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Monday, February 20, 2012

Travel: HK Day #5 - Shopping @ Causeway Bay & Central; Yung Kee Restaurant @ Wellington Street; Tai Cheong Bakery @ Lyndhurst Terrace

We're at Day 5 of our adventure through Hong Kong and Macau, and that means this long-winded story that we have written is coming to an end soon! 

So far we haven't made any mention of shopping in Hong Kong, but it's quite impossible to not shop there, especially when they have brands that have yet to reach our shores, and sales and trends that we can only wait patiently for!

After breakfast in Capital Cafe, we took the MTR to Causeway Bay, and alighted at Exit B to get to Causeway Bay Plaza because it sounded like a promising place to shop. As stupidity would have it, it was actually an office building and instead, we traipsed along the street to the huge building we saw up ahead... Times Square.

(If it's Times Square that you're going to, then the right exit would be Exit A, if anyone's wondering :p)

The best part of the morning was wasted wandering around Times Square because we hadn't made a clear plan on where to go for shopping, only that we wanted to check out Causeway Bay for shopping in the day and make our way over to Central for more shopping before dinner.

Times Square is a pretty huge mall (all of 9 storeys!); the more expensive stuff like Coach, YSL & Burberry are above ground level, whilst the more affordable stuff like G2000Bershka & The Body Shop can be found down at the basement levels. We started from the very top at the 9th floor (books, electronics, sporting gear) and worked our way down (apparels apparels and more apparels!) to the basement where we finally felt more at home :p

We saw some clearance sale on one of the exhibition halls there, so we spent awhile checking that out but didn't emerge with anything.

Further details of our shopping venture are forgotten on me... it was just a blur of waiting and more waiting! The boredom was boring me to pieces, just like this sliced picture of myself I managed to take against an escalator with reflective panels while the girls were in Zara behind me =P

From Causeway Bay, we took the MTR to Central where I think the girls had finally felt that the real shopping had started. We made our way from the top of Queen's Road Central at Longchamp where Wendy took forever to ponder over a bag she didn't buy and slowly worked out way down the road until we ended up at H&M

H&M is a clothing store not unlike Marks & Spencers, but we don't get H&M over here, so the two girls were going wild through the jungle that is the 4 floors of H&M. 2 out of the 4 are dedicated to women's clothes, so the girls were kept well occupied. 

This photo was taken because we lost Mel in the maze that was H&M and hence all the shopping bags were deposited here while we went off in search. :p
How well occupied you ask? See for yourself! All those bags belonged to the girls, except for the G2000 bag that was mine. And all that within a relatively short span of 2 hours? It wasn't even enough time for them to scour the whole building! Certainly a torturous time for any guy who doesn't have the patience of a stone. =D

But finally 7pm came and it was time to meet my second uncle for dinner (I had to message him to postpone dinner from 6pm to 7pm just so the girls could have more time to browse -_-)! We finally left H&M at 7pm and turned onto Wellington Street from Queen's Road Central for our dinner venue.

(On our way there we even got a taste of local paparazzi following a lady whom Wendy identified as HK actress Fala Chen on her way into Hublot for an event - so much camera flashing going on!)

The venue had already been decided in the morning when I cleverly asked him to take us to Yung Kee Restaurant for dinner (incidentally also one of the restaurants on our food list), for once taking advantage of the typical Chinese question "where do you want to eat? you suggest lah!" =P

Although, if I had known exactly how expensive the restaurant would be, I probably wouldn't have been so shameless! Yung Kee is one of the most famous restaurants in Hong Kong, especially because it serves roast goose all year round. The place occupies 3 floors, and the food and service is comparable to that of Chinese restaurants in 5 star hotels over here. It is said that many celebrities dine here too when they get the chance.

