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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Food: Fat Spoon Café @ Damansara Uptown

Continuing our mission to cross off more places on our must-visit list, we finally managed to pay Fat Spoon a visit one fine weekday night! This place has been recommended to us by a few friends and has been on our list for awhile, but only recently have we been able to cross it off. But I'm glad we finally did! =D

Unlike Ayer's Rock all the way out in Kota Damansara, Fat Spoon has its base set up in Damansara Uptown, just down the road from WonderMilk. Uptown isn't very far for us from Wendy's house, but usually when we're in Uptown our first thought is always either Damansara Hokkien Mee for some fried rice or some Yong Tau Foo! Fat Spoon is very much different from those places though, with charming decor that has obviously had a lot of thought put into it. 

The place only occupies one shoplot, so don't be surprised to find the place near-full most of the time. It's easier for small groups of 2-4 to get a table, but larger groups may need to have some advance booking. (We don't know if they take reservations though, you might want to trying calling and asking.)

The first most noticeably unique thing about Fat Spoon are their menus pasted on the pages of old children  Peter & Jane books! I'm sure everyone must have had one of these books growing up... we sure did! The books were old and the pages worn, but this is one of those rare times when the menu presentation can get away with looking worn and tattered. Points won here for creativity. =D

The name Fat Spoon doesn't give any indication as to what food is served, but it's obvious after going through the menu that Asian food is the forte here. In fact we didn't really spot anything remotely Western except for a slightly out-of-place hamburger! 

So instead of starting off with the usual soup or bread, we decided to have some Prawn Fritters (RM 7.90, 6 pcs). Although I was expecting battered shrimp, what emerged was cucur udang, except with a lot more prawns that usual! The batter was full of prawns, and light and crispy. We thoroughly enjoyed this, especially when paired with the chilli sauce. We wish we could have the recipe...heh.

Wendy decided to give the Sambal Fried Rice (RM 11.90) a go, but was surprised when the fried rice was lacking in sambal flavour. Instead the sambal belacan was served separately in a small side dish. Definitely a bit disconcerting, since we thought the name Sambal Fried Rice should imply sambal fried into the rice. I suppose they serve it separately so that everyone can choose how much sambal to add. Apart from that, there was nothing to gripe about this dish. The chicken was nice and crispy, and the rice was fried well with plenty of 'wok hei'. A simple yet hearty and satisfying dish. 

I wasn't in a rice mood that night, so I had the Curry Chicken with Meehoon (RM 8.90). Served in a rather shallow glass dish, it reminds me of those I have at home. At first glance it looks like a typical dry curry meehoon, and the first impression isn't far off from the real thing. The homemade curry chicken and gravy is flavourful and done just right, and the whole thing is hardly spicy - good for those who like curry but don't want to suffer for it! Great comfort food.

Fat Spoon also boasts a local range of desserts, from cempedak spring rolls to tong sui (Chinese sweet soup desserts) but in true sweet tooth fashion, we went for the most unhealthy one - the Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream! The cake was extremely moist, one of the best we've had around town at that price! Piling on 2 scoops of ice-cream is also a wonderful touch, since it's always a tough job sharing one scoop evenly. =P  We do wish there had been more chocolate sauce though, just like those served at Delicious. =D

Even the drinks are worth mentioning at Fat Spoon! I had an ice lemon tea that tasted just like any other ordinary tea, but Wendy was smart enough to go for their Fat Hot Chocolate! At RM9.90, it's understandable if you balk at the price, but trust us - this cuppa is really worth having, particularly if you don't like coffee or if it's a cold rainy day. I guarantee the smoothness and creaminess will warm the cockles of your heart. =D

All in it was a good trip to Fat Spoon, and we're very glad we gave the place a try. This will definitely be on our regular list of places to go now in Uptown. =)

Fat Spoon Café (same row as Wondermilk) | Site
No. 73, Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +6 03 7728 3323
Opening Hours: Tue-Thurs, 12pm-3pm & 5pm-10pm; Fri-Sun, 12pm-10pm, closed on Mondays

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