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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Food: Wallop Burger @ Chow Yang, SS2 (Pork Burgers!)

Weekday dinners have been a bit difficult of late, especially on Mondays because SS2 has pasar malam which jams up the place and because a lot of eateries seem to close on Mondays. Last Monday we were about to head for one of our usual haunts until Wendy remembered her friend Siok Kwan mentioning a new pork burger shop in Chow Yang

Because we were rushing that day, Wendy wasn't armed with any camera so all the pictures that follow are courtesy of my trusty iPhone4.

Even without knowing the name of the place, it wasn't hard to find. Wallop Burger is just round the corner from the popular Kayu Nasi Kandar, along the same row of shops as the former Chow Yang corner chinese coffeeshop that has recently been renovated into a foodcourt. 

The place has simple decor and minimal frills. Though there aren't many tables, the place is pretty big so there's no feeling of being cramped. The place has free wifi, and 10% discount for students in school uniform (!) I would come in uniform but I can't squeeze into it anymore for sure

The menu at Wallop Burger is simple; perhaps too simple for its own good. Diners have the choice of 3 burgers - Mamma Wallop (RM6), Papa Wallop (RM9.80) and Sergeant Wallop (RM12.80). All the burgers come with iceberg lettuce, tomato and cheese, with the difference being only in the number of pork patties; Mamma has one, Papa has two and Sergeant has three. 

If that seems totally bland and boring, there's a small way of customizing your burger by adding extra toppings like bacon, egg, button mushrooms, pineapple, or extra cheese (all at a price of RM1.10 to RM1.30 of course!). The prices seem steep, which I don't dispute, but Wallop advertises it's patties as made from 100% premium meat, free of 100% preservatives and colouring. If you're the type that doesn't mind paying for quality, maybe this is for you. =)

Admittedly the burgers aren't cheap, but there are combo meals to dull the impact on the wallets. For RM 9.50, Wendy got a Mamma Wallop Combo which was a Mamma Wallop burger + Fries + Can Soft Drink. For RM 12.90 I got a Papa Wallop and the same fries and drink. Unfortunately there's no combo for the Sergeant Wallop or I would have gone for that. 

With just a single patty, Wendy felt she was eating more bread than meat. At first bite the taste might resemble that of Ninja Joe's (mostly because of the mayo), but unfortunately just doesn't come up to the same flavour despite being more substantial in size. 

I went for the Papa Wallop Combo because there wasn't any combo for Sergeant Wallop and paying 12.90 for just the burger felt a bit too much. Instead, I added button mushrooms to my burger, thinking it should become more like a Mushroom Swiss Double at Burger King.. =D  Overall, 2 patties made this a better burger over the Mama Wallop with only 1, but taste-wise everything else remained the same. The mushrooms blended it well, but I don't think I would have missed it if I didn't add it on.

In the end, we both left Wallop Burger with our stomachs filled but not feeling satisfied. A cup of ChaTime at SSTwo Mall soon cured the dissatisfaction! As for Wallop Burger, as much as we would like to support small businesses, I don't see us returning here soon, not unless they quickly add more variety to the menu and perhaps lower the prices a little. Still, there aren't any simple pork burger places around the SS2 area without having to enter Tropicana City Mall for Ninja Joes, so hopefully Wallop will live to turn a good, healthy profit. =)

Wallop Burgers | Facebook
No. 125, Jalan SS2/6 (Chow Yang),
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel:  +6 03 7865 0519
Opening Hours: Fri-Wed; 11am-10pm, closed Thursdays
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