels around in the day. 

Nearby is the Wynn, apparently one of the first Las Vegas-styled integrated resort in Asia. If you spot the smaller tri-toned building behind it in gold, silver and bronze, that's MGM Grand Macau, which is yet another resort - a joint venture between MGM Resorts from Las Vegas and Pansy Ho, daughter of Hong Kong gambling tycoon Stanley Ho. 

The picture above is the sparkly Grand Lisboa, one of the most eye-catching structures that you'll see from afar.

And with that picture and those Portuguese egg tarts, we bid Macau farewell for the time being before we return on the last day. But for now, it's onward to Hong Kong (and Hong Kong food!)! :D


Café e Nata Margaret's 瑪嘉烈蛋撻店 | Openrice
G/F, 17A Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C,
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro
Macau Peninsula
Tel: (853) 2871 0032

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