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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Food: Carnaval Churrascaria @ Damansara Jaya

The signboard wasn't lit up that night, hence the dark picture. =(

We don't often head out to Damansara Jaya for dinner, but we do it once in awhile for a specific place. Carnaval is one of such places. This restaurant has been open for many years now; I can still remember the first time I came here I was still in secondary school I think. Since then many other eateries have come and gone, but Carnaval still goes strong. =)

The menu at Carnaval is simple. There's no ala carte ordering here. Rather, for a price of RM57 (RM21 for children), diners can feast on  unlimited servings of 12 different items straight from the grill and free flow of 18 different selections from their salad bar! The "Light meal" is for the non-meat lover (or for the not-so-hungry), where only the salad bar is available for RM32. (p/s - Dine in on a Sunday and enjoy 15% discount! All year round!)

The decor in Carnaval is simple but comfortable. Ample space between tables ensures there's no clashing of chairs and elbows and knives. There are also pieces of art for sale made by children with autism. Something special to look at in between all the food. =)

We Malaysians are normally not so familiar with salad bars. The most common one is probably in Pizza Hut! Those are simple salad bars, but at Carnaval there's more at the salad bar than just the usual cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes.

A variety of pasta and noodles are available, and there's also other choices like potato wedges, ladies fingers, or even rice. In fact, the salad bar does have one or two meat choices, although it wouldn't be satisfying to just have that alone.

No, the salad bar is definitely not satisfying, because the whole point of coming to Carnaval is to experience the meat, Brazilian style! There are altogether about 12 different kinds of meat, ranging from beef, chicken, lamb, fish, and even some ham. Everything is halal here so no pork served. There's also barbecued pineapple and garlic bread for extra variety and flavour! =)

Churrascaria actually means barbecue in Portugese, that's why everything here is barbecued. The Brazilian way of serving is unique; each meat is placed on a large skewer, and the waiters will cut a slice of it if you want it! (Side note: for those of you who watched the movie Bridesmaids, this is what the girls ate before getting food poisoning. =D) Everything is served this way, from the ham and pineapple.... the racks of lamb and beef! Safety is of priority here, and the staff are well-trained, so don't be afraid of those big knives. =P

Diners are also give little tongs to clip the slice of meat when it's being sliced so that it doesn't drop outside the plate. The large skewer never leaves the metal bowl while they cut, that's why it's hard for them to aim it onto the plate.

But of course the most important part is whether the food tastes good. While I won't say that Carnaval beats every steak joint in town, I have to say there is some pretty fine meat served here! That picture of the beef in the picture above is an example of thickness and standard of preparation. That particular piece of meat may be too bloody for some, but diners can always ask for a different part of the beef (usually the sides are less bloody than the middle =))

Besides counting the beef as one of the best meats served at Carnaval, I will also recommend the ham and pineapple, especially when served hot! The bottom line is Carnaval is the place to be if you have a simple passion for meat. With unlimited servings and being able to eat meat that is always kept warm, we guarantee you'll be seriously considering going vegetarian after a night here at Carnaval. =D

Carnaval Churrascaria
(same row as the famous dim sum place in DJ)
No. 77 Jalan SS22/19
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +6 03 7725 2252
Opening Hours: Sunday, 11-2:30pm; Daily, 6pm-10:30pm

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