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Friday, February 17, 2012

Travel: HK Day #5 - Capital Café @ Wan Chai, Hong Kong

From one famous Hong Kong char chan teng to another, we begin Day #5 not so bright and not so early having decided to have a later than usual start to the day. I knew exactly where we should go for breakfast though, a little street connecting Wan Chai Road and Johnston Road named Heard Street. It was only a short walk from our Wan Chai apartment to Capital Café, one of the best restaurants in Wan Chai according to and apparently quite a hidden gem according to our Hong Kong friends. :)

Having tasted some great scrambled eggs the night before at Australia Dairy Company, Capital Café was in for a tough ride. Apparently opened by a former manager at Capital Records in 2009 (which would explain its name and the posters of various music artistes on the wall), this new generation char chan teng is nicely decked out in retro black and white, from the booths, to the tables and chairs, to the mosaic-ed pillars.

There is an extensive menu provided, but char chan tengs in Hong Kong make it really easy with their sets. We decided to take a Breakfast Set (早餐, jou chan), available from 7am to noon only, for HKD 26 consisting of four items, three food items and one drink.

The first was a bowl of Macaroni with Ham in Clear Soup (火腿通粉). Having seen so many people having this at Australia Dairy Company the night before, we were quite intrigued by this combination. However, after trying it, I have to say that it's not something I'd go out of my way for. Mel likened it to sick-people-food, and I think I have to agree - just a clear and comforting dish, not artery-clogging in the very least.

The set also came with two halves of Buttered Toast (牛油多士) which we chose to have with Scrambled Eggs (炒蛋) instead of a Double Sunny Side Up (西煎雙蛋) which turned out to be one of our best choices made because the scrambled eggs was amazing! Light, fluffy and runny all at once, everyone agreed although Australia Dairy Company wins the battle of the bread, the scrambled eggs at Capital Café are superior. Rumour has it that they use Hokkaido milk in their eggs, but obviously, nobody really knows. I'm salivating just thinking of those eggs now! :(

We also ordered the All-Day Healthy Set (营养餐, ying yong chanHKD 26) which is a simple all-day-round combination of Buttered Toast 牛油多士 and Ham with Scrambled Eggs (火腿炒蛋) and a drink. More of those lovely scrambled eggs on toast which made for a delightful breakfast!

We also had the Hong Kong-style Iced Milk Tea (港式奶茶) served in an ice cold steel shaker cup and a Hot Lemon Tea (热柠檬茶).

The first set came with Hot Milk Tea (热奶茶) and the second came with a Warm Fresh Milk (热鲜奶). Capital Café charges an additional HKD 2 if you want to "upgrade" your set drinks to cold ones which I'm a bit surprised by... don't they usually charge more for hot drinks here?

The French Toast (西多士) is a favourite of Adam's every time we visit Wong Kok Char Chan Teng or Kim Gary over here, so obviously it was a must to try one in Hong Kong too! It didn't disappoint us at all, the French Toast was soft, buttery, sweet and sinful - important prerequisites to a good French toast :p

Another oh-so-unhealthy dish that we mopped up very quickly was the Crispy Bun served with Sweet Condensed Milk (nai yao jue zai bao, 奶油豬仔包, HKD 12). This was just a simple bun, buttered and halved, and toasted to a crisp on the outside, while retaining an inner softness. So good, especially since Capital Café is generous on the condensed milk - for the sweet-toothed, not the faint-hearted. :D

Although I'd say we didn't try enough food at the more-popular Australia Dairy Company to do a fair comparison, I think ended up enjoying my meal at Capital Café more - simply for well-executed char chan teng classics, those lovely scrambled eggs sans the madhouse environment at Australia Dairy Company. Who says new can't measure up to the traditional well-known? Capital Café is a great example. :)

Capital Café 華星冰室 | Openrice
Shop B1, G/F, Kwong Sang Hong Building,
6 Heard Street, Wan Chai,
Hong Kong

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