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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dessert: Les Deux Garçons @ Bangsar

There used to be this little yellow shop in Bangsar selling mango desserts; a place Adam brought me in the early days of our relationship. Alas, Mango Mania is now no more, being replaced by a clean, crisp French patisserie named Les Deux Garçons holding the promise of finely crafted treats - macarons amongst those treats.

We had driven past the shut Mango Mania a few times, and a few days ago when we drove past, I spotted that it had been taken over by Les Deux Garçons. I excitedly jabbered my finger in the air towards the direction of the shop (which also happened to be the space between his face and the steering wheel). "Oh, oh, oh there it is!"

"What...?", he asked, confused between the lack of meaning in my words and my waving, obtrusive finger in his view.

"Macarons!" More violent jabbering in shop's direction.

"Oh," he grunted as a reflex action. After a pause, he continued, "Sigh, I really liked Mango Mania."

So, it was the day of our third anniversary and as luck would have it, it was also a national public holiday so we had spent the day lazily strolling around Bangsar Village II and settled down in Senjyu for lunch.

Over the last spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream, I asked, "Where are we going next?"

A smug grin spread across his face. I know that grin. It's the oh-you-are-so-going-to-like-this-suggestion-I'm-such-a-clever-boyfriend grin. "You want to go... try that macaron shop that took over Mango Mania?"

Obviously, I said yes and from Bangsar Village II we crossed the road to Jalan Telawi, his warm hand in mine.

We were greeted with a clean crisp interior, a small neat space. Boxes and boxes lined their shelves, and pretty French petite desserts lay in front of us, looking so tempting, but so unaffordable. From eclairs, to tarts, to neatly decorated cakes - of course Les Deux Garçons has far more accurate (and to me, unpronounceable :p) names for its desserts, but since they weren't my main focus that day, we decided to only break our bank for macarons that day.

While their selection of macarons wasn't wide, their colours and flavours certainly intrigued me, especially their savoury ones. With funky flavours like Capsicum (the bright red in the picture above) and Olive & Garlic (to the left of the red), even I felt a little apprehensive (and if I felt apprehensive... imagine Adam who doesn't even really fancy macarons!)

Finally, after much patient recitation from their guy behind the counter on what flavours were available (until today, I can't figure out why they don't label their macarons - it would certainly make his life a lot easier -_-), I decided on my six flavours. Indifferent and happy respectively, Adam and I made our way back to Bangsar Village where his car was.

Determined to have the macarons there and then because I'm impatient like that we were going to Gardens Mall after that and they wouldn't be fresh if I waited till the night, I whipped out my camera and said, "Let's start eating!"

Adam laughed at me and the next 5 minutes from Bangsar to Gardens Mall was spent with me trying to precariously balance my Strawberry macaron on left hand and snap an acceptable picture while Adam tried to avoid all potholes (and we all know that that's quite a feat in Malaysia).

"Dear, do you need me to stop at that petrol station so you can take all your photos?" he half laughed, half asked.

Against my better judgement, I said, "Nah, it's okay. Let's just get into Gardens first." 

Top: Strawberry, Bottom: Lemon Vanilla
Still cradling the Strawberry macaron in my palm, we entered the parking for Gardens and quickly found a space.

Laughing incredulously, he asked, "Are we really sitting here and eating?"

"Of course!" I said eagerly, nodding with determination.

Before the poor Strawberry just about melted in my warm hand, I took a bite of it. At first bite, I knew it was something Adam would like. The Strawberry macaron, surprisingly didn't taste too sweet, probably because it was balanced out by a natural tasting strawberry paste, unlike some other places who sandwich overly sweet strawberry-flavoured ganache in their macarons.

He gingerly took a small bite out of my half bitten macarons, "Mmmm, wah dear very nice ah this one!" Needless to say, he took more than his usual quarter-of-a-macaron. :p

The Lemon Vanilla confused me a little with its slate grey shells, but its distinct tangy lemon flavour confirmed its name. Looking back now, the lemon wasn't as special as the other flavours we tried that day.

Left: Wasabi; Right: Chocolate with Cointreau 
I had read so much about Wasabi macarons before this, so much that I was rather intrigued by it. "Are you ready?" I asked him, grinning from ear to ear.

He cringed, triggering some giggles from me.

I quickly snapped a picture and took a bite, slowly chewing while he watched my expression closely. "You're not gonna like this," I warned. The sweetness from the macaron shell masks the pungent wasabi filling at first bite, and just as you think, 'hey this ain't too bad, I can do this!', that sneaky wasabi comes out from hiding and sucker-punches you in the nose. 

"Still have to try, right?" As always, curiosity got the better of him and he opened his mouth for a taste. Within a millisecond, he made a face and gulped down several swigs of water. "You can have the rest!", he exclaimed. Yup, definitely only for wasabi lovers, this one.

To make things better, I chose the Chocolate with Cointreau next. The creamy chocolate ganache, laced with a splash of liqueur was a good combination although it just tasted more like dark chocolate to Adam

Left: Pistachio; Right: Mango & Pineapple

And then there were two. "What next?" I asked him.

"Up to you, dear."

I was impressed with the Pistachio macaron from Babycakes Sweet Shoppe when I tried it, and so Pistachio it was next. Holding it up between my thumb and index finger, I tried to get a good angle for a picture before we devoured it. It was particularly difficult because the parking lot was dark and I had to use the flash...discreetly. I clicked the shutter, and the bright light from the flash caused some passerbys to turn.

"Ohmygosh, you just flashed that couple!" Adam fiercely whispered. "Now they're gonna wonder what we're doing in the car!"

That sent me into fits of laughter and I quickly gave up at finding the perfect angle for the poor Pistachio macaron. I quite enjoyed this one - despite the camera drama - due to the pleasant nutty flavours of the almond powder in the macaron shells, with a very intense flavoured pistachio filling. The only gripe I might have was that the pistachio paste might have been a bit too oily for me.

That finally left us with the Mango & Pineapple, and this time I looked out for passerbys in the car park before snapping my shot. I quite enjoyed the tropical flavours of this; the marriage of mango and pineapple was pleasant and citrusy.

I haven't tried macarons from many places, but till date, Les Deux Garçons' macarons remain my favourite. Their fillings are thick, creamy and dense; more importantly, they don't taste artificial in any way. The macaron shells are also just perfect; crisp on the outside, and a moist crumbly inside with strong nutty flavours from the almond powder used. It's slightly pricier than what you would pay elsewhere (1 for RM 5, 2 for RM 9.50, 4 for RM 18.50, 6 for RM 27), but you do pay for quality over here.

And of course, for reasons altogether different, the day we first tried Les Deux Garçons will also remain my favourite - one day we'll look back and laugh over how we spent a bit of our 3rd anniversary, sitting in a car, taking pictures (and blinding unsuspecting passerbys with a Canon DSLR flash) and tasting new things. Together. :)

Les Deux Garçons | Site
No. 36, Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2284 7833
Opening Hours: 12pm-8pm


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