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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tres Bella Spa @ Solaris Dutamas

We're supposed to continue our Macau/HK story today, but we decided to post this up before the deal for this goes live. We'll continue City of Dreams next post. =) - Adam


I think I've become more girly as I grow up. There was a period of time where I lived in baggy t-shirts and sneakers in school, but as time passed, I began to discover the finer (and more expensive, sigh) areas of becoming a girl - shopping, manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, and massages. Pampering, basically.

And minus cheap foot massages we went for in Bangkok, Adam and I don't usually get a chance to relax and get pampered together (he's definitely not about to go get his nails painted with me, obviously :p) so when our friend Elwyn (who also works with Milkadeal) offered us this chance to go for a spa at Tres Bella Spa, we jumped at the chance!

Clockwise from left: Tres Bella's front entrance, their back entrance, and the signs denoted block & level which are incredibly important to getting around Solaris Dutamas for newbies like us :)
Tres Bella Spa is located at the maze that is Solaris Dutamas. If you're familiar with the area, you'll know that the area facing the main road is mostly occupied and that of late, the mall, Publika (where EAT Food Village is) is slowly opening. The relatively new Tres Bella Spa is located at Block D2, a quieter part of the development opposite Publika. They've recently closed off the sides of the roads for jockey parking at RM 10 a pop, so your best bet would be to try to park at the basement, looking for the signs that point you to Block D2.

We made our way there at 2pm and was greeted by one of their friendly co-owners, Michelle. We chatted for awhile and she briefed us on what we would be treated to that day, namely a Juniper Salt Body Scrub, Marine Algae Body Mask, and an Aromatherapy Massage (if it all sounds like gobbledegook to you, don't worry - we felt the same too!).

The waiting area. Tres Bella is decked out in shades of green and drapery of olive green, love it!
Tres Bella is decked out in shades of green and brown, which for some reason or other, gives it a very Balinese feel to me. I don't usually gravitate towards green, but I did really like the swathes of olive green drapery throughout the spa. The earthy combination made it feel very au naturale. :)

We kicked things off with a quick yet comfortable foot wash at the wash area. Feels really good to dip your feet into a basin of warm water after walking around Solaris hunting for food. 

Before we ventured further, we picked our aromatherapy oils for the massage later. There were three choices: Tropical Energy, Lavender & Relax (I hope I got them right, Michelle!). Wanting to destress, Adam picked the Relax whilst I preferred the scent of the Lavender one to the others.

Once that was sorted out, we continued with our tour of the spa! There are several rooms equipped with beds where massages may be conducted, but like Michelle mentioned, these are pretty versatile, as the same rooms can also be used for facials. 

There's also a small area outback where they can do foot massages and hand and feet spas. This part is still pretty new, and Tres Bella Spa is working on making it cozier and dimmer for a more relaxing experience.

After the tour and depositing our stuff into the lockers, it was time for our first ever spa experience.

The helpful staff showed us into the room, and pointed us to some disposable underwear (bra, undies) before promptly exiting the room. We were left stumped for awhile there, not knowing if we were supposed to strip off all our clothes or not.

It was worse for Adam because at first the lady only showed him a tiny G-string! Thankfully there was also a choice of disposable underwear, so his modesty was saved. Haha! :P

Once changed and the lights dimmed, the ladies came back in to start the Juniper Salt Body Scrub, specially to tone and revitalise the skin. Lying flat on our backs on top of a plastic sheet, they started rubbing from the soles of our feet and slowly worked their way up to our shoulders and neck. It was a relaxing experience since they do a bit of light massaging as they go.

After rubbing the scrub into your skin, the residue is wiped off with a warm bath towel. The scrub felt rough as all scrubs should feel, but not rough enough to hurt. I could imagine all the dead skin cells being scrubbed off me :D

Adam kept on laughing during the scrub especially when his underarms were being scrubbed :p

Clockwise from right: The pretty sakura-esque robe available for you to change into if you prefer, the basket of disposable undies, and the bowls of scrubs & masks ready for application

Once we had been nicely detoxified with the Juniper Salt Body Scrub, we continued straight into the Marine Algae Body Mask. The mask is cooling to the skin, and the masseuses took their time with it, slowly applying and massaging it into our skins. The process and the cooling sensation is so relaxing that it was easy to keep still so even though it was a little sticky, it didn't bother me much at all.

