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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food: Superdog @ Vivo City, Singapore - Great Hotdogs!

Over the recent long weekend, Wendy and I made a short trip down to sunny Sentosa Island in Singapore. It's a rather long story (which we will blog about soon) but by the time we finally made it to our hotel room and checked in, it was already close to 1pm as opposed to our previous estimated arrrival of 10am!

After a quick lunch with Wendy's parents, we hurriedly made our way over to VivoCity to meet my friend Pok, who had already been there for 2 hours shopping and waiting for us(!).

I wanted a less crowded place to sit down and have a drink, but it wasn't easy to find one on a Sunday afternoon! We figured the cheapest places would be on the lower floors, so we hunted around there. Finally we settled on Superdog, located just next to the food court. 

Superdog is a fast food chain specializing in, what else - hotdogs! Over here the only hotdog chain we have practically grown up with is 1901 Hotdogs. Superdog is different though, because they use good quality sausages. And most importantly, they have pork sausages!

When I say good quality, I mean quality. But it's not just the sausage; even the toppings are markedly different from the usual 1901. It makes things even more unhealthy than it already is, but hey, since when were the pleasures in life good for you eh? =D

Wendy: I never knew before this, but it's actually very difficult to photograph a hot dog without it looking obscene. Ahem.

The menu isn't too extensive, serving up different combinations of beef, pork, and chicken sausages with toppings. I decided to just go for the most expensive one - the Supreme Dog; a beef and pork bratwurst sausage sandwiched between sliced tomatoes on one side and bacon strips on the other, with grated cheese and onions on top, all placed neatly in a long bun!

One look at the hot dog and we instantly knew this was nothing like what we could get at home! The sausage was crunchy and bouncy at every bite, reminding us more of expensive sausage platters in German restaurants instead of cheap Ayamas sausages. And I had never thought of putting bacon into a hot dog, but now I wonder why I never thought of it before! It truly was a remarkable hot dog, and we were sad to see the end of it.

Like all fast food chains, Superdog has set menus that come with a drink and a side order. So for an additional SGD 2, my set came with a Root Beer - the brand was Mug which we've never seen before here - which was pretty tasty, less fizzy than what we get at A&W...

....and also Onion Rings! In KL the most common onion rings are probably those at Burger King or A&W. Both are nice, but I think they both lose out slightly to the ones at Superdog. For starters, Superdog onions taste freshly minced up, meaning there isn't the common problem of pulling out the whole onion ring with the first bite. Soft fragrant minced onions within its crispy coating!

Since my set meal turned out to be such a success, Wendy got tempted into ordering the fries. We thought this could be a better version of the chilli fries at Carl's Junior, but it was not to be. The sauce was not nearly as generously spread as those at Carl's Junior, nor did the grated cheese do much to enhance the flavour. Carl's Junior still wins in this department, or even perhaps even Ireland's Potato!

So even though we already had lunch, we really gorged ourselves mad at tea! It was all worth it though, because otherwise I would never have discovered these awesome hotdogs! Perhaps one day we'll see this super canine flying to our shores; one can hope, can't he? =P

Superdog | Site
40/41, Level B2,
No. 1, Harbourfront Walk,
Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: Daily 10am-10:30pm

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