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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Food: The Hungry Hog @ SS15, Subang Jaya

Some times there are places that we've always wanted to try but never get the chance for one reason or another. The Hungry Hog is one such place, mainly because they don't open on Mondays and is located near Sunway, so we don't like to go back to Wendy's workplace on weekday nights or weekends (yes, all areas of Subang kind of suffers as a consequence :p)

But we finally got the chance during the recent holiday for Federal Territories, when I was off and Wendy was at work! Together with the gang from church, we stopped by The Hungry Hog for dinner before the long-awaited second round at Meeples. =D (that's not them in the picture by the way...)

The decor at The Hungry Hog is simple, with just a few piggy posters lining the wall. The furniture is also made up of mismatched tables and chairs. It's no big deal (Wendy would probably say it adds to the charm of the place), but it probably saved them some money getting new furniture. Inside the place suffers from sound echoing off the walls though, so if you are going with a loud group of friends or friend (like me!), then be prepared to tone it down a notch. =P

We reached Hungry Hog before Wendy finished work, so we had to wait for her to come before ordering. To placate our rumbling stomachs (or more like only Yi Chang's tummy!), we ordered this Keropork (RM5.90) to share. The menu calls it crispy, puffy, fried pork skin, which is essentially exactly what it is. Served with vinegar on the side, this is a very nice bar snack, but obviously so unhealthy! I could hear my arteries crying out with every bite.. =P

Another starter we had first was the Bacon Strips (RM10.90). While the Keropork was a nice snack, I can hardly bring myself to say anything positive about this. For 6 (only 6..) strips of thin (very thin) bacon, I would not pay the full price for something that even I could fry myself at home. Steer clear of this and save your wallet for other better items on the menu!

After Wendy finally made it, we got down to the main meal. Besides our own food we also ordered some to share, like this Tropical Salad (RM12.90). A simple salad, I think it's worth noting that this is the only salad on the menu in Hungry Hog. Nothing out of the ordinary here, with only pineapple cubes and dragon fruit putting the "tropical" part into this salad.

We also ordered the Siew Yuk or roasted pork belly (RM11.90) to share. Since Hungry Hog only serves pork dishes, I was hoping the roast pork here would rival the best that we could find in chicken rice stalls or Chinese restaurants. Alas, I found there was too much fat in the strip of roast pork we got, although the skin packed a crispy punch. Maybe we just weren't lucky that day, but if most of the time this is what's served, I'll give this a miss too.

Not everything was doom and gloom though! The main courses fared much better than the sides. Hungry Hog only has 4 types of burger on the menu, and this one is called i-Pork (RM 14) that Jeff had. This was a normal pork burger with tomato and lettuce, but it also boasted a special sauce - cinnamon applesauce and crunchy apple mayo. It might sound strange at first, but it actually blended in very well with the rest of the burger, and I think it might have even augmented the pork patty too. Something nice to try.

While the i-Pork costs RM14, the most expensive burger only costs 2 dollars more. Wendy had the 3 Little Pigs (RM15.90); Hungry Hog's signature pork burger topped with streaky bacon, ham, caramelized onions and melted cheese.

The name of this burger is the 3 Little Pigs because it refers to the merry trio of pork patty, bacon and ham in this burger. The patty was pretty delicious, well-marinated and flavoursome, but the ham tasted a little musky. Wendy removed the ham and and even then, this 3 Little Pigs burger does more than enough to satisfy!

Last but not least is the most expensive thing available on The Hungry Hog's menu - the Pork Ribs (RM27.90)! Both Yi Chang and I ordered this, but I changed my side order from salad to french fries (as always!). This is what it (unhealthily - added by Wendy, not me -_-) looks like with all fries....

And this is the healthy man's version! With a price tag that is at least RM10 higher than the next most expensive main on the menu, we were expecting something special to be served, and the portion of ribs certainly didn't disappoint. It was more than enough meat for one person, even me! The sauce reminded us of what we had at Kalamazoo (a post to come in future), except better. A small complaint could be that the ribs are a bit too dry, but overall it's a satisfying dish, and worth paying the higher price for. =)

Just as there is only one choice for the salads, there's also only one choice of flavour for ice-cream, but one that we certainly wanted to try - Bacon Ice Cream (RM3.90)! Promoted as containing bacon bits and drizzled with honey, we were wondering how this was going to taste. In the end, the honey turned the vanilla ice cream into something much more sweeter than it should have been, and while the chewy bacon bits added a savoury element, it tasted a tad like long yuk (dried pork) due to its texture. We were expecting a more bacon flavour but I guess the combination of bacon and ice cream just wasn't meant to be. Unfortunately not something we will have again.

All in all, it was good to finally get a taste of The Hungry Hog that we had heard so much about! While some items disappointed like the bacon strips and siew yuk, others like the burgers and pork ribs were well worth the price tag. Interestingly, all the salads presented as sides with our mains, looked and tasted exactly the same as the tropical salad that we ordered. It makes me wonder, are restaurants running out of ideas for side orders these days? =/

The Hungry Hog | Site
No. 71, Jalan SS15/4C,
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: + 6 012 225 0877
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun; 12pm-2:30pm, 6pm-10pm (Closed on Mondays)
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