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Monday, January 2, 2012

Food: Restaurant Sekmechoy @ Salak Selatan, KL

It's not often that Dad actually has a suggestion on Sunday night dinners. So imagine our surprise when we piled into the car and he knew where to go!

It was even more surprising when the place he had in mind was all the way in Salak South! Since none of us ever venture into that part of town, it had to be Dad to lead us where no Ng (or Tan =p) had gone before!

SekMeChoy is located along a main road in Salak South, so it's not hard to spot. There is a left turn before the restaurant which leads to an outdoor carpark behind. Don't miss that, otherwise you will need to make a U-turn, and there isn't as much parking on the other side of the road.

The famous dishes of SekMeChoy is conveniently pictured in big big letters across the wall, so ordering just involves pointing to the dishes desired! It was probably one of the fastest orderings we've ever done at a new restaurant. =D

SekMeChoy is meant to be famous for its Signature Peppered Bak Kut Teh (招牌胡椒肉骨茶, RM 19 for two servings), so naturally we had to give it a go. If I had to state the most obvious ingredient in this version of BKT, it would be pepper! This BKT had so much pepper inside it turned the soup into a flaming devil as it goes down the throat. Some may like it like that, while others might say that's not the way BKT is meant to be. I found it ok, although I didn't finish the soup for fear of a sorethroat. =P

Duck with Ginger Slices (姜芽鴨, RM 9) is another specialty on the menu. Although presented in a small-to-medium sized bowl and not in a very appetizing manner, I was most impressed by the taste and tenderness of this.

This also seems to be popular at SekMeChoy, the Rice with Mustard Cabbage (芥菜饭, RM 1.80 per bowl) which you can order in substitute of plain white rice. Their version of this dish contained shredded mustard cabbage, dried shrimps and Wendy said she tasted some orange rind in it as well. This was an interesting concoction, but will not fit everyone's tastebuds. I certainly didn't really enjoy it.

Neither one of us really knows how to appreciate this famous Chinese dish, the Pig's Trotters in Vinegar (猪脚醋, RM 9). Wendy is slightly better than I am though; she would usually have a small bowl of the vinegar broth, but not the trotters. It apparently had the right amount of sour and sweet balance, although she proclaims that her mother's version trumps this.

Fish Head (RM 26); not something we usually go for, but at SekMeChoy this is a dish that cannot be passed on. The name may suggest that it's just a fish head on a plate, but actually a lot of meat accompanies the head around the neck towards the body. This was cooked in a slightly spicy style, which was a good mix with the fresh fish flesh and with the other dishes we had. 

Another one of our favourites of the night had to be the Stewed Pork Belly Slices with Preserved Mustard Cabbage (梅菜扣肉, RM 13). Well-executed tender slices of stewed pork belly, with just the right mix of fat and flesh, and an irresistible topping of mui choi (preserved mustard cabbage) - there wasn't nearly enough of this to go round the table!

Of course, the mandatory plate of greens was some Stir-Fried Sang Choy (RM 10). Nothing that you can't get elsewhere, but certainly much needed to accompany our other meaty dishes for the night!

But though the food at SekMeChoy is worth the visit, the REAL reason why I recommend all our readers to try this place is because of these Durian Rolls (RM 5)!

On the outside, all that is visible is the rice paper pastry, commonly found in some dim sum dishes (if you like, a Chinese version of kataifi filo pastry). But take a look inside, and you'll be greeted with the sight of yellow durian flesh oozing out of the pastry! With the hot and crispy outer layer freshly fried and the durian inside kept at cold refrigerator-chilled temperature as you take a bite, this works out to be one of the best hot-cold yin & yang desserts in KL!

It was so good, we had to have a plate before dinner, and then another round after we finished eating. Such was its awesome-ness. =D Still, only attempt this if you don't mind durian, otherwise the advice remains to keep away..heh

So with no frills bak kut teh, other additional simple dishes and a killer dessert, SekMeChoy is a place that cannot be forgotten. I don't know when we'll ever head back to Salak South again, but at least now I know a place to recommend around that area. =D

Restoran SekMeChoy | Site
No. 199, Jalan Besar,
Salak Selatan,
57100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 7982 3132
Opening Hours: Daily, 9:30am-10:30pm
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