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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dessert: Pick-Me-Up Scrumptious Desserts and Snacks @ Kuchai Lama


Dessert places seem to be springing up all over KL these days. Even after excluding all the Chatimes, Snowflakes, and Tutti Fruittis, there are many other lesser known dessert houses in town. Pick-Me-Up is one of them, and we were fortunate enough to be invited to sample their menu. =)

Nestled within the maze that is Kuchai Lama, Pick-Me-Up isn't in an area that we usually venture to, but it's got a few other dessert houses for company, so it shouldn't be hard to find for those who come here more. 

The place is bright and cheerful, and the wall is lined with a huge poster of their most popular items. It doesn't make choosing any easier though, because everything looks worth trying! =D

After settling ourselves down, Annie our host started bringing out the food! We started with Pick-Me-Up's version of Ice Cream Burritos, which was a slice of ice cold vanilla ice cream with either Mango, Oreo Cookies, or Banana (RM 5.50 per burrito), and lots of chopped peanuts, all wrapped up in popiah skin. You can also opt to have these just plain with vanilla ice cream (RM 4.50).These looked really yummy on the plate, and we weren't wrong!

Our favourite was the Mango, because the Mango we had was very excellent - very juicy and very sweet, and went well with the rest of the burrito. The only thing we thought worth changing was the popiah skin, which we felt got a little too thick towards the two ends. Crepe would have been a more conventional choice, but Annie explained they want to do things differently. And different it certainly was! =)

Pick-Me-Up also does has a section on their menu dedicted to their Froyo-Ice-Pick, where you can choose from Soft Ice Cream (RM 5.50) or Frozen Yoghurt (RM 6.50) with a wide variety of toppings like red bean, malt, pearls and oreo crumbs (we counted up to 15!) that customers can mix and match with. Or if you're lazy and don't know what to have, there are a few recommendations to try.

For us, Annie let us try this froyo with cornflakes, toasted oats, and strawberry sauce on the side. We find that their froyo here is a lot softer than the ones we're used to at Moo Cow and as a result, melts a little faster too. They're in the midst of changing their froyo vendor, so expect new things your way! Pick-Me-Up doesn't make its own ice-cream, so don't be expecting any gelatos here.

But let it not be said that Pick-Me-Up only specializes in cold dessert treats! There's also cooked snacks off their Scrumptious-Pick-Up menu for those craving something savoury. Take these Chilli Cheese Fries (RM 8) for example. Simple french fries with mince meat doused in cheese sauce; anything with cheese, we like! A simple snack if anyone is craving fries. We felt it would have been better if the dip had been poured over the fries. Either that, or if the dip had been served in a separate container. You can specify what you would prefer though, and they'll willingly accommodate you. =)

The Cheesy Nachos (RM 4.50) looks quite similar to the Chilli Fries when compared side by side. And in fact, we're inclined to agree somewhat. Once again, while there wasn't anything spectacularly right or wrong about this, we do wish the dip had come in a separate container. That would have made dipping the nachos a whole lot easier!

Fries and nachos aren't the only savory highlight on the menu! There's also the Chilli Chic Quesadillas (RM 8). This had the same mince meat as the chilli cheese fries sandwiched in pita bread and chewy mozzarella cheese accompanied by tomatoes and pineapple. The size of this wasn't very big, and certainly won't replace a normal meal. It was also pretty average by our standards. But we do hear this is another popular one on the menu and also adds some variety to the menu.

What Pick-Me-Up does try and promote are their special Premium-Ice Peak, or what we like to call them, their ice towers! When we went there was only 1 tower available called the Fruit Ice Pick (RM 12.90, a happy threesome of blueberry, mango & strawberry ice complete with nata de coco, pearls, taro balls & vanilla ice cream) but we were given this Taiwanese Ice Pick to try that was going to be launched in addition to the menu soon. You might already be very familiar with Snowflake, but trust us when we say this can give it a good run for their money!

Where do we begin? The ice tower is made out of with 3 different layers of ice. The top is the Grass Jelly Ice, the middle has Palm Sugar Ice, and the base has Soya Bean Ice! Frozen red beans are strategically placed to mark the borders between the sections of the tower. Around the tower in the "moat" are an assortment of chewables that include pearls, taro and sweet potato balls, grass jelly, and barley! Oh, extra creamer and palm sugar is provided separately just in case you want extra kick. The above picture is after we added the creamer. The extra sugar wasn't necessary though, because this was perfect enough as is!

Just for the sake of scale, comparing the height of the tower against my iPhone 4!
Pick-Me-Up is obviously very proud of their latest tower, even giving us a few tips on different ways we could tackle this yummy monstrosity! Wendy and I both like to keep things standing, so we chip around at the edges like a Jenga tower until it can't hold anymore..but feel free to knock yours over and mix it all up! Personally I loved the soya bean base the best, while Wendy preferred the palm sugar.

It's also a stroke of genius putting the soya bean at the bottom, since when it melts it mixes with the other stuff to create a sort of soya cincau "Michael Jackson" drink! There's definitely something for everyone in this concoction, and it's something I'll recommend to anyone looking for a Taiwanese dessert with a twist. =D

As the food kept coming, our stomachs kept expanding, but there was one item on the menu that I just knew I needed to try, and that was the Nutella French Toast (RM 5.50, with a choice of peanut, blueberry, mango or strawberry)!

(Wendy: I have since long ago learnt that Adam has a soft spot for Nutella - in fact, the first birthday cake I made for shortly before we started dating was a Nutella Cheesecake - must have won over the stomach :p)

It looked so good on the big poster along the wall, and thankfully the final product emerged resembling the picture very closely. The toast was fried to golden brown perfection, with creamy peanut butter generously spread on one slice and Nutella on the other. (Yes yes I know the name is Nutella french toast, but isn't the variety an added bonus? =D) While obviously a thoroughly sinful snack, we felt the calories were totally worth the addition for this dynamic duo!

In the end, Annie still wanted us to try the other fruity Premium Ice Pick (similar to the Taiwan Tower except with fruit ice), but our stomachs were so full we just had to decline. I'm quite sure it must taste good though!

Being the new kid on the block, we didn't know what to expect from Pick-Me-Up. But after trying nearly the whole menu, it's safe to say this place is worth a visit or two! Especially if you have friends crazy over Snowflake, do bring them here and show them the Taiwanese Premium Ice Pick Tower! Competition will be rife for Pick-Me-Up, as there are tons of dessert shops along the same row, but what sets them apart is that they also offer snacks instead of just desserts so there'll be something for everyone here. Let's hope this keeps them around for a long time yet.

No. 35, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 7971 4983
Opening Hours: Sun-Thu, 1pm-11:30pm; Fri & Sat, 1pm - 12:30am

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