After the mask is nicely applied all over (I peeked at my arms, I was a greenish grey!), they wrapped us up in a plastic sheet (thankfully, not too tightly because I have heard horror stories about people being wrapped up too tightly at spas, so tightly that it is difficult to breathe), and cover us with a warm blanket to keep us warm for the next 10 minutes. I suppose this is so that the minerals from the mask are better absorbed into your skin. We were also given a cooling eye aromatherapy pillow to soothe our eye area during this rest.

In fact, it was so relaxing that sometime during the mask, our dear friend Adam fell asleep! Soon my zen and inner peace relaxing ambience was disrupted by some snoring from the next bed wtf -__-

Seeing as he was nicely napping away, I got to enjoy Tres Bella's rain shower first! /yay :D The shower is so that we can wash off the mask, but I enjoyed the warm shower. The only extra thing I could wish for was some conditioner. But still, I felt really good and comfy after the shower, and ready for the next portion of the spa! 

The bed I was on, but of course, it was far dimmer than this during the actual spa process.
I went back into the room, and got ready for the Aromatherapy Massage. This was the portion of the spa that really got the oohs and aahs out of me, because the masseuse really kneads and rubs away at your tired muscles.

I've got poor pain tolerance so this level of pressure applied was good enough for me, but we were told that they also offer the Traditional Malay Massage that's recommended if you prefer a more painful (pain is pleasure to some mahhh) yet rejuvenating experience. I really enjoyed the massage, especially on my shoulders. As an actual testimony to how good it was, Adam also found it so relaxing that he. started. snoring. again. -_- (Hey in my defense I was already really tired and needed an afternoon snooze =P)

After a good two hours plus being pampered and destressing, we reluctantly left the room and were treated to some spicy signature ginger tea to wrap up our spa experience.

L-R: Tres Bella Spa's signature ginger tea which certainly gives you a kick, bleary-eyed and sleepy me after the relaxing afternoon, Mary Cohr products used for facials
 A word of praise here must go out to our masseuses; I thought they were extremely professional and helpful (and not to mention skilled!). A lot of care and attention was given to me; she checked that she wasn't massaging too hard, and asked if I was okay with having my underarms scrubbed in case I was ticklish. I also liked how discreet and understanding they were; after each area of your body is massaged, it's swiftly covered with a towel to keep you warm, comfortable and unexposed. (Plus, she took the initiative to ask me if I needed a hairdryer and comb after the massage since my hair was still so wet :))

Besides full spa packages, Tres Bella Spa also does massages, body scrubs and masks treatments, if you'd prefer to have it on its on. One spa package is the Detox Slim spa package, which was the package our Juniper Salt Scrub and Marine Algae Mask came from. For facial radiance, Tres Bella Spa has a beautician under their employment that carries out their signature facials using Mary Cohr products. (Interestingly, there's also a post natal body treatment for new mommies!)

How to get there.

It certainly was a great afternoon out at Tres Bella Spa with Adam. A special word of thanks to Elwyn from Milkadeal for offering us this fun experience and to Michelle of Tres Bella Spa for her warm hospitality. Recommended for the ladies, thanks to the great service and lulling ambience we got whilst we were there. I reckon it's also a pretty fun thing to do with your significant other (if he doesn't fall asleep -_-) because you both leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and most importantly, happy together :)


If our experience has spiked your interest, and you feel like treating yourself to a spa treatment as well, then you're going to be in for a treat! Tres Bella is having a group discount with MilkADeal for the next 8 days, so what are you waiting for? Get your friends together and get your coupons over here today!

Tres Bella Spa | Site | Facebook
Unit D2-G4-6, Solaris Dutamas,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +6 03 6207 8607 / +6016 251 5468
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-8pm
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