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Monday, March 5, 2012

Food: Ayers Rock Butcher and Grill @ Kota Damansara

Now that friends consider us so-called "food bloggers", we do get the occasional tip from friends and family telling us to try this place or that place. We would be more than happy to oblige because we love tasting new things, but most of the time the recommendations we get are just too far out of the way.

We came to know of Ayer's Rock Butcher & Grill after my colleague recommended it to me. Located all the way in Kota Damansara, it wasn't near any of our usual joints, but since my colleague had painted such a rosy picture of the place I thought it was worth a shot. We were there on a Monday night expecting it to be quiet, but it seemed to be a popular choice, being a halal steak place, much like MeatWorks.

The cuts of meat available for selection and take away.

Finding Ayer's Rock turned out to be a much harder task than I expected though, and it was one of the few times that even Google Maps has failed me. I don't know the area at all and Wendy is only semi-familiar with Sunway Giza and the shops behind it. However, Ayer's Rock wasn't in that "square" of shops. Although the road name is PJU 5/20D, it is actually nowhere near other similar roads like 5/18 or 5/19, but is instead nestled deep within the block of shops (The Strand) on the other side of the main road! If you're not familiar with the area, I suggest going with someone who is, either that or have a lot of patience. =P

Inside Ayer's Rock the setting is simple, with long wooden tables and leather seats being the standard seating layout of the restaurant. Sadly the place does suffer from bad ventilation, which was apparent the moment we stepped foot into the outlet. 

Having been told the steaks were very good at Ayer's Rock, it was one of our must-haves for the night. Their menu does have pricier cuts like Wagyu beef, but we settled on the Grain-fed Ribeye (RM 60, 280g). 

I suppose we went in with rather high expectations seeing as it was recommended by my friend and the crowd that night. However, we weren't blown away by the ribeye. It was adequate, but not phenomenal. For that price, we could have had a far more satisfying steak at Jake's Charbroil Steaks. Although it was advertised as 280grams, I didn't feel it was justified. The potato salad it was served with was suffering from a massive OD of mayonaise, and the accompanying cream sauce did nothing for the natural flavour of the beef.

We recently had very good short ribs at Tony Romas and decided to give the Short Rib (RM 60) here a try. We were really excited when it came out and we saw this huge rib on a plate! 

Alas, this turned out to be incredibly gamey, especially at either ends of the rib. Wendy took a few bites and found it too strong. I didn't taste it in the beginning, but after more bites, I too caught a whiff of what she was talking about. It was strange though, seeing as we usually encounter this with lamb, and not with beef. What made it worse was the tenderness of the beef (or utter lack there-of!), which was so tough that we found it not worth finishing. This was served with the same potato salad and greens, and also the same cream sauce that came with the steak. I don't know why they like that cream sauce so much (perhaps to mask the incredible gamy taste??), But I know for sure that it shouldn't be paired with beef of any kind! 

We also decided we would have some Chicken Balls (RM 12) as our appetizers, which they also serve as a main meal with fries. We initially wanted the lamb balls, but they ran out of their lamb mince, so chicken it was. The chicken balls were nicely flavoured and had a good bite to it, but as a whole, normal at best. It did remind us of IKEA meatballs, which isn't a very bad thing. =P

Our drinks for the night - Bickfords Old Style Original Kola (RM 6.50) and A&W Root Beer (RM 3.50).

I remembered my colleague talking about some special cola as well, and I took it to mean Bickfords Old Style Kola when we got there. There are 3 flavours, and I decided to try the Original flavour. Sadly it didn't turn out to be my cup of tea, because it had a strong cherry taste that I am not fond of. Wendy's good old A&W (not short for Adam & Wendy =p) was much more satisfying to my taste.

The verdict? Unfortunately, quite unlikely to return for their steaks. Other dishes like their burgers and sausages look very affordable (average under RM20), but the prices we paid for the steak and the short rib unfortunately does not justify the quality of meat. I guess we'll still stick to Jake's Charbroil Steaks for our steak fix for now. ;)

Ayers Rock Butcher and Grill | Facebook
No. 12A, Jalan PJU 5/20D,
The Strand,
47810 Kota Damansara,
Tel: +6 03 6142 6233
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am-10pm

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