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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Travel: HK Day #3 - Food Junction @ Citygate Outlets, Shopping @ Citygate Outlets, Wah Hong Restaurant 華康餐廳 @ Wan Chai

Sorry for the long hiatus in between our HK posts. We've both been so busy we're practically living from hand to mouth as far as draft posts are concerned! Sad, but hopefully we'll improve soon.. =))

Last post we stopped at the Ngong Ping Village visit and the Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin ride there. After we finished up there we came back down and headed straight to Citygate Outlets for the next (and most important, in Wendy's eyes) activity - shopping.

Citygate Outlets is next to the cable car entrance so it's all within walking distance. The place is big both inside and out, with plenty of families and friends hanging around; imagine our KLCC Park, except with less greenery and more space. =D

Kid: What's up with the heat?
Of course, we weren't there to splash around in the fountain like these kids. Seriously, I can't understand why anyone would want their kids to get all wet in a mini fountain like this despite it being a scorching day. I'm sure there are way better water parks in Hong Kong..haha.

Inside Citygate Outlets, the best comparision I can make is to Mid Valley; basically it's just very long from one end to the other. The shops are quite well varied - from the sporting stores from Nike to Puma to Adidas all on the bottom floor, garment shops like Mango, Esprit and Giordano, and of course, the high-end brands like Coach, Burberry, Kate Spade, CK and A|X. There's also other outlets like The Body Shop and Laura Ashley for Home.

My pork chop rice
But before diving into the retail jungle we did stop for a late lunch. There's a food court in Citygate Outlets named Food Junction, with a moderate variety of food, but slightly on the pricey side. It's also quite crowded round the clock, so be prepared. In a stroke of strange coincidence, both Wendy and I ordered Pork Chop Rice from different stalls! It was the best chance to do a comparision. =D

The better pork chop rice wins!
...and sadly for me, Wendy's version, from the Macau/Macanese cuisine stall won by a huge margin! While my pork chop batter tasted extremely artificial and the egg was totally massacred, Wendy's actually tasted great with yummy, flavoursome pieces of well-marinated pork. Lesson learnt: if the crowd is queuing for one particular stall, it's probably wise to follow them instead of going to the stall not patronized. =/

Anyway after a quick meal we resumed our original mission - to grab a lot of great deals at the shops! It feels as though about 80% of the shops are for women, 10% for men, and the rest are 50/50 (although Wendy insists it's a pretty even mix). There are some cool shops like this Thomas and Friends shop where everything Thomas can be found! (Sorry if you don't share the enthusiasm; this was my favourite childhood tv show. I've got all the books, cassettes, etc. =p)

....about 2-3 hours later, we emerged with plenty of spoils! We didn't have enough time to go through all the shops properly because we started late. So here's another bit of advice - start earlier, preferably about lunch or just after. Don't start in the late afternoon unless you plan on going back again.

While there actually isn't much for guys, Bryan and I spent nearly all our time in Polo Ralph Lauren because there was a lot of cheap clothes there for guys; I could find slacks for RM30, just imagine! So yes, with a bit of luck and the perfect exchange rate, a good bargain can be had in Citygate. Of course, the Coach paper bag in the picture above belongs to Wendy, who got a wallet for half the price, according to her.

However, we've read conflicting reviews about Citygate Outlets and how the discounts they offer are nothing to shout about, so I guess we got lucky =)

Tired shoppers heading home after closing

We stayed in Citygate Outlets till the place shut, and then we started the long train journey back to the apartment. Along the way we spotted a Mrs. Fields, which Wendy had been all excited about ever since we reached HK, so we thought it was the right time to stop for a few cookies.

Wendy says we used to get Mrs. Fields in Malaysia, but they are nowhere to be found on our shores these days. A real shame if you ask me, because their chewy cookies can rival Famous Amos any day! Good things don't come cheap though, and at about RM6 per cookie these are definitely priced in the luxury cookie group. But if you ever do pass a Mrs. Fields in your travels (usually located inside an MTR station), do try and spare some change for one of their cookies. you won't regret it. Plus, towards the end of the night, they begin to sell it in bundles, 6 for the price of 3, if I'm not mistaken =D

By the time we reached Wan Chai it was about 10-11pm. Having been out walking and shopping the whole day we were pretty beat, but still we thought it best to eat something before ending the day, so we ended up at Wah Hong Restaurant for a light meal. 

If you've ever wondered whether our char chan teng's in KL look like those in HK, I assure you they do, except ours are more spacious! This place didn't have many people when we were there since it was late and they were nearly closing, but I can imagine during lunch hour this place could be standing room only!

Wendy decided to try their Luncheon Meat & Egg Sandwich (餐肉蛋三文治, HKD 16), a common staple of char chan tengs in Hong Kong. Nothing less than a simple snack, nothing more either.

Because I am a greedy boy, I had to try a Deep Fried Chicken Leg with French Fries (HKD 28)! Again nothing spectacular here; ordinary fried chicken with some fries. The chicken was not oily and the skin was crispy without a lot of fat, so that scored points. The 3 cherry tomatoes were a very random addition, but did add colour to the presentation, heh.

And so that was Day 3 of our trip spent in Ngong Ping and Citygate Outlets! Our feet were positively killing us by the end of the night, but we didn't have many hours to rest because the next day was going to be fun for all of us at Ocean Park! =D

Citygate Outlets | Site
No. 20, Tat Tung Road,
Tung Chung, Lantau,
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2109 2933
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm (*opening hours may vary among stores and on public holidays)

Wah Hong Restaurant  華康餐廳 | Openrice
No. 7, Heard Street,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2891 9866

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