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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Travel: The Baba House Hotel @ Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka

Since "graduating" from secondary school, a close bunch of friends and I have managed to still meet up weekly at our favourite mamak for nasi lemak throughout varsity days. All that changed once we started entering the corporate rat race, one by one. Now, meet-ups are quite a rarity, and even if they do happen, it's more oft than not that one or two are missing, and that we start at about 9pm. Some even get so caught up at work that they arrive at about 10:30pm or just plain cancel.

All the rushed meals made us all the more determined to plan a trip together. The last time we all packed up and actually went somewhere was all the way back in 2005 or 2006! Thus, our impending trip to Bandung in March 2012 was born.

Not content with just that, we freed up one weekend in December where we could just go somewhere near to relax, chill... and EAT. :D

And what better location than Melaka?

Upon arriving in Melaka (and enduring the famous weekend jam for a bit) we finally reached our location - The Baba House Hotel. Located on Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, this quaint little hotel within a row of old residences/shops is only a stone's throw away from Jonker Street which made it the ideal spot for our weekend getaway.

Parking in front of the hotel is scarce as the road is narrow and congested, but drive round the back and you'll be able to park at an open space behind the hotel.

When we arrived it wasn't quite time to check in, but the friendly staff at the reception allowed us to store our bags there for collection at 2pm.

I took the opportunity to explore the hotel a little and immediately fell in love with the place and decor. The hotel lobby and common areas are furnished with sturdy wooden further, all of which boast grand carvings and an air of elegance from eras ago.

The open courtyard, with lots of greenery and of sunlight streaming through, was my favourite part of the hotel. The next morning, I spotted some having their buffet breakfast at that table as the cafe was too crowded. Wish I'd thought of that first! I wonder if the architecture has Portugese influence, because the whole place reminds me greatly of the time we visited Casa de Lou Kau in Macau.

After lunch (which was a pig-out affair that deserves a whole other post devoted to it), we checked into our rooms. Rooms at Baba Hotel are small, but neat and clean. As it was supposed to be nothing more than eat-sleep-eat-sleep that weekend, I can attest to the bed being comfy because I unhealthily fell asleep a lot after eating too much :p

Outside and inside the bathroom
The bathroom has acceptable water power, and more importantly, water heating! What I really liked was the oriental-patterned sink although most won't like the fact that the sink is located outside the bathroom. The tap gave us hell though; it was difficult to turn off and water kept on trickling! No hairdryer is provided in the rooms, but I saw some situated in the hallways should you really need to blowdry your hair.

Breakfast to sustain us for the long Chicken Rice Ball queue :p
Baba House Hotel also serves a simple breakfast that comes inclusive of the rate you pay for the rooms. A simple buffet breakfast consisting of toast, scrambled eggs, baked beans, sausages and fried mee mamak for 2 pax comes with each room. If you have more than 2 to a room, you can add on RM 7 for breakfast for each additional pax.

The Baba House Hotel cafe
A night at The Baba House Hotel cost us RM 157 per room (RM 78.50 per person). Adam feels it's expensive for the size of the room we got and the amenities available, but what we both agreed on is that we're paying for the ideal location. As I mentioned, Jonker Street is literally only a minute's stroll from the hotel. Good food is only a stone's throw away if you choose to stay here. :D

The Baba House Hotel | Site
No. 121-127, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock,
75200 Malacca
Tel: +606 281 1216, +606 281 2168
Fax: +606 281 1217

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