You know you're not in a typical Malaysian Chinese restaurant when the appetizer served isn't peanuts but Preserved Eggs and Pickled Ginger (特制皮蛋酸姜)! Apparently, people come from afar to pack these famous eggs home or give out as gifts. Wendy thought these were some of the best preserved eggs she had ever tasted, with the moss green yolk slightly runny and the translucent part springy. Sadly I don't think we young 'uns knew how to appreciate this fully. A real shame I know. =P

Uncle did all the ordering, since my friends were too shy to ask for anything in particular and I had no idea what else was good except goose. This was Egg "Fu Yong" which (I think) had added shrimp. No fault here, but nothing too special about this. 

We also had some Deep-fried Spare Ribs with Spicy Salt (椒盐肉排). Some would say this is too dry because there is no sauce, but I'm the type that doesn't mind long as the flavour is there. 

In the vein of our carnivorous meal, second uncle had ordered the Sauteed Sliced Beef with Spring Onion and Ginger (姜葱牛肉) too. This is a common dish that locals like to order here in KL, I think. In Yung Kee this was done very well, and I believe the quality of the beef distinguished this from the run-of-the-mill 'dai chow' beef. =D

A popular dish at Yung Kee is the Chicken Marinated in Dark Soya Sauce (桶子油鸡). Because uncle thought we didn't have enough to eat (which I know seems quite absurd looking at all our pictures!), we added on half a chicken as an afterthought. Again a dish that is commonly found in KL, but tender and well roasted, we wouldn't dare say many places in KL can do better. =P

Of course, it wasn't a total meat extravaganza. For veggies we had Stewed Chinese Spinach with Roasted Garlic Cloves. A simple, yet necessary dish.

We also had another chicken dish, with mushrooms and spring onions but this was nothing spectacular.

And not forgetting the star of the night, the aptly named Famous Roast Goose (金牌烧鹅)! Uncle only ordered half a portion, which I thought was little at first, but then after dinner I saw what the price was and I understood..haha. Even though Hong Kong is famous for roast goose, it is actually a seasonal item, and it wasn't actually in season when we went in September. Apparently during the goose season it's easy to find it around Hong Kong, but if not then it's only found in places like Yung Kee.

Roast Goose might look a lot like duck, but the taste is quite different.

We also had the Pork & Lotus Soup with Seaweed. Take a look at the colour of the soup - nearly as black as night! That's proof of the quality in the soup, unlike here at home where either less ingredients are used or it's boiled for a shorter period of time. The only other place to get soup like that is probably if your mother makes it home!

We don't know how much the individual dishes cost, but we racked up a bill of nearly HKD 1000 (roughly works out to about under RM 500, for that extravagant meal for 7 people.

After dinner, we took a (very long!) walk back to uncle's apartment. The streets of Hong Kong do come alive at night, even on a weekday. The roads can be tight and narrow, forcing pedestrians to squeeze more into the already-cramped pathways. 

Along the way, we passed  Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家 , another popular shop for egg tarts that have been featured online!

We were so full we could hardly stand the sight of food. Plus we had just come from Macau a few days ago where we gorged ourselves on so many egg tarts, so everyone wasn't keen on having anymore. We bought a few to try though, but we can't do a proper review of it because we forgot to eat them until breakfast the next day. =D

So while the afternoon of Day 5 didn't go exactly as we planned, a fantastic dinner courtesy of uncle certainly made up for it! We end the post with a shot of a personalized number plate that roughly translates from Malay into "My Boss". Sigh..why can't we do the same here? =)


Times Square Site
No. 1, Matheson Street,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2118 8900

H&M | Site
No. 68, Queen's Road Central
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2110 9546

Yung Kee Restaurant 鏞記酒家 | Site
No. 32-40, Wellington Street,
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2522 1624
Fax: (852) 2840 0888
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am-11:30pm

Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌餅家 | Openrice
No. 35, Lyndhurst Terrace,
Central, Hong Kong
中環擺花街 35 號地下
Opening Hours: 7:30am-9pm
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