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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Food: FLAM'S - The Thin Crust Pizza @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

It was a typical Saturday evening as we thought about where to go for dinner. Since we couldn't conjure an exact answer (even after more than 30 min of yakking after bumping into Robyn!), we just drove down to KL. We still didn't have any clue after reaching KL, so I drove to the general area of Changkat Bukit Bintang. And when we STILL couldn't decide after I parked the car at Changkat, we took a walk up and down the street (much like how we did the time we ended up at El Cerdo.. =D). This time though, we settled on FLAM'S!

FLAM'S - The Thin Crust Pizza is next door to the sleek lounge club Elixir along the Changkat row, and it does look more like a restaurant than a pub though there's a bar inside. There's also no shortage of seating outside if you don't like to be indoors - high bar-height tables and a few couch areas. Lighting inside is dim and leans heavily on the red side (which made it hard to take pics!), but we're not sure if that was just for the Chinese New Year season (or what was left of it =P).

One thing I'll say about FLAM'S though - it's a good place to watch a footie game! If you want to catch the big game but need to take the missus / girlfriend out for a nice dinner, then kill 2 birds with 1 stone at FLAM'S! TV screens can be seen from anywhere you sit, so there's plenty of opportunity to steal a quick glance now and then. =D

Manchester United was playing Liverpool that night, but the food held our attention for the first half! We started with the Chicken Wing Basket (RM 12.80). My first thought was, "where's the basket??" These were just ordinary fried chicken wings; nothing special here. A good snack, and it went well with the Thai sweet chilli sauce too. Good snack to go with beer, but don't get this if you want something different. 

What IS special at FLAM'S is their 'thin crust pizza' - thin crust pizza that is similar yet still different from the normal thin crust pizzas in fast food joints because it's actually a variation of the tarte flambé, a traditional Alsatian (a region of France) pastry that looks very much like a pizza but with a firmer, denser dough and cream cheese as the sauce base.

We had the Pepperoni FLAM'S (RM 32.80) which consisted of cheese, basil, spicy pepperoni, oregano and egg on a tomato base. The cheese we tasted certainly tasted different; I'm not sure if it was cream cheese but it had a stronger flavour compared to the normal mozzarella cheese. There was also a wonderfully runny egg in the middle  that added an extra edge to the pizza. Easily the best pizza we have had in awhile!

Being the meat lover that I am, it would have been even more perfect if there was a bit more pepperoni topping, but overall the combination of the cheese and thin crust won us over hands down. =)

We weren't sure what else to have besides the pizza, and in the end we opted for this Chicken Shawarma Roll with sides (RM 16). It came out bigger than we expected, and thicker too. It was filled with sliced chicken and vegetables, not unlike the normal fillings in a kebab. 

We didn't know it when we ordered, but the wrap actually had a good dose of chilli sauce, which made the whole thing quite spicy! That was fine for us, but we weren't happy with the lukewarm chicken filling, or the cold bread used to wrap. I think FLAM'S could have done a better job of this, just not this time. 

As we were finishing dinner, the clouds opened up and the rain started to pour. Since the car was some distance away and Manchester United weren't done beating Liverpool yet (they did win in the end =P), we decided to try some dessert. 

We chose their Chocolate Fondant (RM 18.80) to keep us company while we waited the rain out. The fondant was nice, and the chocolate oozing out from the centre was heavenly, but I wasn't impressed with the tiny serving of ice-cream. (Wendy says the serving resembled an ice cream 'quenelle' which is a common  elegant way of serving ice cream amongst dessert chefs. I'm not sure if that's what they actually intended!). I would have eaten peace though had I not discovered a hard chunk of ice in the middle of the ice-cream scoop, which was quite a peeve! After showing the manager, he apologized and waived the cost of dessert, so at least FLAM'S showed they have good customer service. =)

Non-alcoholic drinks here are a bit pricey for our liking, and average tasting, but I think there are some good beer deals here. All in all, it was definitely a good experience at  FLAM'S, and we both walked out satisfied. Sadly, no regular pizza is going to be good enough for us now that we've had FLAM'S! They even have a dessert version of their signature flam base, but with apples, bananas or mangos. I'm already wondering when we'll be back again.. =D

FLAM'S - The Thin Crust PizzaSite
No. 41, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 2145 8111
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun, 5pm-3am

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