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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Food: Estate @ The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur

Update 1/7/13: BIG has revamped Estate and the space is now known as BEAST.

Thanks to Someone getting a nice big bonus this year, I got treated to a nice dinner at Estate! =D

Estate is yet another restaurant opened by the BIG Group. While nearly everyone has heard of Plan B and Ben's these days, not many may have heard of Estate. That's expected though, because I dare say not many can afford to dine here on a regular basis!

Decor at Estate is plush yet not overly grand. There's lounge sofas for those just looking for a drink, and a separate section for the diners. There's also nifty gems like this old piece of film! At first I thought it was just a clever trick to have a mirror reflecting the candle, but turn it around and a picture shows up! Perhaps you are face-palming yourselves now at our ignorance, but hey, we grew up in the digital age. So sue us. =P

There's also bands for live entertainment on weekends, so do check out who is playing to support! We were fortunate to get this group named Hydra when we were there, a band made of 5 guys. The music and the singing was really good, setting the mood for a great evening. =D

Getting down to the food, we decided to start with this Crispy Chicken Confit Wings & Pan-Seared Scallops (RM 39.90). As is obvious in the picture, the chicken wing sits daintily atop a plump scallop.

Not having read the menu properly when we ordered, we initially thought the base was made of potato, but to our surprise it was a light, fluffy cauliflower mousse, dotted with bits of chopped chorizo. Maple syrup round the sides rounded up the whole formula. 

In short, this dish was amazing! Even for amateur foodies like us, it wasn't hard to appreciate the perfect balance created by the separate items on the plate. The juicy scallop and sweetly glazed and crispy chicken wing went perfectly together, while the chorizo gave the cauliflower mousse a bit more flavour, though not too much like if bacon bits had been used. There was hardly enough for the both of us; thankfully it's already divided into 2, otherwise there would definitely be fighting over the last mouthful. =D

We also had this Parmigiano-Reggiano Egg Croquette (RM 19.90) served with tartare sauce and micro greens. 

This croquette was executed well - one cut down the middle and the yolk just comes oozing out! Certainly a perfect serving of egg, yet full marks can't be given for just making a good croquette - many other places can do that too. 

What makes this into something worth raving about is the tartar sauce and greens round the side! While the croquette can be a bit rich, the sauce and greens even it out with its slight tangy-ness. If you have never been introduced to a croquette, this is a good place to get acquainted. 

Can you spot the Tiger beer can in a crude position? 
For our main course, we decided to share this Beer-Roasted Whole Chicken (RM 79.90) with gravy, bread sauce and roasted potatoes.

The menu said it serves 2, but really now, unless both people are big eaters, don't expect to come here and polish off one chicken! We recommend this more for 3 people, otherwise be prepared to takeaway/'tapau'.

Estate really does the name "Beer Roasted" seriously, since it is first presented as a whole chicken with a beer can up its backside! I have no idea whether that actually does help the roasting process or not, although I would like to think that it helps with retaining the moisture of the chicken, but one thing's for sure, it's a good gimmick. =P

Waiters at Estate are used to diners taking lots of pictures, so don't be afraid to snap away! After patiently waiting for all pictures to be taken, the chicken is taken back to the kitchen and sliced up for easier eating. This is where the fun begins. =D

We both have our preferences in parts when it comes to chicken (I'm the drumstick guy while Wendy prefers breast meat). But this time I was eating everything! In fact, I found the breast meat slightly better than the thigh or drumstick, since there's less fat there it becomes less oily. It was almost just as tender as meat from the other parts of the chicken. I also wasn't totally sold on the brown sauce, which wasn't too much of a problem since the chicken was perfect on its own anyway. 

Though we couldn't finish the chicken and all its meat, we couldn't leave with sampling a dessert. The most interesting item seemed to be this "Snickers Bar" (RM 19.90), a combination of caramel mousse, lush milk chocolate ice cream, lots of salted peanuts and a peanut chocolate cracker. Alas, dessert proved to be the chink in what had otherwise been a perfect dinner outing. We wanted to like this very much, but we couldn't shake the overwhelming taste of peanuts. The salted peanuts and chocolate ice cream didn't go together, while the peanut chocolate cracker made of dark chocolate didn't feel like it belonged either. 

For drinks, there was ice chocolate for me and ice lemon tea for Wendy. Food took awhile to arrive, so I was halfway done with mine before food came. But then again, the ice chocolate was so good it doesn't take much persuasion to finish! Certainly a must order if dining in Estate. =D

Overall, we had a great time at Estate. Admittedly it didn't come at a cheap price, but when we thought about it, we would have paid roughly the same for dining at an expensive buffet anyway. Add on a much more cozier ambiance at Estate, and we're now completely sold. There's other things that look really good on the menu too, so we'll definitely keep this place in mind when another occasion pops around!

Lot G-01, Ground Floor,
The Intermark,
No. 182, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6 03 2163 5732
Fax: +6 03 2163 5734
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs, 12pm-12am; Fri, 12pm-1am; Sat, 6pm-1am
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