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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Food: Good Tenderloin at Savory Bistro @ The Fare, Mont Kiara

Another year has come and gone. We thank all you loyal readers again for sticking with our blog for the past year that we have seriously dedicated ourselves to this project. If you're still with us, that must mean we're doing something right! =D  As work and other commitments pile up, we may not post as often as we would like, but rest assured we're going into 2012 determined as ever to keep this going.. =)

So anyway, I guess the big question everyone asks on New Year's Day is "Where were you on New Year's Eve??". For us, the more important question is "Where are we going to eat on New Year's Eve??". Since it's the last meal of the year, obviously it's nice to end on a nice note. But that can be tough especially when majority of restaurants try to make a quick buck by jacking up prices and offering set dinners on NYE. We were planning on heading to Solaris for the New Year countdown, so I needed a place in the area. Enter Savory Bistro. =)

Tucked away inside a building that is tucked away on a dead end road on the way to Solaris Mont Kiara, the ambience at Savory Bistro is nothing short of classy. It may look a bit dodgy from the outside with the heavily tinted glass, but that sets the mood for the inside, where everything is dimly lit for a quiet atmosphere. 

There is indoor and outdoor seating, so smokers need not worry. The outdoor seating has a nice view of the tranquil Mont Kiara environment, so there's incentive to dine outside. When we first arrived, we thought something was wrong because there was no one else there! Luckily people started showing up later (mind you, we are already notorious for being late eaters!), so Savory Bistro didn't endure a quiet NYE in the end. =D 

Since my two friends Dom and Pok said they were going to be late, we decided to get something to munch on first so it wouldn't look so weird for the only 2 people in the place to read a menu for half an hour. With a serving of their Calamari Fritty (RM 18), our initial peckish-ness was satisfied. Lightly coated with batter and served with dill tartare sauce, we found no wrong with this.

As the night wore on, people started coming in, but my two friends were still nowhere in sight. Wendy was nursing a fever, flu and sore throat on the last day of the year, so we thought a Mushroom Soup (RM 11) might do her some good. This held up the fort for awhile, creamy and just chunky enough, but too salty for our palate.

Finally the two guys arrived, and we could carry on with the eating with gusto! We ordered this Wrapped Beef Bacon (RM 12), which was one of the most interesting items on the tapas menu. It's a nice creation, beef bacon wrapped around asparagus and cheese with pesto mayo; it makes a good snack with beer, but for a starter before the mains, perhaps ordering another one is needed, since this will hardly fill the corner of your stomach. =P

For the last meal of 2011, Dom ordered the T-Bone (RM 55). A nice slab of meat served with some veggies and mash potato underneath. Personally I'm not a fan of T-Bone (I prefer my Ribeyes!), but I think Dom likes it because it's a big slice of meat, like this was. The meat was well marinated and well cooked, even Dom who usually has high expectations with meat gave this a pass. 

Wendy ended 2011 with what else but....a burger! The Savory Cheese Burger (RM 28) was a hearty, juicy serving of a 200g beef patty and some satisfying hot, melted cheddar cheese. The steak fries they came with were heavenly as well. One of the better burgers we've tried last year!

Myself and Pok chose to give ourselves a grand send off to 2011 by ordering another steak dish - the Fillet Mignon (RM 50)! An extremely thick cube of meat; the tenderloin is served with a bit of vegetables and very awesome, creamy mash potato underneath

I asked for mine to be done Medium, and look at the result achieved! Two thumbs up to Savory Bistro for being spot on with their timing. Our tenderloins were very tender (heh, pun intended) and juicy throughout. The size of it might not look like a lot, but because it's thick, the initial appearance is deceiving. We definitely gave ourselves a pat on the back for ending 2011 with such a good decision. =D

We thought it would be nice to make the dinner complete with a small dessert, and Dom chose the Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream off their specials board. Presentation-wise it was quite flawless, but the taste was hardly memorable. One of my pet peeves is serving a dessert with subpar vanilla ice cream and this was one of the things that went wrong with this dessert. I would give this a miss next time, and perhaps try something else. =)

Blurry pic of us. I swear all waiters should have camera training in their job skills -_-
And with that, we bade farewell to our eating adventures of 2011 and head off to countdown into the new year of adventure. But not without a couple of beers first, because Savory Bistro was having a free flow of Carlsberg from 10pm - 1am! They served by the glass, so there was no queuing up like other less reputable "free-flows". We made sure we made Savory Bistro poorer by a few bottles of Carlsberg before we made a move!

This year we'll have to see if the free flow is on again, and if it is perhaps you'll see us there again soon! =D

Savory Bistro | Site
The Fare, 10 Mont Kiara,
Jalan Kiara 1, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3 6211 5100
Opening Hours: Daily, 8:30am-12 midnight
p/s: Savory Bistro has live jazz bands playing on Wednesday nights

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